Obama And EPA Strangle Another Company

Coal company Alpha Natural Resources, announced yesterday it is closing eight mines starting immediately. Of the eight mines targeted for closure there are four in West Virginia, three in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania.

Layoffs associated with the closures will be 1200 workers. The job casualties represent about 10% of the company’s workforce. Of the 1200, there will be an initial 400 workers sent packing immediately and the rest of the layoffs will bleed into next year as the company fulfills sales obligations.

Chief Executive Officer Kevin Crutchfield says the shutdowns and layoffs are necessary for Alpha Natural to survive in a tough market and that his company was struggling to meet “a regulatory environment that’s aggressively aimed at constraining the use of coal.”

Unless you’ve been hibernating, you know Obama is using the EPA to strangle the coal industry and the victims are piling up at an alarming rate. It’s part of his twisted “Americans are spoiled brats” political philosophy.

America, the sole problem with the world, exploits too much, consumes too much, and pollutes too much. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Americans pay too little for all these excesses. This will not do. It is time to bring Americans more in line with the rest of the world. But you can’t place air conditioners and refrigerators in every mud hut, so you must take them away from those that have them. Since you can’t raise the entire world up to level the playing field, you must drive America down. It is time, Obama feels, that America was humbled.

This, of course, is from a man that knows no humility. A man with such ego that he actually believes the Leftist propaganda claiming he is the anointed one. He is, says the narrative, the man to save the world from itself and he will bestow peace upon the planet. Hey, he has the Nobel Peace Prize to prove it.

Perhaps if Obama spent more time doing his job as President of the United States — protecting and promoting America — and less time playing out his juvenile boyhood fantasy of world savior, our economy would be stronger and 1200 coal workers — as well as some 23 million Americans — would have a way to feed their families next year.

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