Who Will Win America’s Hidden Arms Race?

The economy hasn’t devastated all industries. Ask gun manufacturers and they’ll respond ‘not by a long shot’. And they are correct. Gun manufacturers have seen a boom in business. Big time. For example, gun maker Sturm, Ruger reported during the first quarter it logged over a million firearms orders. Unable to keep up with the demand, they also announced they needed to temporarily suspend sales.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) issued a report stating that December 2011 was the 19th straight month of gun purchase background check increases compared to the previous year. It went on to detail that in December alone, there were over 1.4 million checks — a record. That’s 45,000 firearm background checks per day. And just a month earlier, “Black Friday” in November 2011 generated 129,000 checks — a record for a single day. That high mark is a 32% increase over the previous record.

Has the American population really developed an interest in hunting and sport shooting that would create such sales? There may be increased interest but these activities seem unlikely to generate anything close to 45,000 checks per day.

Some have speculated that the internet has a lot to do with this. The line of thought is the web makes information available at light speed and that has raised the citizens awareness of the Second Amendment. Perhaps, but this seems a stretch. Sure, there are folks that use the web for self-education but let’s be candid, there is far more information summoned at light speed about celebrities, movies and sports than the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.

But the web also provides news. And with news sites, special interests and bloggers all chasing readers within the short-attention span theater, the more outlandish the tales, the better. Our country is enormous and the need to produce fresh material means each and every inch of our nation needs to be covered. Google gun crimes, armed robbery or murders and you could probably read for weeks. Plus these stories are the easiest to generate. No skilled and expensive investigative reporters are needed. A minimum wage typist with a police scanner can generate story after story, night after night.

Add to this over-saturation the fact that many of our cities do suffer from excessive gun violence. The FBI reports that there are about 1.4 million gang members nationwide broken down into some 33,000 gangs. Virtually all of these located within cities. As these villains battle for turf and profits, drive-by shootings and O.K. Corral shootouts will happen. Chicago is the latest city to erupt in extreme violence. If you are a city-slicker, an interest in personal and home protection has probably crossed your mind.

And then there is politics. The surge in sales really started — you guessed it — in 2008 when it became clear that Hillary Clinton or Obama had a legitimate shot at the White House. Sensing gun-control politicians would do what they do — legislate, Americans started to do what they do — buy.

It’s true that Obama and the Democrats have avoided the traditional avenues of gun-control legislation. It’s not a winning issue presently. But operation Fast and Furious, long thought to be a false-flag operation designed to promote gun-control without creating political liability, has raised eyebrows. So too, the UN Small Arms Treaty. And finally, there’s Obama’s possible re-election. The thought of Obama in a second term, unrestrained by re-election constraints, clearly concerns gun advocates and owners. Needless to say, gun sales in 2012 continue at a rapid fire pace.

Yet, citizens aren’t the only ones arming themselves.

The government is too. And we’re not talking the military here, we’re talking federal agencies.

Earlier this month, gasps could be heard across the country when it was discovered the National Weather service ordered 46,000 rounds. It turned out to be a clerical error — not the rounds but the agency — since corrected. Actually, the order was placed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. They protect fish and marine mammals. Fill your net with the wrong species of fish and they fill you with lead.

The Social Security Administration ordered 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition.” The ammunition is to be shipped within 60 days of purchase to 41 locations across the country. The Social Security Administration actually has armed agents? Yes, actually it does. Apparently the disabled and old-timers can get pretty uppity now and then. Why these agents need hollow-point rounds, designed for maximum tissue tearing, against cane-wielding rowdies remains a head-scratcher.

These purchases are on top of one reported in March made by the Department of Homeland Security. These folks fight terror. They ordered 450 million rounds of .40-caliber ammunition over 5 years. That’s not a typo — 450 million rounds. Deliveries started in June. Let’s see, 450 million rounds over 5 years is about 90 million rounds a year. That’s about 246,000 rounds a day. That’s a lot of terrorists. Or you can look at it this way. Deliveries started in June of an election year and the contract runs the full term of the next president — possibly Obama — and it’s 450 million rounds while the U.S population is 310 million. Just a little food for thought for you government conspiracy buffs.

And speaking of government conspiracy, the Feds just went public last Friday downplaying growing concerns about all these recent purchases. It was typical government drivel, you know, “have no fear…routine purchases…needed for agent training…” and the rest of the standard fare. You don’t actually think they would announce that they’re gearing up, do you?

Of course, they didn’t address how or when hollow-point bullets became training rounds. And they conveniently forgot to mention that DHS also has orders placed for riot gear and bullet-proof checkpoint stations.

Is something going on?

In January, the DHS showed up — in force and armed — at a Social Security building in Florida. SUVs circled the building and at least one agent randomly checked citizen’s identifications. It was a training operation but clearly it rattled the nerves of some of the folks.

About 2 weeks ago, Reuters reported that the Feds approached the nation’s largest banks and directed them to develop plans to avert a collapse. Further, these plans were required to be designed without including government for any type of help.

And what about the rumor that just won’t die — FEMA camps?

In January, the American Thinker ran a piece that is definitely creepy. The article is an analysis of the government’s solicitation for contract regarding National Responder Support Camps. It includes details like the successful contractor has to have the camps operational within 72 hours of notification, that the camps need to provide about 5 acres for each 1,000 occupants, there are to be red and blue ID badges and fencing is to be six feet high.

The author, Alan Halbert, makes special note of some details he finds curious. You might, too. The space requirements for these camps are “slightly less than current Federal Court(s) requirements for housing prisoners”. Also, there is a requirement that an “off-limits to occupants area” be created by the contractor that surrounds the camp itself. The need for designated areas for trucks and equipment is obvious. But why have an off-limits area surrounding an entire camp that is itself, already fenced? This basically creates a camp within a camp. The request doesn’t explain any rationale. Unfortunately, it is not hard to make the leap that the extra perimeter allows for some type of guard posts or would allow a secured area for authorized personnel to walk the exterior of the camp. Guards? These camps are for natural disaster victims, aren’t they?

One more detail Halbert points out is that the request seems to imply that the contractor must be ready to facilitate coverage throughout the country. In other words, when the call goes out the contractor must have the ability to establish camps throughout the country, not, as you might think, just in a localized area. If true, the thought of nationwide, guarded camps operational within 72 hours of one call is a little unnerving.

But a rational mind can explain all this away. DHS, for example, needs to run operational training exercises. Agents do need ammo for target practice and training. Considering what we just experienced, banks should have collapse avoidance plans. Vagueness or errors within government contracts does happen.

However, just as one can explain these things away, one can also claim they are pieces to a puzzle.

Depending on who you ask, our government is either a bureaucratic beast unable to be responsive to the citizens, or it is outright hostile to the people and the Constitution. Most willingly believe the former. But consider that since January our supposedly freedom loving leaders have finalized laws that limit citizen’s ability to protest, allow drones to fly overhead, allow for more unreviewed presidential appointments, allows the military into our streets, allows the holding of American citizens indefinitely or, if declared an enemy — without the burden of proof, mind you — allows for their assassination. All this in just the last 8 months. Show me someone that claims legislation is at a stand still and I’ll show you an utterly oblivious fool.

Adding further chaos, Obama decides what laws he wants to enforce and what laws don’t fit his fancy. He bad-mouths the citizenry and he has distanced America from its allies while seeming to embrace its enemies.

Is it any wonder huge chunks of the population are deeply suspicious of our government? Can you really blame them? Is it any wonder a “master plan” has popped into people’s minds? The pieces of the puzzle appear to fit.

Is the government just doing what it does — training operations, disaster preparedness — or is there something more to it? Is America and her finances in worse shape than the government acknowledges? Do government officials know Europe is about to implode and it will rock our society to the core? Is the squeeze on? Is a politically orchestrated clampdown coming upon America, perhaps sparked by the election or some false-flag scenario? Isn’t it interesting, to play the game a little, that Obama’s re-election headquarters are located in Chicago, his buddy Rahm ‘never let a crisis go to waste’ Emanuel is the Chicago Mayor and now, over the last month or so, Chicago erupts with outrageous violence?

Ultimately, how do we know — with a bent and biased media, intentional political miss-information and government officials never holding each other accountable — what is false and what is real? Can we ever know?

Yet, we do know this — riot gear, checkpoint stations, camps and 450 million rounds of ammo is just a sampling of government purchases. Is it any wonder the people are arming themselves at a fevered pitch? An unresponsive government is, why shouldn’t the citizens?

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