Conservative Policies Are Making A Difference

Bookmark and Share  One big reason Republican Governor Scott Walker survived the recall vote in Wisconsin is that things are improving there economically. The conservative agenda Walker and the Republicans have put into place, although horrifying to the left, is producing positive results. Wisconsin’s budget, once a $3.6 billion deficit nightmare is in the black. Property taxes were decreased and the state has added some 28,000 jobs.

But Wisconsin isn’t the only state where conservative approaches have made a positive difference.

In New England, a hot bed for liberalism, New Hampshire’s Republican dominated state legislature is pushing conservative policies down the throat of Democratic Governor John Lynch. As you might expect, as a Democrat, Lynch has been somewhat uncooperative. The legislature passed a right-to-work bill that Lynch vetoed. The same result came from two school choice bills.

House Speaker William O’Brien, told Politico, “This Republican legislature is the first legislative majority that has challenged him… so what does he do? He’s not going to run again [for reelection]. He’s been called out on issues. I think what he’d rather do is function as a symbolic head of state than a head of government.”

Focused and motivated, the legislature has an upcoming vote to override Lynch’s school bill vetoes. Medicare malpractice changes and anti-fraud welfare measures sit on his desk awaiting signatures. Overcoming the resistance is a battle but other initiatives have achieved a balanced budget that didn’t raise taxes or service fees. State spending has been reduced 17 percent and there’s a plan in place to ship over $600,000 of healthcare cash back to Obama.

Down in Florida, despite the left’s obsession with ballot lists, the state’s economy is showing signs of life. In April, the state unemployment rate was reported at 8.7 percent, a significant drop from a high of 11.4 percent in 2010. A recent Republican party  press release stated, “Since Governor Scott took office, a total of 99,600 private sector jobs have been added in Florida,” and it continued, “lower taxes, reduced regulation and a balanced budget are giving the private sector the confidence it needs to expand, grow and add jobs.”

In Virginia, a 5.6 percent unemployment rate is a feather in the cap for Republican governor Bob McDonnell. Elected in 2009, McDonnell has emphasized creating a business-friendly environment within the state.

“I would suggest that what we’re trying to do with Virginia is keep regulations low, limit lawsuits, provide great universities and just be positive about entrepreneurs, about people who create jobs and then, provide a little incentive money in tax credits and get companies to come and existing businesses to grow,” McDonnell said.

It is guaranteed that Obama and the Democrats, reeling from a horrific national economy, will step in and falsely claim improving state economies are the result of their policies. But make no mistake, it is Republican governors and Republican legislatures in states like Florida, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Virginia, that have tossed unproductive tax policies, excessive regulations and irresponsible spending into the trash. The Republicans that run these states are producing positive results with a fiscally responsible, conservative approach to state government.

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