Republicans Winning The War “For” Women

  Bookmark and Share  Despite all the liberal attempts to convince female voters that Republicans are waging a war on women, a new CBS News/New York Times  polls indicates that at the moment, the Republican standard bearer in November is defeating President Barack Obama in the battle for the female vote.

According to the poll, 46% of registered female voters prefer Romney to Obama while  42% prefer Obama to Romney.  One month ago, the President led Romney with a 49% majority to Romney’s 43%.   That is a drop of 7% for Obama in one month.  The poll seems to show that while Romney is moving in the right direction among women, the President is headed in the wrong direction and losing their support at a rate almost twice as fast as Romney is gaining among them.

Of course one poll showing a drop in support for one candidate and an increase in a slight increase for another does not indicate a trend.  At least not yet.   But the numbers must still frighten the Obama campaign who not long ago, in an attempt to shore up their support among women, coined the phrase “war on women” and accused the Republican Party and those in it and representing of waging that war.  What this poll does is show that such rhetoric is not working and that it might even be backfiring.

Either way, given how sad and bad the Obama record is for Americans of  both sexes, the Obama campaign is left with no options other than the one that seeks to paint those who disagree with the President and his Party as treacherous totalitarians trying to engage in the genocide of women.  How long it might take the left to realize that this type of rhetoric is going overboard and having an effect that is the total opposite of the one they intended, is anyone’s guess.  But at the same time, what else can they do?  Since becoming President the number of unemployed single women under the Obama Adminsitration has grown by has spiked by 14 percent and there are 567,000 fewer women working today than when President Obama took office.  And in what is probably the worst statistic of all that unemployment among women  would be even higher than it already it is if so many had not left the work force since President  Obama took office.

Add to that the fact that under the Obama Administration, regardless of the President’s attempt to put healthcare under the control of government, there are  ironically 2.7 million more women without health insurance today than when President Obama took office.  Then there is the latest data from the Census Bureau  which shows that there were 4.7 million single mother families living in poverty, a number greater than ever before.

With a record like that, is there any wonder why President Obama is doing so poorly among women and is beginning to lose them in large numbers?  His record is so detrimental to women that no one is surprised to find that President Obama and his Party must try to paint those who disagree with his policies as being out to attack women with a war against them.   So despite the new numbers expect Billion Buck Barry to direct his well financed political machine to double down on the the “war against women” theme.  Expect them to purchase air time for two minute commercials that air in battleground states and depict Republicans and Mitt Romney as roving bands of women haters trying to exterminate the female sex from the face of the earth.  And after that, expect most women to realize that President Obama and his Party are not being honest with them and are simply trying to take them for fools in the hope that will believe their rhetoriuc and allow themselves to be used as pawns in a game designed to keep in place the Obama policies that have been holding women back ever since he took office.

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