Tea Party Must Push For Voter ID

In this country you need to show an ID to purchase cigarettes or alcohol, buy a gun and enter certain buildings. Oh and you need an ID to apply for welfare and food stamps. Yet, in many places in America you don’t need an ID to vote. How can this be?

A new video seemingly shows just how easy it is to perpetrate voter fraud in this country. Citizen reporter and activist James O’Keefe has released a video showing a man enter a polling station and stating he is Eric H. Holder, Jr., Attorney General of the United States. Consider this for a moment. A bearded white man merely claims he is someone else, in this case the second most powerful black man in the country, and, as the video shows, he could have voted under that name. Can it be any more shameful?

Holder, of course, has claimed numerous times there is no cause for concern about systematic voter fraud. Indeed, the government has fought hard against States trying to require personal ID to vote. The right to vote is critical to the American system. The ability to cast a vote for a particular individual to represent you is a luxury not provided in many other parts of the world. The integrity of all aspects of voting — ballot accuracy, instructions, vote counts, reporting  and who is voting– must be protected from abuse at all costs. We are all provided one vote. Call me crazy, but I don’t want some one to have the ability to violate my right to use that vote by merely claiming to be me. Government exists to protect our rights. A personal ID must be required to cast a vote and must be enforced by the government. There is no justifiable counter-point to make. None. Citizens that argue against this point are clearly naïve and need education. Worse, leaders that argue against this are obviously promoting voter fraud. It is scandalous and these people should be immediately removed from their place of authority for not fulfilling their oaths of office.

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