He’s Back. Rev. Jeremiah Wright Blasts Obama for Having Done Nothing for Blacks

  Bookmark and ShareJeremiah Wright lost all credibility many, many years ago.  He actually lost that credibility long before Barack Obama started worshipping in Wright’s church and before Barack finally denounced him and distanced himself from Jeremiah.

So it goes without saying that what Jeremiah Wright says these days is still not very credible.  Or is it?

In a recent a recent interview with Ed Klein, [hear the interview in the video clip below provided by Gateway pundit] , the author of ‘The Amateur“, Jeremiah Wright claims that President Obama has done nothing for the African-American community.

Wright goes on to state that what people, or as he more specifically suggests, black people, must understand that he [Barack Obama] was selected before he was elected.  Wright explains that what he means by that is that President Obama was selected by the powers that be who paid for him to get elected.  Wright references Wall Street, GM, Chrysler, and Ford as examples as he asks why do you think Obama bailed out Wall Street and why do you think the big three got a buyout.? Wright says it’s because they selected him.  He even claims that Jews own and selected President Obama.  To make that he point he asks why do you think he stands up and says “I am a Zionist”?

While the Reverend is not someone whom I seek to raise as a legitimate source of facts, I do find it interesting to see how a segment of the black community remains dissatisfied with President Obama.  From my perspective those on the left who are dissatisfied with him are unhappy simply because in their eyes, President Obama has not been extreme enough for the socialist agenda.  The problem is that those extremists will never be pleased.  But the most interesting thing here is how as President Obama heads in to his reelection campaign, it would seem that he has gotten to a point where he pleases no one.

For instance, while some like Rev. Wright and Minister Louis Farrakhan see Barack Obama as a Zionist owned by the Jews, a large portion of the traditionally liberal Jewish voting bloc that is unusually quite loyal to Democrats, do not agree.  Many of them feel that President Obama is no friend of Israel and have been quite offended by the shabby a nd disrespectful treatment that the President gave to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  In fact anti-Obama sentiments now run quite strong in the Jewish community.  That is why last years special election in New York City to replace disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner in a district t that is overwhelmingly Jewish and has a 3 to Democrat to Republican ratio,  went to Republican Bob Turner.

At the time, White House 2012 wrote about the surprise results and included the following analysis;

“As demonstrated in NY-9, the general anti-Semitic impression that the President’s actions and policies has generated within the Jewish community may not affect him very much in states with low Jewish populations like Utah, but many of those states are not expected to vote for President Obama anyway. But in a state like Florida which has one of the largest Jewish populations in the nation, the Jewish vote can make all the difference to President Obama’s reelection chances. There, without the Jewish vote, President Obama is sure to lose and without Florida, there are few if any realistic mathematical combination of state electoral votes that he can piece together to arrive at 270 electoral votes.”

So it is clear that the Reverend Wright is wrong as usual.  President Obama is not in the pocket of Jews.  But Rev. Wright is right about one thing.  President Obama has not done, as he stated, “much for the black community“.  He is correct on that point but for all the wrong reasons.

Wright believes that President Obama has not used the federal government enough to empower African-Americans with federal handouts and special programs aimed specifically at such things as even more funding than he has provided for school districts occupied by a majority of black students, or initiatives to promote and legalize forms of reverse discrimination intended to promote blacks over whites simply because of the color of their skin.

The truth though is that President Obama has done nothing for African-Americans, not for any of the reasons Jeremiah Wright ascribes to the President.   It can be said that he did nothing for them onlky because his policies have not empowered any individual Americans, not just African-Americans.

Under President Obama,  his policies of more government, more government spending, and more government control ,have taken power and opportunities away from the people.  All people.  The Obama economy has increased our national debt so much that for the first time in our history we have seen our national credit rating lowered, we have seen the entrepreneurial spirit doused, and are experiencing one of the longest sustained periods of near record  high unemployment in decades.  Under such an economy, no one is being empowered.  Instead they are being made  slaves to the Obama federal bureaucracy.

And under this economy it just so happens to be that African-Americans have been harder hit than most other ethnic demographics.  In fact, under President Obama, black unemployment surged to 16.7%, the highest rate of joblessness among African-Americans in 27 years.

So next time Jeremiah Wright wants to tell you that Barack Obama has done nothing for the black community in America, tell him the he is once again wrong and then correct him.  Remind him that President Obama has done something.  He’s done something to them, not for them.  He has hurt them with his failed economic policies, failed policies that have left more African-Americans out work than there have been in decades and which  in turn have taken away a great deal of the economic empowerment that African-Americans should have.

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