Candidates tell Georgia to kiss their grits;CNN cancels Super Tuesday debate

Georgia is being bombarded by stump speeches, campaign fundraisers and rallies by the four leading GOP candidates Romney, Gingrich, Santorum and Paul. No surprise, Georgia has a hefty 76 delegates at stake. The delegates will be divided according to the rules of the state GOP. Thus, there is something for everyone to gain in their fight for the hearts and minds of Georgia voters.

While all of the rallies and kumbaya politics sounds warm and fuzzy, this penchant for the positive seems to have left a bad taste in the mouths of GOP’ers around the state. Georgia will not be on these candidates’ minds as Romney, Santorum, and Paul have all formally declined appearing at the CNN Super Tuesday Debate to be held March 1 in Atlanta. These candidates appear to give the cold-shoulder to both Georgia and Ohio whose states actually have the largest delegate counts up for grabs Super Tuesday and partnered together for this event. With only Newt Gingrich on board, it seems this event will more than likely be canceled.

Should Georgia GOP’ers be offended? R.C. Hammer, a Gingrich spokesperson, tweeter this response earlier “@MittRomney spits in Georgia’s face and cancels Atlanta debate appearance. #CNN.” If this is indeed how it appears Georgia’s primary voters, they will have the chance to spit back Super Tuesday.

Do you think it is a smart move for any of the leading candidates to skip this debate? Have you heard enough and already know who you are voting for? We will know the answer in a few weeks.

3 Responses

  1. Curious strategy this group of candidates has, April. As you rightly state, the voters will have a chance to spit back.

    • It seems they may gave conceded to Gingrich. Though, honestly, Santorum and Romney stood chances of doing well. In addition, it snubs the Ohio voters. Having shown up for all the small delegates and caucuses many several of them popular. This will certainly make it that much harder to get the needed number of delegates to win the nomination.

  2. […] know is that Romney, Paul and Santorum all bailed, leaving only Gingrich ready willing and able.  Get the details at White House 2012 and see Newt’s tweet (which I couldn’t find, but I did see replies to […]

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