Time for Eva Longoria to Resign from the Obama Campaign of Hatred and Hypocrisy

The intolerant liberal base of the Democrat Party has consistently demonstrated that they have an uncanny propensity for hypocrisy.  They historically preach the virtues of tolerance yet they remain the individuals who happen to be the least tolerant of any differences of opinion.  It is the type of hypocrisy and political insincerity which leads the left to claim that Republicans are waging a war on women because they refuse to allow the government to fund infanticide.   But the latest example of liberal hypocrisy has reared its ugly head in of all places, the leadership team of the Obama campaign, where Obama campaign co-chair Eva Longoria has demonstrated a level of intolerance and disrespect that any responsible political campaign can not and should not be able to ignore.

Earlier today, Longoria issued the following tweet on Twitter;

The comment was actually a retweet… a reposting of someone else’s tweet.

After news of Longoria’s message broke, she tried to wiggle her way out of  her vulgar, bigoted message by tweeting the following;

“Is anyone else’s twitter bugging out? There are things in my timeline I didn’t  retweet today. Hmmm? Standby trying to fix!”.

So this sick and stupid, lying liberal Obama campaign chairperson actually panicked after revealing her true beliefs and attempted to pull an Anthony Weiner by suggesting someone hacked into her account and posted the offensive message instead of her.

Realizing that was not really a plausible excuse, Longoria then went on to try to claim that she does not hold the opinion expressed by her retweet.  She tried to claim that she never calls conservative women  names and that she retweeted the offensive message because she believes that everyone has a right to have their opinions expressed on her Twitter account.  Unfortunately that excuse doesn’t wash.  If Longoria did not believe the sentiments expressed in that twitter message, than she should not have promoted it.  Period.

But since Longoria took that approach,  I took the opportunity to promptly tweet my opinion on Longoria’s Twitter account.

It read as follows;

Now you might take offense to my reply to Longoria and you can question its appropriateness but if you do than you better be demanding that Eva Longoria either be fired from her position as a co-chair of the President’s campaign or that she immediately resign from the position.  If you think my response to Longoria was inappropriate, than you must feel the same way about Longoria’s initial comment.  But the biggest difference here is that I am not representing anyone other than myself.  In the case of Longoria she is representing the President.  As such, her claim that women and minorities who have a political opinion that is different from her own are stupid, is a sentiment that the President and his campaign must promptly disavow.

That is especially the case since this is not the first time, Longoria crossed the line.

During the vice presidential debate, Longoria posted the following tweet;

So here you have a representative of the Obama campaign calling Paul Ryan  Joe Biden’s “bitch”.  And what was the reaction to it?  A silence so deafening that it is unclear which was more offensive, the original statement or the unwillingness of the President’s campaign to disavow themselves from the message or the person who sent the message.

This latest episode comes at a time when it is becoming alarmingly clear to most people that the troubled Obama-Biden campaign is doubling down on their attempts to win the election by motivating minorities through a campaign of divisiveness that is driven by inciting racist sentiments among blacks and Hispanics.  As pointed out in the post and video seen here, Democrats are increasingly trying to play the race card in the presidential election.  It is a desperate last ditch attempt by the left to make sure that blacks and other minorities show up to the polls on Election Day 2012 and vote for President Obama in the same record numbers that they did in 2008.   And that was the only reason why Eva Longoria, a Hispanic actress with a degree in Latin studies and kinesiology, was chosen for the political role she is now playing the President’s reelection effort.  But now Longoria has gone too far.  She has exhibited a level of unacceptable and intolerable political bigotry that has essentially written off the value of any woman and minority who does not hold the same opinions as her own.

The Obama campaign tried to chastise Mitt Romney for once stating that he can’t care about the 47% who will not vote for him.  Of course Romney said that in the context of a strategic political reality which meant that he will not be able to persuade the approximate 47% of voters who are committed to supporting President Obama.   But liberals intentionally took the words out of context and tried to claim that if elected President, Romney won’t care about nearly half of the American population.  Well now the question the Obama Administration must deal with is whether or not they actually want the record to show that they think women and minorities are stupid unless they support four more years of Barack Obama’s failed policies.

Until they denounce Longoria and her remarks and dump her from their campaign, the record will show that the Obama-Biden campaign does indeed agree with Longoria’s remarks.

Meanwhile, this whole incident is a distraction from the real issues but it is a distraction which is the result of the Obama strategy to distract and divide Americans.  The Obama campaign and it’s surrogates are hell-bent on distracting us from the Obama record and dividing us by race and ethnicity.  It is strategy that is apparently beginning to backfire on Obama but it is all the President has left in his arsenal.

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4 Responses

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  2. Always thought she was a low class person. The truth came out.

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  4. Wow,,, how ugly of a person she suddenly became.

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