Liberals Get Their Wish – American Exceptionalism Is No More

Long a stated objective of Barack Obama and a pathetically perverse political outlook supported by the liberal-Left, American exceptionalism has been tarnished. Strike that, because it is an Obama goal, American exceptionalism has been sabotaged.

A report published by the World Economic Forum concludes the US had slipped from No. 1 in global competitiveness to a rank of No. 7 this year. Fox News concluded that the U. S. has in fact slipped in “dozens of areas compared with just a few years ago.”

When we look up from our mediocre spot at No. 7 we see Germany and Singapore as well as some world-class juggernauts like Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

The report ranked the U. S. at 140 of 144 regarding government deficit as a percentage of GDP. Unfortunately, no surprise there as Obama has a 4-plus trillion dollar deficit during his first — and we all pray — only term. Four years ago our rank was 97.

The rating for government regulation fell from 50 to 76. Again, no surprise if you keep up on current events.

Our government waste ranking dropped from 67 to 76 and the public’s trust in politicians fell from 41 to 54.

“The slide in the global competitiveness report is almost certainly due to … policy-related factors,” James Gwartney, economics professor at Florida State University, told Fox.

But is any of this a surprise? The hard-Left has installed strangulating regulations, robbed the middle-class of wealth to payoff unions, invested poorly in “green”, done absolutely nothing about the housing crisis and successfully expanded welfare. America doesn’t shine anymore. It is more like a rusty bucket on the side of the road – dented and weathered.

The good news: the liberal-Left has maintained the rank of No. 1 in both political correctness and leadership cowardice.

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