The Obama Campaign Strategy Revealed In One Ad

  Bookmark and ShareOne week ago, senior Obama strategist David Axelrod  promised a national television audience that the Obama campaign was going to run a positive campaign about President Obama’s record.  Seven days later though and Team Obama has purchased airtime for a two minute long commercial that intentionally lies about Mitt Romney’s record.

The ad entitled “Steel” will air in five key battleground states, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Virginia,  and in an attempt to cover up President Obama’s own job killing policies, it tries to portray Mitt Romney as a robber baron whose mad desire for wealth caused him and Bain Captal, his investment capital firm, to fire more than 750 mill workers at GST Steel in Kansas City.  With the careful of use of emotional testimony from several of those people who lost their job at the plant, the Obama ad stops short of recreating a Victorian era backdrop behind a cast of  helpless and needy people being sent to a dank workhouse run by some miserly Mr. Bumble  who kicks them off in to the streets after they dared to ask for more gruel.

Think that’s an exaggeration?  Well maybe it is but it isn’t an inaccurate description of the ad and it is not nearly as exaggerated as the Obama ad itself is.

At one point in this 2 minute commercial, Jack Cobb, someone who the ad describes as having been a steelworker for 31 years,  says;

“It was like a vampire. They came in and sucked the life out of us.”

Perhaps Team Obama should watch a little less True Blood and start paying  a little more attention to their own real job numbers because if there is anything or anyone “sucking the life out of us”, it’s this Administration.  An Administration which has successfully stymied every opportunity to create sustainable jobs for the American people and whose desire for collectivism promotes a sinking tide that lowers all of ours boats rather than  a rising tide that lifts all our boats.

But the truth about the new Obama ad is that there is very little truth in it.

First off, under Mitt Romney and till this day, Bain Capital is in the business of making businesses stronger and more profitable for all involved in them. And Bain Capital, which Romney help found, has done just that through countless private sector businesses that have steadily grown since Bain put them on the right track.  In fact Bain is so good at their job that it has become one of the world’s leading private investment firms and it is responsible for creating approximately $60 billion in assets under its management. The goal of Bain is to help make private equity, public equity, leveraged debt asset, venture capital, and absolute return investments in businesses across multiple sectors, industries, and asset classes which in turn enables the firm to deliver industry-leading returns for their investors.  Such returns can come to fruition only if the businesses Bain guides investments in to, are manged effectively enough to create profits and such profits benefit not only the investors but also the employees of those businesses that the investors invested in.

As such, when a business is not making enough to sustain itself through significant profits, it closes down.   And that is precisely what happened here in the case of GST Steel, the company that this ad is about.  At the time of GST’s demise the industry was enduring an unprecedented era of  cheap foreign imports that hit U.S. steel firms quite hard, and GST Steel was one of them.

But more important that is the fact that the firing of the 750 GST Steel workers took place two years after Romney left Bain in 1999 to manage the Salt Lake City Olympic Games. That means that any attempts to attack Romney as the man behind the firing of the 750 GST Steel workers is an outright lie.

So it is quite clear that what is contained in this negative Obama ad is about as fictitious and as well scripted as an old episode of the original Star Trek.  But if what is in the ad is bad, what’s not in it is even worse.

While the Obama campaign tries to claim that what Romney did with GST Steel was the act of  a cold and callous “job destroyer” ,  they neglect to mention that President Obama was directly responsible for doing exactly what they accuse Romney of, but on a much greater scale.

Back in 2010  the President and his auto task force forced GM and Chrysler to close underperforming dealerships.  That decision by the President resulted in the loss of tens of thousands of jobs.  At the time, the Administration argued that eliminating certain branches of the two companies and laying off so many employees, saved the entire auto industry.  But apparently this is only agood thing when the President does it by excessive deficit increasing federal spending of taxpayer’s money and not when a free market, private sector entrepreneurs do it with their own money.

So the bottom line is that President Obama has made his reelection strategy quite clear.  It is a strategy that intends to define Mitt Romney as Ebenezer Scrooge by lying about Romney’s record and denying his own record.  Such strategies are implemented by desperate politicians who cannot afford to allow their reelection to be a referendum on their own record.  It is a strategy employed by failed leaders who understand that  the only way they can prevail is by creating false negative impressions of their opponents and false positive impressions of themselves.  And President Obama is quite good at creating those false impressions.  It is how he rose to power.  The need to create false impressions is what led him to write an autobiography that was filled with lies about his father and chock full of what the President Obama calls “composite” figures such as Genevieve.  It is why President Obama lied about the circumstances surrounding his mother’s illness, diagnosis, insurance circumstances, and financial situation.  It is why President Obama through his own grandmother under the bus when he tried to deliver what was billed by the pro-Obama media as a groundbreaking speech on race in America.

So this is why we are seeing an Obama strategy that lies about all things real.  Reality is not President Obama’s friend.  Reality does not permit President Obama to be a mythological or messianic figure.  Reality does not permit him to take the stagnant national economy and interpret it in to being some kind of miraculous economic recovery.

The fact is that this ad demonstrates to us that for the next 7 months President Obama will be forcing nothing but his own delusional composite version of reality, a composite version of an America that he led back from the brink of extinction in a way similar to Noah’s herding of breeding pairs of all wildlife in to the arc in order to repopulate the earth and save life as we know it.    So Americans need to be very alert.  They need to realize that this President and his composites are nothing but misleading storylines of his own parallel universe and they need to understand that President Obama’s “composites” are not just mere stories made from different aspects of his record.  With President Obama, the word composite should be viewed in accordance with another meaning of the word, the meaning which describes a composite as an image of a suspect’s face that is created by a police artist.  In the case of President Obama, all his composite versions of people and the truth are “suspect”.  And voters beware…… the world according to Barack Obama is a very different place from the world the rest of us live in.

For his part, Mitt Romney’s campaign reacted to Obama’s fairy tale about GST Steel with a web ad of their own that compensates for Obama use of the steel industry against him with a positive spot on Steel Dynamics, a company that Mitt Romney helped to grow and create jobs with. Contrary to the disjointed connection of lies that Obama’s ad loosely strings together, Romney’s ad demonstrates how Mitt’s entrepreneurial leadership led to a perfect example of the American dream for the workers of Steel Dynamics.

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