Democrats And Their Godless America

Democrats have removed the word “god” from their political  platform. Are Democrats a godless party? Some folks have claimed that for years. Others can argue the evidence that they are, or that they want to be, is accumulating rapidly.

One of the fundamental problems with liberalism, the driving force of the Democrats, is that it endlessly classifies people into smaller groups. They view Americans not as Americans but as Black Americans or Hispanic Americans or Asian Americans. There’s Jewish Americans, there’s GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender) Americans, and, of course, there are Atheist Americans.

Liberal Democrats rarely acknowledge the entire citizenry. There’s always a label attached.

And as soon as any group achieves a recognized label, Democrats scurry to legislate on their behalf. No matter all these people, as Americans, have the Constitution to support them. No, these “labeled” segments of society need special support. They need law after law after law, and oversight boards and special departments and more agencies. Democrats create redundant, contradictory or worthless legislation in exchange for devotion — and votes. It is political pandering for political existence. Atheists are no exception. They may not pray but they vote.

What was the last thing Democrats initiated that had the betterment of America or Americans at its heart? President Kennedy’s goal of going to the moon comes to mind. But that is one instance and it was 50 years ago.

Isn’t virtually all action taken by Democrats based upon either furthering their government control or pandering to small segments of a larger population? When Obama stopped the Keystone pipeline he placed “greenies” ahead of the American population. Affirmative Action places value on minority races above the majority. People can dress it up with flowery phrases and justify it with tortured logic but no matter how you slice it, Affirmative Action is government required racism.

Obama-care? Please. Control an individual’s ability to manage his or her health and you control the individual. We already have government sanctioned racism, why not have government sanctioned decisions about an individual’s life or death? It is the ultimate in government control. As gravy, Obama-care allows Democrats to make a run at seizing power permanently when the enormous healthcare unions are established to funnel vast sums of election money to the party. We’ll skip, for space considerations, discussing government control based upon the New Deal, the Great Society and associated entitlements meant for the few, not the many.

But perhaps there is more to this than political pandering.

If you watch news unfold, rather than get caught up in the particular headlines, you could sense something like this coming. The leftist media saw to that. Have you ever asked yourself why the Trayvon Martin story hit the news with such fury? It is a tragic story, yes, but the fact is, killings occur all over America every single day. So why Trayvon Martin?

Well, the Left can’t get anywhere with gun control. They also can’t tolerate “Stand Your Ground” legislation. Florida has “Stand Your Ground” legislation. Trayvon Martin was killed in Florida during a one-on-one, self-defense related scenario. It is a perfect test case. If Martin’s accused killer is found guilty, the Left can push hard for eradication of “Stand Your Ground” type of legislation. If he’s found innocent — hey, no loss — they move on and wait for the next opportunity. Every minute in some part of the country there is news. You only hear the stories the left-leaning media want you to hear.

It is interesting then, since Obama got elected and, particularly over the last year or so, there has been a healthy dose of anti-christian, anti-religious stories pushed on American society. You’ve heard them — myriad stories about schools banning celebrations of religious holidays or removing religious symbols. Headlines have been generated about inappropriate symbols on buildings or markers at ground zero or at spots of traffic fatalities on the side of the road.

Most recently, American Atheists Incorporated has placed anti-religious billboards along the highways leading to both Republican and Democrat convention locations. If you just absorb headline after headline at face value you will likely conclude it is yet another segmented group complaining about this or that. If you understand stories are selected by the left-biased media, with intent and purpose, that saturation is part of the point, you realize there is controlled manipulation of the political process.

So in the end, removing God from the Democratic platform is really about Obama’s promise to “fundamentally change America”. It is about the hard-Left replacing God with government. Any American political party that successfully dismisses God also successfully dismisses America. For without God there are no unalienable rights. Without unalienable rights, America is fundamentally changed — just like the supreme ruler promised.

The Declaration of Independence states,

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed

Clearly, the American government was instituted to protect citizens rights — to secure the unalienable rights of its citizens which are endowed upon them by their Creator — not to erode them in the name of national security, distort them for political gain, or violate them for the pursuit of social-justice and the illusion of utopia.

A political party that fails to acknowledge individual unalienable rights has no intention of serving the people — only subjugating them. It is now time for all Democrats — politicians and voters — to reconsider their political affiliation. Are Democrats prepared to vote for a party and a leader that forces them to place government above God? Are leaders within the godless party prepared to stand tall and denounce this as unacceptable?

Further, it is time for all Americans — regardless of political party or religion — to reconsider who they are and their outlook on the role of government. It is time for each and every citizen to ask themselves — do you exist to serve a government that won’t acknowledge God and by extension, your unalienable rights? Or was the American government founded to protect your unalienable rights and serve you, your descendents and all American citizens?

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  1. So what if they are Godless?. What has a delusional figure like”god’ got to do with governing a country>

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