Cain Changes Endorsement, This Time Makes Sense

I have to admit, I was not very impressed when Herman Cain made an unconventional endorsement by endorsing “the American people”.  I mean, how cliche can you get.  Today, Cain redeemed himself by actually stepping out on a limb and endorsing an actual candidate.  Cain, not too surprisingly, endorsed Newt Gingrich.  This makes Cain the second former candidate to come out supporting Gingrich, the other being Rick Perry.

Newt meanwhile is struggling to cross the finish line in Florida after an up and down week.  What he failed to do Thursday night was seal the deal with one last stellar debate performance.  Instead, Newt seemed stunned for part of the night, and all too willing to tangle with Mitt the other part of the night even though he seemed to know it was a bad idea.  Without that stellar performance, and with a constant barrage of negative advertising against him, Newt is now struggling in Florida polls with no national event to put him back in Florida’s good graces.


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