Can You Balance the Deficit Better than those in Washington? Prove it!

White House 2012 Guest Submission from Sharon A. Moore-Smith

Bookmark and Share  The 2012 Fiscal Budget for the United States of America is 2,403 pages long. Who has the time to curl up with a document that is thicker than a Harry Potter book, read it and understand it. As a proud American, I want to understand what is going on in politics, but I just don’t have the time to read these lengthy documents.

Recently, a friend recommended a site that not only allows me to outline my ideas, and then sends my suggestions to my elected officials and representatives! poses the question ‘Can you balance the national budget better than those in Washington? Prove it’! After a brief and cute introduction to the website, users are given an interactive graph of the current national budget. This graph can be adjusted in any way you think that the budget should be balanced. Once you are finished, the graph is saved and can be shared with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

The next page shows the same graph before the adjustments, but this time you can apply any budget plan available from politicians (i.e.: Ron Paul, Harry Reid, etc.). This allows users to see what each plan would do to the budget – the positives and the negatives.

Once you are finished, the website gives you an amazing opportunity. You can send your balanced budget, or your selections of the politicians’plans, to your representatives. How is this different from other websites? Why not just send an email through your politicians own website? Here’s why:

  1. This site gives you access to every political leader that represents you. Simply type in your zip code and the website generates a list of your representatives. Your budget can then be sent to one of them or all of them. Your choice!
  2. Most representatives’ websites will take your information and send it out as a letter. is set-up to send emails directly to your representative. Their thought: ‘If I can have a pizza delivered in 30 minutes, why can’t I contact my representatives in that amount of time?’

This is a new age of communication and technology. As a citizen of the United States, I have the right to speak my mind and have my voice heard. It is about time that someone has created a way for our voices to be heard and not have to pay for it.

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