Transcripts released from Obama Georgia ballot eligibility case, decision expected soon.

The transcripts of the Powell, Swensson and Allen vs Obama case are now available to the public (click transcripts” to view).  This case was heard in a Federal Circuit Court in Atlanta last week.  All arguments were heard, though President Barack Obama and his representing attorney were not present at the hearing.

Based on the ruling, Obama may be kept of off the Georgia ballot.  Georgia’s Secretary of State, Brian Kemp, informed Obama’s attorney via letter (click “letter” to view) that he would proceed based upon the court’s ruling and the boycotting the court appearance is done “at your own peril.”

Do you think the burden of proof has been met my the plaintiffs?

The default judgment is expected to be released before February 4, 2012.

One Response

  1. All 50 states need to get on this band wagon.This Constitutionally Ineligible fraud needs to be stopped buy any means.If this pinocchio ruler isn’t stopped this country is toast.

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