Latest Lie from Obama

When I saw the story from the Tax Policy Center, a non-partisan wing of the liberal Urban Institute and Brookings institute, declaring that Romney’s tax plan would raise taxes on the poor and middle class in order to give a tax cut to the rich, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Obama was campaigning on it.  The Obama administration has determined that the claims they make in their advertising doesn’t have to be true, it just has to be citable.

latest obama lie

The latest lie from the Obama administration

What the Tax Policy Center did was made up half of Romney’s plan.  In case you were wondering, they made up the half where Romney raises taxes on the poor and middle class to pay for tax cuts for the rich.  They started with the assumption that the Romney economy would be as terrible as the Obama economy.  Then they took only the proposed rate cut for the rich in Romney’s plan, minus potential elimination of certain deductions for the rich, and figured what it would take to balance the budget with our current low GDP and high unemployment.  They turned that remaining dollar amount into a tax hike on the poor and middle class.  Nevermind it is a false premise based on wrong numbers assuming parts of Romney’s plan that he has explicitly said are the opposite of what he intends to do.

And that’s all Obama needed to start running on Romney’s tax hikes for the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich.

So I thought I would run my own numbers.  Obama has promised to cut the deficit by $3.2 trillion over the next ten years.  Please, stop laughing.  No, really, this gets better.  Do I have you back yet?  The problem is that eliminating the Bush tax cuts for the top two brackets will only raise $848 billion over the next ten years.  Follow?  So nevermind balancing the budget.  If Obama wants to cut the deficit by $3.2 trillion and only increase taxes on the rich by $848 billion, that means that Obama is going to raise taxes on the poor and middle class by $2.4 trillion dollars.  Think about it.  You know Obama isn’t going to cut spending.  So where is the rest of the money coming from?

Let me repeat that.  President Barack Obama’s tax plan will increase taxes by $2.4 trillion dollars on the poor and middle class.  On average, that is a $26,000 tax increase on every family in America that makes less than $250,000 over ten years, or $2,600 a year.

So there is your clear choice from the non-partisan  Romney might be raising taxes on every middle class family by $2,000 to give a tax cut to the rich, but by the same reasoning Obama is raising taxes by $2,600 for every family that makes less than $250,000 a year so that he can give tax cuts, stimulus funds, and handouts to unions, supporters like the owners of Solyndra, abortion overseas, and his friends.  Does that sound like a good economic plan?  Pay $2,600 more in taxes so Obama can fund his friends?

The difference between Romney and Obama is that Romney isn’t going to use this article in a campaign commercial.

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  1. “the non-partisan” – all i can see is republican stuff on here. why would we believe anything else you say?

    • Joe, are you retarded or just a Democrat? White House 2012 proudly proclaims that is not “non-partisan”. In plain English it proudly proclaims itself to be a compilation of conservative Republican opinions and analysis. Now as liberal, part of your problem is that you probably can’t read or understand English, but in thew future, before you go public with a comment, please ask someone to explain to you wahat you are commenting on. As for why someone could believe anything here, the answer is that the facts supporting the opinions here, tell the truth. Now liberal lunatics like you are at a disadvantage because of your allergic reaction to facts, but others have an ability to digest facts and establish rational opinions of their own. Here at White House 2012, the case is made for those people who are not afraid of believing in the facts.

      • I came to this web site to read the GOP Platform to see if there was anything of value in it. There actually are some things I can support. See, liberals are capable of rational thought, even by your definition.

        Now, you can proudly proclaim anything you want but a “compilation of conservative Republican opinions and analysis” is hardly non-partisan, by definition. Since you are so very much smarter than me, please explain that.

        Your asinine comments about my intelligence are great examples of why politics are so divisive in this country. Instead of making a clear rational argument as to why I am wrong, you go directly to name calling, the last refuge of one who doesn’t actually have logic to back them. If you want a great example of allergy to facts, go listen to Ryan’s speech from last night. A well delivered speech that gets several key points flat out wrong. Like blaming Obama for the GM plant closing in Ryan’s hometown which closed BEFORE Obama was sworn in. Talk about allergy to facts.

        This blog post in particular oversimplifies the issue. In general the budget proposals from Romney/Ryan ignore the fiscal realites of running the federal government, and just dont add up. This is on both sides of the political fence; Obama needs to propose a budget that his own party would at least vote for.

        Notice I didnt call you any names, depsite several coming to mind?

        • Joe, I think your complaint about my claim to non-partisanship is simply because you didn’t realize it was tongue-in-cheek sarcasm.

          • You are correct – I did not. Thanks for pointing it out, politely! I also said that you are oversimplifying the math. Certainly, both the White House’s numbers and the CBO’s cant both be right. But isn’t the defecit reduction in the Obama version of the numbers plan supposed to come from increased tax receipts due to both hikes and increased prosperity? If so, it wouldn’t come as a $2600 tax bill for the poor and middle class. Yes, you can laugh about increased properity under Obama, hasn’t happened much yet, but there are a number of things that need to happen before that can, like the housing market needs to finish its correction so we can go back to building homes for example.

  2. Obama has prevented the housing market correction, first by offering people $8,000 in taxpayer dollars as a handout to buy houses, and now by having Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae tie up foreclosures in “shadow inventory” to keep prices artificially inflated.

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