Is a Romney/Paul Ticket in our Future?

After the most recent Republican presidential primary debate, the Santorum campaign beganfloating rumors that the Ron Paul and Mitt Romney campaigns had teamed up to take out the socially conservative politician.  The rumors come at a time when the Michigan campaign is heating up ahead of its February 28th primary election and the candidates are competing for every vote.

Following Wednesday’s Republican debate, Santorum suggested that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney had teamed up in their attacks against Santorum, telling reporters that “You have to ask Congressman Paul and Governor Romney what they’ve got going together, their commercials look a lot alike and so do their attacks”.
Rick Santorum’s top campaign strategist took the rumor even further, suggesting that the two have a “tag-team strategy” and an “alliance”, and even went as far as to suggest that Romney was planning on taking Ron Paul on as his vice presidential running-mate.  Ron Paul has said in the past that despite significantly different foreign policy positions and disagreement over the Federal Reserve, he and Romney get along well.
The Mitt Romney campaign responded by denying that there was any coordination between the two campaigns, his chief strategist Stuart Stevens telling reporters that “I think that’s a sort of whiney silliness…to say ‘people are ganging up on me’ in a debate where there’s only four people in the debate and they’re raising questions kind of speaks for itself.”
Considering Ron Paul’s unwavering commitment to his Libertarian platform and the gaping differences in the two nominee’s foreign policy, the chances that Romney takes Ron Paul on as his VP running mate are slim.  However, it could be the best chance either of them have of getting into office and beating Santorum.  The Pennsylvania Senator’s recent rise in the polls has many people scared on both the Romney and Paul team’s, meaning that it wouldn’t be unthinkable for the two to team up in an effort to take down the socially conservative Santorum.
Such a move would likely benefit them both, and Ron Paul is famous for his committment to furthering his philosophy’s influence over his own personal achievements.  Seeing that he has little chance of gaining the Republican nomination, and running as a third-party candidate would likely spell doom for the Republican Party’s hopes of gaining the presidency come November, it might be a smart move for Ron Paul to join forces with Romney.
For Romney, Ron Paul’s die-hard followers would be just the boost he needs to beat Santorum.  Ron Paul would bring with him enough votes to likely decide the election in Romney’s favor as Paul was close to winning the Iowa elections and consistently carries between 10-20 percent of the votes in each state.  Paul’s supporters are some of the most loyal voters in politics and would likely follow him if he were to join forces and become Romney’s running-mate.
The implications of the potential duo for the Santorum campaign appear to be fatal.  It is unlikely that he could survive if Romney and Paul were to team up on more than just debate attacks and negative ads.  The Romney campaign’s denial shouldn’t convince anyone that there isn’t any truth in the rumor; politicians and especially their campaign managers are notorious for denying or flat out lying about rumors they know to be true.  It will be interesting to see where this leads as it could decide the fate of the Republican primary elections.

2 Responses

  1. I don’t think it will be Ron. Rand on the other hand could bring some of Ron’s supporters, the south and the tea party vote. In case of a split delegate count in Tampa I think Ron trades his delegates for Rand as VP.

    • I thought about that too and I still think it might happen, but it would only happen if Ron Paul dropped out of the race, which I imagine he would. He’s definitely much more palatable for the non-Ron supporters which will help in the general election, but if either or both of them are looking to ensure Santorum doesn’t win and don’t want to chance a brokered convention then teaming up is a great solution. Besides, I think they’re grooming Rand for his own presidential run in the future and don’t want to run the risk of tainting his image with either a loss or associating him with one candidate or another, and would probably like to avoid running him too early and open up attacks on his inexperience. I don’t know, I’m torn.

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