It’s Tea Party Time in Ohio’s 2nd District

 The result of apparent political oversight, not many thought Ohio Republican Rep. Jean Schmidt to be in trouble. After all, the Tea Party is dead, right? Wrong. She was upset in the March 6, Republican primary by political newbie Brad Wenstrup. So, it’s tea party time in Ohio’s 2nd district.

Schmidt has her flaws. Although cleared of wrong-doing, she carries an ethics blemish, has a penchant for tax increases, a track record of earmarks and spending and has been labeled as an under-achiever in her local papers. Her claim to fame, Fox News reports, is that, “after joining Congress, Schmidt nearly triggered a fist fight on the House floor when she criticized then-Rep. Jack Murtha, D-Pa., a former Marine, for his call for the U.S. to withdraw forces from Iraq. During a debate in the House chamber, Schmidt looked at Murtha and proclaimed “cowards cut and run. Marines never do.”

Not a great comment to direct at a former Marine.

Wenstrup has little political experience. He was appointed to the Cincinnati Board of Health by Mayor Mark Mallory (D) in 2009. He is pro-life and supports the repeal of Obama-care because he feels it  “hurts patients and will hurt our ability to recruit and retain doctors”. He is also a “proud gun owner and life-long member of the NRA” and is concerned the constitutional right to bear arms is constantly under attack by “Obama and his far-left cronies.” 

And so, the Tea-party, labeled DOA by the lefties, with help from Campaign for Primary Accountability, has quietly replaced a tarnished tax and spender with an Army Reserve, MD that did a tour in Iraq. District 2 is Republican heavy so Wenstrup’s lack of experience may not hurt him too badly come November. Hopefully.

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