It’s Tea Time In Indiana

Today is a good day if you’re a conservative because yesterday was a very good day. In a GOP open primary with significant symbolism, Indiana voters put it to incumbent Richard Lugar and the Republican establishment, badly. When results began trickling in last night, it became obvious early that not only was conservative candidate Richard Mourdock going to prevail, but it was going to be a rout.

A reality in politics is that it’s rare for an incumbent to get tossed aside in a primary. So rare, in fact, it seems the establishment and Lugar got caught sleeping at the wheel. Perhaps they forgot about the 2010 elections. Perhaps they felt invincible. After all, Lugar is a six-term Senator. Whatever the cause, it’s clear they only realized there was trouble brewing about a month ago. But opening the checkbook — Lugar and his buddies spent some $3 million to get their butt kicked — wasn’t enough.

The Mourdock win is all the more satisfying to conservatives when you consider the establishment solicited Democratic voters to come out and support Lugar. This sad ploy however, aside from infuriating conservatives, had no significant effect on the vote. The final result (61%-39%) is an ear-ringing slap in the face to establishment Republicans.

Listen carefully, can you hear the moans?

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