Hell Hath No Fury

Viral Ex?

Newt’s daughters are coming to his aid as ABCNews has made the decision to disregard ethical concerns and air an interview with Newt’s second wife the night before the South Carolina primary.  His ex-wife, Marianne Gingrich, has said that she could end his candidacy with one interview, and this may be it.  But can an obviously angry ex-wife really end a candidacy by claiming her fifteen minutes of fame in order to air out dirty laundry ABCNews/Springer style?  Let’s be honest, only because he is a Conservative Republican.

Split Decision

Meanwhile, Romney’s 2-0 primary record took a hit when Iowa finished certifying the votes and discovered that actually Santorum came out on top, making him the official Huckabee of this race.  In fact, as Santorum indicated yesterday, he doesn’t plan on going anywhere.  We will see if that changes after third or fourth place finishes in South Carolina and Florida.

Romney’s Retirement in the Caymans

It is being reported that Romney has millions stashed offshore in a stereotypical tax haven, the Cayman Islands.  Romney insists that these funds are not being used to avoid his 15% capital gains tax, but this story continues to grow legs.  The question continues to be whether or not Romney can play it safe and still win.  Pro-lifers may have second thoughts after Romney snubbed the first ever pro-life personhood forum that even Ron Paul managed to make by video conference.

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