Wicked Wendy And Voter ID Laws

As the Pennsylvania Supreme Court considers the validity of a new voter ID law, perhaps Pennsylvania’s Republican court representatives will submit as evidence the notorious story of Wendy Rosen.

Who is Wendy Rosen?

Rosen, 57, is a Miami, Florida native that resides in Cockeysville, Maryland. She founded The American Made Alliance, a non-profit that “works with congress, federal legislative aides and state officials to create and enforce laws that promote, protect and preserve the American craft industry.” Basically, she is a lobbyist for basket-weavers. She is also a Democratic congressional candidate in Maryland. Check that, she was a Democratic congressional candidate. She recently took down her display tables.


Your first guess might be that she became disillusioned with partisan politics. Nope. Another good guess would be that she withdrew from the race because she wasn’t liberal enough. Hey, don’t laugh, we are talking about Maryland here. It’s the home of Elijah Cummings, Barbara Mikulski and notorious Obama ass-kisser and presidential wanna-be, Gov. Martin O’Malley. But if that was your guess, again, you would be wrong. She actually withdrew from the 1st District congressional race because of scandal.

Fortunately, wonderful Wendy didn’t get caught in the back seat with a state official or doing the bump and grind with the pool-boy. It turns out Wendy’s particular fetish is that she likes to vote. Apparently, she l-o-v-e-s to vote. And to satisfy her fetish Wendy votes in both Florida and Maryland. Regularly. She claims it is her way of showing her patriotism. But we all know that folks that possess an extreme fetish often try to rationalize it.

Anyway, when the news broke that wonderful Wendy has a fetish for pulling handles she became wicked Wendy and got sent through the spanking machine for being a bad, bad girl.

So the Democrat party that erased the word god from their party platform, the party that wants a utopia with one ruling class reigning over sexually insatiable heathens as they slip and slid against each other covered in warm oil — birth control on the house, of course — the party that swears on their godless bible that there is no such thing as voter fraud – has one of their own candidates publicly spanked for committing voter fraud.

If the irony was any thicker we could spread it on wicked Wendy’s red rump to ease the burn.

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