Liberal Demigod Dennis Kucinich Strikes Out

Ohio lost two congressional seats with the last census count and that created an opportunity to strike. And strike we did, at a very deserving target, television hound and liberal demigod, Dennis Kucinich. Calling for impeachment proceedings against then Vice President Dick Cheney in 2007 and President George W. Bush, in 2008, as well as many other combative stances toward Republicans, Kucinich has been a constant ache in the side of Republicans, and especially painful to us conservatives. Come on, anyone that claims health-care is a “civil right” is going to make our head explode.

And conservatives will not soon forget the self-serving and hideous events in March 2010, when Kucinich, making the most of his opportunity to strike a pose in front of cameras, jumped back and forth regarding his vote on Obama-care. He’s against it and he’s working to change it. It’s not what he envisioned. He’s trying to change it. He can’t change it. He votes for it. Kucinich demonstrated to the nation that liberalism is more about ideology than developing good government policy. The hypocrisy was disgusting as he actually announced during a press conference, “This is not the bill I wanted to support even as I continued efforts into the last minute to try and modify the bill,” he rambled on, “However…I’ve decided to cast a vote in favor of the legislation.”

And so, Kucinich had to be targeted because like a thorn, he had to be removed before you experience true relief.

And waiting for voting results last night reminded me of the Red Sox World Series push in 2004. The momentum was there, you could see it coming but you knew not to celebrate until the very last out. Kucinich swung and missed last night. He’s out.

Bye bye, Denny.

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