Chris Wallace’s One-On-One Interview With Mitt Romney: Complete Video

  Bookmark and Share  A day ahead of the scheduled beginning of the Republican National Convention, Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace aired a one-on-one interview with Mitt Romney, the soon to be official presidential nominee of the G.O.P.

The approximately 13 minute interview (see the complete interview below) provided viewers with a side of Mitt Romney that is not often seen…his more hard hitting side.  In this interview, Mitt Romney was quite direct in his answers, specifically in the areas concerning such things as the President’s attempts to distract voters from the real issues in this campaign.  Romney also offered very blunt but genuine responses to such questions as the practices used by those who have been in control of Romney’s blind trusts.

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2 Responses

  1. birth certificate .??! off-shore mitt : No tax MEANS No American….
    Mitt is Mormon priest he pays to God only.

    Maybe Obama also makes crap, but he is authentic, real. Mitt does not Fit.

    • Hahaha… liberal freaks are really losing your minds. Please continue to try to make your case for Barack Obama with theswe ridiculous and mind numbingly childish rants. With your help, by the time Election Day comes, Jill Biden and Michelle Obama will be casting their ballots for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

      I know liebrals like you have to avoid the truth when trying to give people reasons to vote Bartack Obama, but you really ought to try to at least make lies that aremore believable than the ones you people are trying to perpetuate. Until then, please keep up the good work you’re doing in turning people off of Barack Obama with your lies, stupidity and obnoxious conduct.

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