Obama: For Tax And Spend…Before He Was Against It

Obama the penny pincher?

Obama has been exposed in yet another blatant campaign lie.  This one wasn’t even really his fault.  Rex Nutting, a writer for the mainstream/yet left leaning Marketwatch prepared a chart that shows Obama hasn’t really grown spending all that much.  The administration quickly ran with it, putting the chart on their facebook page, and announcing that Obama was a model of fiscal restraint.

So how does this economist at Marketwatch, and now Obama and media reporters who can barely add two and two, come to figure out that Obama is so thrifty?  Simple.  Their percentages make one major assumption that makes the percentages meaningless.  Every dollar of spending in the first year of a President’s term is directly a result of the budget the previous President wrote.

To put it simply, the $787 billion dollar stimulus bill that Obama ran on, lobbied for, pushed through the Democrat super majorities in the House and Senate, and signed was actually spending that should be attributed to Bush.  Of course once you do that you have majorly inflated Bush’s spending and deflated Obama’s spending so that percentages make Obama look like a champ.  I’m not making this up.  This is actually what Rex Nutter did.  He also included 2013 in Obama’s figures even though Obama’s budget lost in the Senate something like 99-0.

The footnote is misleading. Nutter means only $140 billion of the Stimulus (the portion passed in October) is attributed to Obama.

Nutter should be fired, but who is going to fire him?  Journalists rely on people like Nutter to be the “experts”.  That way they don’t have to actually do any work.

“I was for tax and spend, before I was against it!”

Obama’s budget cuts the deficit by $4 trillion over the next ten years.  Of course, like Clinton’s last budget in office, it is simply words on a page that have absolutely no bearing on reality.  But nevermind the fact that $4 trillion over the next ten years wouldn’t cover Obama’s deficits for his first four years or that his numbers are probably about as accurate as the CBOs estimate of the costs of Obamacare.  Since when did Obama decide he was against tax and spend??

Obama, on the one year anniversary of what Nutter seems to think was Bush’s stimulus, praised the stimulus package as having saved us from another great depression.  So shouldn’t we be thanking Bush?  While Obama has been running as a tax cutting President who pinches pennies on his facebook page, just a couple weeks ago he re-affirmed his tax and spend stance in the upcoming debt ceiling debate.  Obama went from tax and spend, to proud tax cutting President when he was forced to extend the Bush tax cuts, to tax and spend when the debt ceiling debate rolled around again, and back to tax cutting for the 2012 election.  Even John Kerry was more consistent.

Biting the hand that feeds them

It is not coming up all roses for the Obama propaganda machine.  Obama is betting the farm on a populist attack against Bain Capital where Romney used to work.  But the Left has been heavily funded by private equity, and most private equity companies didn’t get the memo about Obama just saying whatever it takes to get elected.  Some of them are actually getting offended by the attacks.

Democrats are getting nervous too.  Apparently not every Democrat feels comfortable biting the hand that feeds them.  But what else does Obama have to attack Romney on other than the fact that he is successful and the “independent” liberal voting base is anti-success?

The attack on Bain is dubious anyway.  As a venture capital company, they may have had lots of layoffs on their watch in order to fix businesses, but Obama has seen 2.5 million net jobs lost on his watch.  Actually, let me borrow some Obama math and accuracy and adjust that number to 6.7 million jobs lost.  After all, if the net loss is 2.5 million, but Obama claims he added 4.2 million, then shouldn’t we be using the total jobs lost figure instead of the net?  Just trying to be consistent, Mr. President.

Obama is running as a conservative while acting like a liberal.  When conservatives force his hand, he is happy to take credit for the results.  When liberalism fails, he is happy to pass the buck to Congress or the previous administration.  He will say or do whatever it takes to win re-election and cannot be trusted.

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  1. Obama feels he can get away with anything because he has already succeded. Since his only valid selling point has ever been that he was to be the First Black President!!!!, and he became president and therefore is the First Black President!!!!, his legacy is assured. He will be remembered forever as the First Black President!!!! This is why the Democrat regime has always played the Race Card, always encouraged Racial Divide, always pounded on how important it is to pretend that all the Race improvements of the last 50 years haven’t happened.

    He doesn’t even care if he is reelected: the person who replaces him will have done so because Obama was Right, and the country is still Racially divided, because He was the First Black President!!!!! Obviously, the only reason for voting him out of office is proof that he is right, and the country is still Racially Divided. He is the Prophet of the Current Age, and his legacy has been established.

    Legacy was the driving force in Clinton’s Presidency, as it is in Obama’s. Why? Because they know, deep down inside, that their radical Agendas would wash away in the cleansing flow of time, and their mistakes and purposeful evil acts would go with it, but to be “The Woman’s President” (Clinton’s silliest title given him by the leftist media) or “The First Black President!!!!!” is far more important than the damage they did to the country while they were in office. (After all, that can all be blamed on the previous Republican administration and/or Congress!)

    The propaganda provided by Nutter (and a more appropriately-named ‘Expert’ we could never find) is only necessary to shore up the other silly propaganda that goes along with fronting a man who isn’t terribly black, may not even be an American by his own admission, has no Real World experience at all, and is a Constitutional Scholar who doesn’t believe in the existence of the Constitution, for the office of President. Can anyone really say that this bit of jingoism is any different than what was recorded and replayed round-the-clock by NPR, the two women telling us all that, Now that Obama is elected, they won’t have to pay their mortgages? It’s pointless to even try to illustrate the problem beyond that.

    Obviously, the progressives in the country find the idea that you can assign Obama’s stimupork spending to Bush (because Bush did one two, although half as much) and calculate federal spending based on failed budgets (while continuing resolutions not just continue but increase the status-quo spending) is far more ‘truthy’ than the truth. The real question for November is, just how many of them are there.

    Win, lose or draw, Obama just doesn’t care: all lies and jests are ok, because he’s been _it_, the First Black President of the United States.

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