Chris Matthews Melts Down While Playing the Race and Class Warfare Cards

   Bookmark and Share   Let me start off by first saying that Chris Matthews needs to kiss my ass.  Now I know that is a rather vulgar way to address readers of this post, but the bottom line is that it is the most appropriate way to respond to the type of deceitful, slanted, disingenuous, and thoroughly unintellectual rhetoric of Chris Matthews, a talentless and brainless buffoon who infamously had an on-air orgasm over a speech made by President Obama before telling listeners that it sent a tingle up his leg and then added, that the thrill he felt running up his leg was an “objectivbe assessment” of the President.

The latest demonstration (see video below) of Chris Matthews’ objective opinion came this morning on Morning Joe, a liberal liberal cesspool that airs weekday mornings on the low rated MSNBC. On this particular show, Matthews appeared on a panel discussing the Republican National Convention along with program hosts, Mika Brzezinski, Joe Scarborough, Willie “Who” Giest, and guests Tom Brokaw and RNC Chairman Reince Priebus.  As the discussion took place, Matthews leaned forward in his seat, pointed finger at Priebus, and stated that he had to call the RNC chairman out for suggesting that the Obama campaign has been running a negative campaign and that the Romney campaign hasn’t.

Matthews than proceeded to enter into a hate filled monologue that blamed the G.O.P., Mitt Romney, and his campaign for playing the race card by having Mitt Romney make a joke about President Obama’s birth certificate and by claiming that President Obama has changed the work requirements for welfare.

With his already ugly mug distorted by anger and the tone of his already irritating voice oozing contempt, Matthews continued his rant by not only being the one who actually did play the race card but by also throwing down the class warfare card.

According to Matthews Romney’s awkward joke about not having to see his own birth certificate because everyone knows where he was born, was a very public attempt by Romney to appeal to racists.  He further contended that a recent Romney commercial that claimed President Obama tried to get rid of the work requirement that makes individuals eligible for welfare was also an attempt to interject race in to the election.  Then adding insult to injury, the hapless Matthews broke into an unrealted chorus of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot by playing the ever present class warfare strategy that Democrats are heavily relying on to pull them through in November by adding this little gem;

“And this thing about,….. yeah your name is Romney, yeah you were well born, you went to prep school. Yeah brag about it.  And this guy has an African name and he’s got to live with it.  Look whos gone farther in their life. Who was born on third base”.

The incident was a perfect example of the liberal logic, or lack thereof , which refuses to allow real issues to be discussed without interjecting sham arguments that are designed to avoid the issue or issues at hand.   In this case Matthews tired to deny the negative tactics of the Obama forces which have gone on record accusing Romney of being everything from a felon to a murderer by claiming that Mitt Romney is running a negative campaign because of his disagreeing with the Presidents attempts to rollback welfare requirements by eliminating a work requirement.  As for the attempt to make Romney’s recent birth certificate joke a racist remark, Preibus and others on the panel quickly explained it as an attempt to to make light of the whole Obama birth certificate issue, not to question the President’s place of birth which both Mitt Romney and Reince Preibus have repeatedly stated they firmly believe took place in the United States.

Nonetheless, Matthews could have probably scored points for liberals had he left his accusation against the Romney campaign there.  The silly joke that Romney about everyone knowing where he was born, may have been innocent but it was politically naive and worthy of criticism, especially when it comes to Romney’s momentary lapse of judgement in using that line.  It provided propagandists like Matthews with the material they needed to exploit their race baiting and fearmongering. But as usual Chris Matthews couldn’t control himself and so he interjected the workfare requirement into his argument.  In that line of argument Matthews and his liberal allies try to claim that the charge that Obama dropped the welfare work requirement is a lie.  They cite partisan Washington Post denials of the truth as proof that Republicans are lying about the Obama record on that issue.  However; the truth is that after Democrats and the President found themselves unable to actually eliminate “workfare” through the legislative process legislatively, they employed a bureaucratic trick that made it possible to gut the work requirements by granting waivers that allows states to avoid requiring welfare recipients to have to work for their assistance checks.

The issue is a legitimate one to raise.  It was legitimate enough for a majority of Americans to want work requirements added to welfare legislation and it was legitimate enough for House Republicans to convince President Bill Clinton to sign the work to welfare requirement into law back in the mid 90’s.  However, now that Democrtas face an uphill battle to maintain any of the power that they have left,  discussing the President’s rollback of those reforms is suddenly a blatant act of racism.

The most glaring hypocritical aspect of Matthews sililoquy was his own prejudices which he articulated when he argued that referring to foodstamps and welfare were obvious reffernces to race.  That argument is a sign of Matthews’s own racist incliniations.  He is the one suggesting that African-Americans are the only people recieving foodstamps and welfare checks.  When Romney or for that matter all other Republicans address those two govenrment programs, they do not refer to them in terms of race, but liberals like Chris Matthews do.  So who are the racists here?  The liberals who discuss welfare and foodstamps as progrmas for African-Americans, or Republicans who talk about making them effective programs designed to offer temporary assistance to all Americans who are in need?  But Matthews trudges on in typical hypocritiacal liberal fashion and accuses the right of playing the race card.

This recent incident with Chris Matthews is further evidence of just how sleazy, ignornat, obnoxious, and far out in the fringe that Chris Matthews is.  And after seeing how abolsutely juvenile, bitter, and irrational he was in his arguments this morning, I predict that Matthews will be among the first casulaties of the 2012 election cycle.  It is obvious to me that liberals like Matthews have begun to see the writting on the wall and copme to realize that their messiah, President Obama, has little chance at getting reelected.  They realize that Americans are worse off than they were when Obama took office and without a decent argument to make for reelecting the President, Matthews and his ilk will only get more bitter and more angry.  Each percentage point that Mitt Romney gains over President Obama as Election Day approaches will infuriate and frustrate them even more than they clearly are already.  And between the time that Mitt Romney wins on election night and the Friday immediately following election night, Chris Matthews will lose total control and make such an ass out of himself that even the clowns at MSNBC won’t be able to defend him or excuse his conduct.

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  1. chris matthews and other analphabetic cretins trying to defend ovomit the indefensable….

  2. Chris.. who?

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  4. I like the kiss my Donkey part ! 😛

  5. Article is Excellent!..! A little wordy but YES ! .. I think if we can spread this interview around enough on the net.. it will become obvious that Mr. Matthews needs an extended vacation. Or at minimum a few less cups of Morning Joe.

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