Establishment Turns On Tea Party Again

If you need another reason why the conservative movement must insist on purging every last establishment Republican from office, I give you Indiana. It’s Richard Lugar versus Richard Mourdock, the incumbent versus the challenger — RINO versus conservative.

If you missed it, over the weekend, Tea party backed candidate Richard Mourdock collected a Palin power endorsement which means, of course, establishment-man Lugar didn’t. Almost immediately after Palin’s endorsement Mourdock also capitalized big on some sweet national exposure with an interview by Lugar didn’t. Polls as recent as last week show Mourdock is surging, Lugar not so much. It looks like this vote is going to be close. So what’s a concerned RINO establishment to do?

You guessed it — beg their Democrat step-brothers for help.

Indian’s GOP primary is open to all voters, so the call has gone out. The Young Guns Network, a group led by former aides of Eric Cantor, dropped some change (a cool $100,000) on a mail campaign calling for Democrats to vote for Lugar in the May 8th primary. This follows the $25,000 donation to Lugar’s campaign made by Cantor himself.

This is not the first time the establishment has stood on the street corner, flashed some skin and prostituted themselves out to Democrat voters for a GOP primary. Just a few months back, it occurred during some Romney-Santorum battles. That puckered a few holes. This will too.

You could see this coming. The November 2010 elections put the fear of God into the entrenched RINO Republicans. They realized then, apparently for the first time, that conservatives were serious about bringing their miserable masquerade to an end. But more, conservatives were done waiting. So the RINOs circled the wagons and have worked as hard to discredit conservatives as they have their pretend enemy, the Democrats.

Make no mistake, the battle for the soul of the Republican party is on. As the election year progresses there’s going to be more dirty tricks. It’s a high stakes game. There will be high drama and plenty of mud and muck — everything you want from politics. Combine this with a presidential election that is arguably the most important in the history of the country and you have a major election year — epic.

Strap yourself in because we’re just getting started.

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