Life With the Romneys: Chris Wallace Takes Voters Inside the Romney Home

  Bookmark and Share For the first time in the 2012 campaign Mitt and Ann Romney opened their home to cameras as they let Chris Wallace offer voters a glimpse of the Romney’s personal life. (see complete video of the interview below this post)

The interview was a rare look at how the Romneys live their more usual life off the campaign trail.  While the affluent home in the exclusive setting  of New Hampshire’s Lake Winnipesaukee can hardly be described as representative of the everyday life of most middle and lower class Americans, this inside look at life with the Romneys provided at least some evidence that despite their wealth, the Romney’s don’t avoid the everyday trappings that come with life in a large family.

Granted, the Romneys at least seem to be a bit more functional than the average dysfunctional family but this pleasant interview with Chris Wallace did demonstrate that even though Mitt Romney’s pants may be a bit more expensive than those worn by you and I, he still puts them on one leg at a time.  Then again, as noted by Ann who recently bought Mitt a package of three button down shirts from Costco, not all of Mitt’s pants are as high priced as we may assume.

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