Mr. Hollywood Loses Serious Shine After First Debate

After weeks and weeks and months and months of hearing how utterly awesome Obama is, we finally got to see him perform. Mr. Hollywood versus Mittens, center stage with front row seats. That’s right, it’s Broadway, baby — bright lights, perfect makeup and unscripted.

B-sizzle Live.

My, my, my — where to start?

Damn, last night felt good, didn’t it? As predicted, Mr. Wonderful isn’t so wonderful during a live performance. Dreadful is a much better word. Strip away the prepared remarks and remove the teleprompters and the anointed one burns with as much fire as a soggy sponge. Any Lefty that paid for a seat at that sad show should demand a refund.

For the worshipers and their champion this wasn’t a debate. It was a debacle. Big time.

And what was with the lethargy? Did Obama miss his nap? He couldn’t even keep his head up. Was it drugs? Don’t laugh. He’s confessed to being a dope, pardon me, a doper. Maybe that’s why he misses all those foreign policy meetings — he’s taking a few pulls out back.

Perhaps he couldn’t look his opponent in the eye because of shame. It would be understandable, his record is an embarrassment.

Compare Obama to the guy on the other side of the stage. Romney was alert, eager and prepared. He was hungry. I swear I saw him gnawing on the podium once or twice waiting for the great gabber to finish his mundane rambling. Measure them by sheer enthusiasm and Romney wants the job — Obama, not so much.

Obama seemed beat, didn’t he? Meek and weak. A hollow, small man that had really nothing to say and no ability or desire to do anything about it. One thing was obvious, much like the government’s response to the Libya consulate attack, Obama was totally and completely unprepared. This was the first debate in front of a national audience. The man knows at least half the country wants to throw him out with the dirty water and yet, he didn’t prepare. I couldn’t help but ask myself if this is how Obama governs? You know, when he governs.

No doubt, the Left is scratching their head today, searching for an explanation for why Mr. Cool looked like Mr. Fool. I’ve been thinking about it, too. The way I figure it, we got a good look at a politician that is supposed to be able to dance between the raindrops but in reality gets just as wet as the rest of us. We saw a man sold as the greatest politician of all time – a Superman. Yet before our eyes he wasn’t able to get himself out of the phone booth, let alone save the planet. What we saw was a man that believes far too much of his hype to prepare like a professional. And he took a thumping for it.

Obviously, this isn’t over yet. There are two more debates. But just as obvious is that team Obama had better slap B-sizzle back to reality or this thing will be over faster than he can spell EMPTY SUIT.

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