Newt Handed the Debate Win by CNN

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CNN handed the debate to Newt Gingrich on the opening question about his ex-wife’s allegations. With an economy in the toilet, millions out of work, a debt that is out of control and so many other issues facing us, CNN decided that the old allegations dredged back up by ABC were the top issue to debate about. Newt hit back hard and brought even more cheers than he did in the last debate. The audience was with him regardless of who they had originally come in supporting and that is all he needed to roll up another debate win and very likely a win on Saturday as well. It was a massive media gaffe, the likes of which the GOP can only hope to have in a debate against Obama in October.

Beyond the wild start, the debate was mainly between Romney and Gingrich with Santorum shoehorning his way in whenever he could find a chance. At one point, Ron Paul even had to tell him that he wasn’t referring to him in an answer and “I think you’re too sensitive.” Speaking of Ron Paul, he continued to lose out in the debate format by only occasionally being asked a question while the ‘chance to respond’ rule mainly kept the entire debate between the other three who kept attacking each other. At one point the audience actually booed and demanded the moderator let Ron Paul answer a question when he was about to be skipped over yet again. They ought to bring out an easy chair for Paul to relax in during the 20 or so minutes he has to wait before getting a chance to speak.

Santorum is showing no signs of dropping out and has only stepped up his attacks against Gingrich. He feels that he beat Gingrich twice and deserves to be the one conservative candidate. On that measure, he has a point. The problem with Rick is that he always sounds like a whining spoiled child arguing with his parents. Even when he is making really good points, he is about as unlikable as Romney. You have to give him credit for not caring what others think and being willing to stand by his convictions. Unfortunately, his convictions don’t line up well with the majority of Americans when weighed across all issues. America may be generally more conservative than it is liberal on key issues, it isn’t in favor of government meddling in the internet, the bedroom and a number of other places Santorum thinks are fair game for federal agents to dictate.

Romney had one of his best performances. He tried to channel a little Newt-ness with a couple quick one word answers – particularly when asked if he would follow the example of his father and release a dozen years of tax returns. Unfortunately for Mitt, he doesn’t play the part of jokester well. Those failed attempts to have a personality aside, he did a far better job articulating his positions than he has in the past few debates. He managed nearly whole audience support several times, although he did get heckled once. All in all, Romney seems to have refound his footing and should be able to prevent any further backslide in support for awhile. He may have to accept the fact that he isn’t going to win South Carolina and the nomination isn’t going to be easy to obtain.

No one collapsed in the debate. In fact, all four candidates turned in better performances they they had previously. The lines are becoming more clearly drawn. That makes Ron Paul the real loser of the debate as his inability to clearly articulate his ideas seems worse than it did when Perry was around doing an even worse job. If Paul can’t find a way to make salient points without drifting off-point constantly, he’s going to see his percentage of support drop over the next several contests as undecided voters don’t connect with him.

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  1. What debate were you watching, Ron Paul moped the floor with the others every time he actually was given a chance to say something. Santorum/Mitt/Newt all sounded like used car salesmen, Ron was genuine to a tee.

    • My analysis was based on perception – not content. While I personally have endorsed Ron Paul, any objective review of the debate performances would give this debate to Gingrich who got to start with a grand slam and then was pretty much the moderator’s favorite speaker to go to. Ron Paul did a much better job making his points, but since he was not given much time to talk he didn’t get a chance to win over the audience.

  2. I don’t think we were watching the same debate. Ron Paul had the crowd roaring and demanding that he get a chance to speak. Ron Paul was clearly a crowd favorite.

    I do see your point about him being given a disadvantage from the start, but when he spoke he made excellent points and had the audience behind him.

    I think out of the four, Santorum did the worst. When he was chastised by Romney, I was reminded of a father giving a spoiled child a stern lecture.

    • I do agree though, that Gingrich won with Romney close behind.

    • I would have to question what do you were watching Tom. The one I saw had Ron Paul repeating his same stump speech statements and had the crowd snoring, not roaring. And as for not having chances to speak, perhaps if he had more to say, he would get to say more.

      I find all these Ron Paull supporter initiated headlines about how little attention Ron Paul gets is a little ridiculous, especially since everytime the presidential race is discussed, Ron Paul gets all this attention about not getting enough attention. It’s pretty ironic that all the attention is given to some sort of perceived lack of attention to Ron Paul.

      The way I see it, now that he is well in to his seventies and after 24 years as a career politician, Ron Paul is a big boy and if he wanted more attention, he should run a campaign that gets it for him. This is his third time running and as the man on the stage with the most experience at running for president, he should have no problem running a decent campaign.

      The way I see it, Ron paul fanatics will only be happy if they held a debate that shut out all the other candidates and allowed only Ron Paul supporters to priase Ron Paul for two hours. But even then I am sure you will The Daily paul and the Ron Paul Forum filled with complaints about how Ron Paul should have been given more time.

      That aside, here’s an idea that might help Ron Paul get some attention. Why not release some details to all his rhetoric and actually present an actual paln which shows how he would try to get his agenda passed through Congress? If Ron Paul had such plans, more media outlets might want to discuss them with him and in the debates, more moderaqtors might ask himk more questions about those plans.

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    • Thank you. It is a blog and the theme is “Digg 3 Column”. That theme allows you create your backgrounds and headers, which I did for White House 2012.

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