A Candidate Without A Future

Just six months from an epic presidential election, poll after poll shows President Obama, with the advantages of the bully pulpit, struggling to pull away from Mitt Romney. Perhaps more scary for team-Obama is recent primary election results. Kentucky held a primary May 22nd and 40% of the Democratic voters cast their ballot for ‘undecided.’ Ouch.

That follows the disastrous West Virginia primary in early May, you may have heard about it, wherein a convicted felon, Inmate No. 11593-051, running on the ballot against Obama, earned 41% of the vote.

And let’s not forget Oklahoma’s Democratic primary in March. A little-known Democrat, Randall Terry, stole 18% of the vote. But don’t be fooled, 18% of the vote is impressive if, like Terry, you’ve got more than 50 arrests on your rap-sheet.

So what gives? Have Democrats gone so insane with political-correctness they feel the need to elect criminals? Or has the media been hiding that these primary results are really where Obama is at with his Democratic supporters?

Of course, these primary results won’t change anything, Obama will be the Democratic representative. But they are clearly embarrassing. And if Democratic voters are prepared to mock him like this now, what happens if it continues? Disasters like these can snowball into an avalanche of destruction.

These results point to a reality not discussed in polite company in leftist circles. Obama has a very serious problem. He has no message. His ‘Hope and Change’ message died long ago. He can’t run on his dismal record so all references to his recent past are off-limits. In fact, when was the last time we witnessed a big media push for Obama-care, taxes or green-energy? Other than Romney this and Romney that, things are creepy quiet from headquarters. But his problem is more than the past.

Obama has a problem with the future, too. Because of his socialist-liberal lefty bend, he can’t discuss directly with voters his plans for the future. Imagine a campaign speech about more strangling regulations or of his intent to give away the country by signing U.N treaties. How would that play? We know, thanks to his hot-mic gaffe, that in his second term — when he has more “flexibility” — he plans to cut a deal with Russia (to their advantage, no doubt). But voters know of little else.

Conservatives have a good feel for what the future entails with Obama back in the saddle. But clearly he is having trouble reaching Democrats and moderates because he can’t discuss his agenda. He has an agenda, you can bet money on that. But if Obama went public with his second term plans his political career would be over before the speech was concluded. He is, literally, a candidate without a past or a future.

Conservatives like the ‘without a future’ part — a lot.

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