Last Night WAS a Game-Changer…you’re hearing it here first!

Just google “presidential debate not a game-changer” and you’ll find there lurking the liberal media’s true response to the debate. But, as James Carville said on CNN, “Obama just debated with a chainsaw” and lost. Chris Matthews went on yet another crazed rant, while Bill Maher tweeted his disgust, no doubt wondered what he had wasted a million dollars on. President Obama and the liberal media were severely beaten up last night.

A significant victory for Romney in first debate

Had Romney lost the debate, the liberal media would have been quick to place an RIP tombstone on their coverage of his presidential campaign. This is the headline they’ve been building up to in recent weeks. Romney is unknown, lackluster they said. Last night, they learned some unknowns about the President and if they didn’t know it before they realized that teleprompter-less he is the lackluster one.

Mr Obama’s arrogance was that he assumed the RIP sign was already set in stone. Perhaps he thought he only had to do a Clint Eastwood and debate with an empty chair. Or, was he just trying to give a performance to make Jeo Biden look good next week? All sorts of excuses were offered on Twitter under the hashtag #ObamaDebateExcuses, and if this doesn’t give the comedians great material to take the plank out of the eye of their election humor, then I don’t know what will.

Joking aside, Obama found Romney on the top of his game and ready to show the electorate his strengths. What was surprising was not the fact Romney won, but the scale of his victory. CNN released a poll that gave the Governor a 67% win vote on the night.

Of course, Romney had to win, but what will put the wind into the sails of his campaign is the scale of victory. Charles Krauthammer, who I so often agree with, said this was no game-changer, but I have to qualify his statement. True, there is no immediate real game-changer, but if Romney wins on November 6 the suddenly wise media will look back on last night and say “yep, that was a game-changer.”



2 Responses

  1. On that CNN Poll – when you poll almost exclusively white southern seniors over 55 then you end up with just as skewed a number as if you polled almost exclusively non-white northern youth. The CNN poll was skewed to keep this a horse race.

    As for Maher’s and Matthews’ takes, these guys wanted Obama to be a liberal fire breather. First of all, that’s not Obama. It just isn’t. Second, that would not have played well with moderates and Independents who admire and will stick by Obama becasue he is calm. measured, and smart as hell.

    Ultimately the debates will make no difference becasue the choice is as simple and clear now as it’s been all along. Go back to the GOP policies that only benefit those at the top and created the mess to begin with OR keep moving forward with Dem policies that are proven to work for everyone, poorest to richest. Dem policies have always yielded better economic results for more Americans. More than twice as many jobs have been created under Dem administrations. The people know this. The people have experienced this first hand. No one is going to come along and convince them their reality was just a mirage.

    This race isn’t as much now a choice between Rommey and Obama as it is a choice between party policies. The electorate was not as clueless and has been paying closer attention that the GOP had assumed. This is why Obama will be re-elected. This is why the Dem candidate will win in 2016 unless the GOP adapts it’s policies to meet the approval of a majority of the electorate. If the GOP refuses to evolve, nature will select them for extinction.

  2. that is some very funny stuff-now when the drugs wear off…….

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