Vivacious Vivian Validates Voter ID Requirement

A judge upheld a new Pennsylvania law requiring voters to show one of many acceptable forms of ID prior to casting a vote.

On August 15, the court ruled requiring voters to provide a new voter-specific ID, a driver’s license, accredited school ID, government employee badge  — among other forms of ID — is reasonable to certify voters are who they claim to be.

The challenge to the new law was centered on Vivian Applewhite, who, after her purse was stolen several years ago, didn’t have a picture ID. She decided to file suit, no doubt heavily influenced by opponents of the law. Heavily influenced? Well, you tell me. Ms. Applewhite is a female, a minority, poor, reliant on a wheelchair and 93-years-old. Is she not the absolutely perfect individual for the Left to use when they claim racist Republicans want to exclude people from voting?

Disappointed by the ruling, Judith Browne-Dianis, co-director of the Advancement Project, told the Washington Post, “This requires hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania voters who lack the specific government-issued photo ID to jump through burdensome hoops to exercise their most basic legal right.”

Really? Except that Vivian Applewhite didn’t “jump through burdensome hoops.” She jumped on a bus — the very next day following the ruling. Then got off the bus to catch another. Then got out at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. She waited in line, interacted with a clerk, handed over a Medicare card, a state Department of Public Welfare document and other common paperwork to show her address. And then she got — a picture ID.

Let’s be candid, taking a couple of buses to a government building doesn’t strike me as a seriously “burdensome” process, how about you? Nor does it sound insanely expensive. Or discriminatory. Ultimately, if a poor, 93-year-old black woman reliant on a wheelchair can get an ID the same day she sets out to get one — how difficult can it really be?

The Left and their systemic voter-fraud scheme clearly took one on the chin here. And those pushing for voter ID requirements have a new poster girl — vivacious Vivian.

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