Buddy Roemer Drops Out of the Republican Race for President But Does Anyone Care?

Bookmark and ShareYou might not have even known that the former Democrat turned Republican Governor of Louisian, Buddy Roemer was running for the Republican presidential nomination.  So you probably don’t know that he has dropped his bid for the G.O.P. nomination and announced that he is going to run for President as an indpendent candidate and for the nomination of the Ross Perot inspired Reform Party .

According to Roemer;

“Tomorrow, I will formally end my bid for the GOP nomination…. as the GOP and the networks host debate number twenty-something this evening, they have once again turned their backs on the demogratic process by choosing to exclude a former Governor and Congressman.

I have decided to take my campaign directly to the American people by declaring my candidacy for Americans Elect.

Also, after many discussions with the with the Reform Party, I am excited to announce my intentions of seeking their nomination.”

Roemer’s decision to withdraw from the Republican race for President comes as a releif to the other contenders……….NOT!

Roemer had hoped to take the nation by storm with a mix of conservative oriented T.E.A. movement, anti-establishment sentiments and the generally liberal, anti-capitalist, sentiments of the Occupy rioters whodue to relatively cold Winter weather, temporarily put on hold their plight to turn the nation in to a socialsit cesspool.

Roemer hoped to unite the two with a message that attacked the incompetence of Congress and the undue influence of K Street on Capitol Hill.

While there is a good message top be fopund there, Buddy Roemer was not the the incompetence of Congress.Bookmark and Share

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