Buddy Roemer Drops Out of the Republican Race for President But Does Anyone Care?

Bookmark and ShareYou might not have even known that the former Democrat turned Republican Governor of Louisian, Buddy Roemer was running for the Republican presidential nomination.  So you probably don’t know that he has dropped his bid for the G.O.P. nomination and announced that he is going to run for President as an indpendent candidate and for the nomination of the Ross Perot inspired Reform Party .

According to Roemer;

“Tomorrow, I will formally end my bid for the GOP nomination…. as the GOP and the networks host debate number twenty-something this evening, they have once again turned their backs on the demogratic process by choosing to exclude a former Governor and Congressman.

I have decided to take my campaign directly to the American people by declaring my candidacy for Americans Elect.

Also, after many discussions with the with the Reform Party, I am excited to announce my intentions of seeking their nomination.”

Roemer’s decision to withdraw from the Republican race for President comes as a releif to the other contenders……….NOT!

Roemer had hoped to take the nation by storm with a mix of conservative oriented T.E.A. movement, anti-establishment sentiments and the generally liberal, anti-capitalist, sentiments of the Occupy rioters whodue to relatively cold Winter weather, temporarily put on hold their plight to turn the nation in to a socialsit cesspool.

Roemer hoped to unite the two with a message that attacked the incompetence of Congress and the undue influence of K Street on Capitol Hill.

While there is a good message top be fopund there, Buddy Roemer was not the the incompetence of Congress.Bookmark and Share

Buddy Roemer: A Leader in the “Rest of the Field”

Bookmark and Share  While the vast majority of the media focus in the Republican presidential nomination process is on the eight candidates considered the major contenders, there is even some doubt as to whether or not all 8 of them should be considered major candidates.   For instance, former Ambassador to China and Governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, may not really be a “major” candidate.  Afterall, he is the one candidate who consistently polls less than Rick Santorum, and while Santorum is trying hard and scoring some good points, his standing in the polls and coverage by the media hardly qualifies him for this category.   Then there’s Gary Johnson.  Gary who?
Gary Johnson is the former Governor of New Mexico who has been allowed in two debates because he was deemed as having met the one percent threshold met in a two or more national polls and therefore eligible to participate.
There’s also Fred Karger who used a White House 2012 poll as evidence of his meeting that one percent requirement.  The sponsors of the first Fox News debate didn’t buy it though.
Unfortunately, politics is perception and even more unfortunate than that is the fact that the media helps create those perceptions.   This reality anoints some to stardom and places them in the headlines while relegating others to the back page. 
One candidate who has been put in such a position is former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer. 
Roemer has been actively running for President since early Spring and while those who get a chance to hear him find his down home, interpretation of the problems and political solutions to them, as refreshing, many more are not given the opportunity to hear his message because of a lack of fair attention to him by the media.  But Buddy is doing his best to change that.
On Saturday, he sent out an email which dealt with his attempt to meet the qualifications for federal matching funds.  Those funds will the double the financial resources available to him and make it that much easier to try to get his message out  [see the email below this post] .  
And what exactly is that message?  Well as with the case with all the candidates, there are multiple messages but his focus is on  fighting the corrupting influences in Wall Street and Washington, ending favors to big donors and the misuse of federal funds to help major corporations that take jobs overseas while they evade taxes in America and the need for campaign finance reforms.  In other words, Roemer sees that most all of our problems are caused by the corrupting influences on the political entities which manage all that which needs fixing, such as our economy.
When one does hear Buddy Roemer make his pitch in that regard, they can’t help but see a certain sense of logic to what he has to say.  And while how or if that which Roemer sees as the root to all of our problems, can be fixed is open to debate, Roemer is at least willing to debate it.  So on that basis, Roemer has a right to be heard.  But so do all the other 133 Republicans who have filed their presidential candidacies with the Federal Election Commission.
Each of them have issues that they believe need addressing.  Which is why this week, White House 2012 will begin a new series called “The Herd” .
The Herd will cover the rest of the Republican field and provide all the Republican presidential candidates with the opportunity to get their message out.  So far, all of the FEC registered Republican candidates have been sent questionnaires that allow us to gauge the size of their campaigns and the momentum behind them. Those who have responded, will be the first to be interviewed by White House 2012.  In the case of Governor Roemer though, his campaign has not yet responded.  Hopefully though, he will take us up on our acceptance of his invitation to meet him for coffee, an invitation he extended in his email to supporters. 
That’s up to the Governor.  
Meanwhile, in the coming weeks, White House 2012 readers will have the opportunity to learn about those other candidates who are willing to take us up on our offer to help get their message out. 
“The Herd” will appear every other day beginning Monday, November 28th.  It will at the very least provide readers with a view of some very colorful characters.


Coming Monday

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Have You Ever Wondered Why No One Knows Buddy Roemer is Running for President?

Bookmark and Share    Neither have I.

But now I have good reason to not even care.

Today Buddy Roemer, the former Democrat, turned former Republican Governor of Louisiana, introduced a new web ad in an email to supporters.  The spot is called “America, Listen to Them”  [see the video below this post] and in his campaign’s email explains that Roemer wants us to hear the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

It  goes on to state;

“As you know, Governor Roemer has  been the only candidate on either side to get behind the spirit of Occupy Wall Street. Throughout our history, Americans have stood up against injustice and inequality. Some like to criticize the Occupy Wall Street movement, and although Governor Roemer does not endorse everything they stand for, you cannot criticize their frustration and anger with the status quo and corruption occurring.”

You wanna bet?!

Sorry Buddy, but I can criticize the Occupy Wall Stree t protesters for their frustration.  And I can do so because they are frustrated with all the wrong things.  Instead of being frustrated with the lack of morals in our society which leads to a lack of ethics, these OWS extremists flaunt their own lack of morals and their own willingness to defy civility and the law. 

These Occupy Wall Street protesters are frustrated with businesspeople making more than them, they are frustrated by the unwillingness of many Americans to turn control of their lives over to a federal bureaucracy that is full of far more corruption than any corplorate mogul whose home they march on.

Sorry Buddy, but the OWS protesters just don’t get it and apparently neither do you.

Corruption is something that we all should all be against and in my view, most Americans are.  But most most Americans do not want to arrest the entire free market because of a few rotten free marketeers.   The OWS movement which has seen riots take place from New York to Portland, shut down ports and damaged the economy, and seen participants partake in reprehensible behavior that range from throwing Molotov cocktails at police to raping fellow protesters, is not something which I can claim does not deserve “criticism”. 

In the Roemer email, the campaign writes;  

“Lobbyists and Wall Street executives rule Washington and our political system, and Governor Roemer is the only candidate that will work to end this.”


Since he is a banker, I am sure Governor Roemer has done his fair share of lobbying and I am sure that he participated in his own attempts to grease palms.  But According to Roemer, he is the only one who will make things right.  That sounds odd coming from someone who as both a  financier and a politician, has been a part of the system and I think it is reprehensible for this man to now step forward and embrace the OWS protesters whom wish not to improve the system, but to tear it down.  Just as President Obama promised to transform America, so too would the OWS protesters?  But how would they change it?  Instead of seeking to use justice to deal with inappropriate business practices and undue influence, they want to create  a socialist utopia that has government determine our salaries, our opportunities, our healthcare , and essentially, our fate.  And we all know that the government is not corrupt.  Right?

Sorry Buddy,  but I can’t embrace that message and the fact that you do makes your being of no consequence in the Republican presidential primary, quite appropriate.

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GOP Candidates: With Friends Like These…..

Bookmark and Share   So, who needs enemies? I said I will look at all the candidates, so today, before I get back to some of the serious contenders let’s look at some of the no-hopers with their hat in the ring. These are candidates who will at best be invisible and at worse do some damage to the credibility of the conservative challenge to Barack Obama.

Listed in alphabetical order, this is the Class List of Fails, so they all get an F.

First to Fred Karger, there is so little to say here. Karger is touted as the first openly gay candidate for the presidency, suggesting in the delusional reinvention of history by the gay community that there have been so many closet candidates up to now. That his orientation means he stands no chance with the vast majority of conservative voters is hardly worth stating, but neither are his economic ideas. He trots out recent orthodoxy, opposing outsourcing and the shift of manufacturing centers out of the country, and says incentives are needed to convince American companies to stay put and invest locally. His slogan on the economy is “Jobs First: We need to keep jobs in America.” He says, “I am a fiscal conservative; I come from a finance background.   I want to work to strengthen our economy.  I believe in the private sector.”  Final soundbite-me, he told Fox News Radio, “Ronald Reagan was the ultimate optimist.  He basically talked us out of the last Recession, and I want to bring that kind of optimism back.”

Teacher’s Report: I’m sorry, but saying you got business experience and paying homage to Ronald Reagan is not going to get you anywhere. It is ideas that are needed, and needed fast!

Next up is Andy Martin, who you may know better as the source of the chain mail and online reports questioning the citizenship of President Obama and the claim that he is a Muslim. He says “Obama plays for keeps. He plays rough, and that’s the only way to beat him, and I’m the only one that is tough enough to do that.” He says he represents “genuine conservative values and a practical, creative approach to solving America’s economic problems.  “Jobs come first; working families are his priority,” he says and he will “stand up FOR Main Street and stand up TO Wall Street.”

Teacher’s Report: Very cute. Sit down Andy, it isn’t going to happen.

Then we have Jimmy McMillan, who is the former mayoral, gubernatorial and senatorial candidate for the Rent Is Too Damn High Party, and formerly a registered Democrat. A Karate expert and Vietnam vet, he tells President Obama, “If you don’t do your job right, I am coming at you!” He also says the rent that is “too damn high” is about to become a national issue.

Teacher’s Report: You can chop him off your list.
Next on the cakewalk is Tom Miller, who advocates a very specific list of economic actions, including not authorizing an increase to the U.S. debt limit, amortizing the estimated $16 trillion deficit over 30 years, and ordering a full audit of the Federal government. He will immediately terminate all bailout and tarp programs and recover the money. Miller believes the National debt is a threat to National security and the status of the U.S. dollar as the world reserve currency. He believes he will “re-empower, once again, the American people with the freedoms that they need to rebuild our economy back into being a producing Nation.” Miller will terminate the Federal minimum wage and support the free market to determine private sector wages. There are lots of specifics on his website, and actually looks the best of this class, however….

Teacher’s Report: Sorry, but it isn’t Miller time.

With a lot less economic detail on offer, Roy Moore’s major claim to fame is to have gone against a ruling of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals when he refused to take down a display of the Ten Commandments and a monument from the Alabama Supreme Court building. This cost him the state’s chief justice job.

Teacher’s Report: So little information on the economy, he is hardly worth thinking about.

Running on low fuel, Buddy Roemer is the former Louisiana Governor and former Democrat campaigning for finance reforms. He wants to impose a $100 limit on disclosed contributions per individual. At a Tea Party rally, he said the current system is “disastrous, it’s dysfunctional.” Most recently, he served as the founder, CEO, and President of Business First Bank, a small business community bank with approximately $650 million in assets that took no bailout money from the federal government. Two days ago he tweeted “Saturday challenge – Jobs: Stop sending jobs overseas, Small Business Deregulation, energy independence, $100 limit on giving – free to lead.”

Teacher’s Report: Too much former and too little leader, time to bail out Buddy.

Vern Wuensche took tenth place in the 2008 Iowa and New Hampshire primaries by spending only $36,000. In 100 days, he visited over 6,000 local businesses and churches in 242 towns in both states. He believes that business thrive on character. He wants to eliminate the right of public workers to unionize, allow the right to work without being a union member, and, repeal the minimum wage allowing wages to be determined by the free market. He also demands that a cost benefit analysis of any environmental regulation be required.

Teacher’s Report: Vern, you have some sound economic principles, but stop wasting your money.

Somewhat theatrically, Rick Santorum launched his campaign at the Somerset County Courthouse, near the coal mine where his grandfather first worked after arriving in the country from Italy. He contends he embraced Tea Party values before there was a Tea Party. Having sponsored two bills early in his senate career – “Balanced Budget Amendment” and the “Line Item Veto” – to curb the spending of the Federal Government, he says makes him a defender of the tax payer because of his record on the issues. He believes that entitlements are the root of America’s fiscal demise. Santorum says he spearheaded the passage of President Bush’s tax cuts in 2001 and 2003, believing that reducing the tax burden on businesses and individuals is the key to spurring economic growth.  Santorum is a vocal opponent of the Wall Street bailouts and stimulus programs instituted by both President Bush and President Obama.

Teacher’s Report: Santorum believes a lot of things, but few believe he is anything but a big government Republican beating out a tune he doesn’t know the words to.

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Buddy Roemer. Free To Lead?

Bookmark and Share Free to lead. Thats the tagline former Democrat turned Republican, Governor of Louisiana Charles Buddy Roemers presidential exploratory effort. On his website, Roemer describes himself as an independent voice with no entanglements to special interests a quality that makes him free to lead. To punctuate the point, Roemer pledges to not take a dime a special interest money. Nothing from PACs and no donation above $100.

Independent wealth does not evade this former businessman, banker and real estate developer and some of the wealth he has accumulated will certainly be invested in his effort, but how much depends on how serious he is about his presidential ambitions. Without a willingness to make his substantial personal financial investment, it will be difficult for Roemer to compete with a wealth of other potential Republican candidates who have much more extensive fundraising operations and capabilities than Roemer.

But money is the least of Roemers problems at the moment. The size and extent of his base and its growth potential are most critical. While it is not unheard of to see a long shot candidate beat the odds, Roemer does not start off with much of a base to grow upon. And he has virtually no base outside of the South and more specifically, outside of his state. These will be obstacles hard to overcome in a year where several solid candidates are growing their bases of support and will seen force Roemer to compete with. This will make everything else harder for Roemer. It will make it harder for message to be heard, for him to be taken seriously and to raise a significant amount of money from those 100 dollar or less donations.

Buddy Roemer starts his campaign off with an attractive message. But he has a long way to go to distinguish himself from a field of other candidates who will be claiming that they too are free to lead.

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Former Louisiana Governor Roemer to Take First Step Toward White House Run

Bookmark and Share As initially reported here in White House 2012, former GovernorCharles Buddy Roemer is thinking about running for the Republican presidential nomination. To be clear, this is Charles “Buddy Roemer” of Louisiana, not RoyRoemer, a Democrat and the former Governor of Colorado. I had hopedBuddy Roemerwouldnt because now it means I have to redo the listing of contenders and make a whole new widget and bio for the guy. But apparently my wish wont come true because on Thursday, Buddy will announce that he is setting up an exploratory committee.

The timing of this announcement does however raise questions about Roemers strategic ability. On this same day Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich will also be announcing the creation of his presidential exploratory committee. Now unless the media intends on dedicating a larger chunk of time than I expect to Republicans whom wish to defeat President Obama next year, which candidate do you think will get more time and coverage for their announcement?

But aside fromBuddy Roemer announcing the creation of his exploratory committee in a way that will make him an after thought to Newt Gingrich, Roemers entry in to the race is largely seen as wildcard candidacy that is banking on the hope that big name Southern Governors like Mike Huckabee and Haley Barbour do not get in to the race. Other former Southern Governors such as Bob Riley of Georgia are also contemplating a run. But the only way for names like Riley and Roemer to last in the Republican contest for any significant amount of time is the hope that they can consolidate the old South behind them. Such can not be done with people like Barbour and/or Huckabee running. As it is, it remains to be seen if people like Riley and Roemer can consolidate the South for themselves even if no other Southerners get in to the race.

In my opinion Governor Roemer knows that his time in the national spotlight has come and gone. However; he probably sees running not as a chance to occupy the White House, but as a means by which to visit the Oval Office, possibly as a member of a new Republican Presidents cabinet.

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Another Southern Governor Looking To Occupy the G.O.P. Presidential Field?

Bookmark and ShareThelatest scuttlebutt is that former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer is looking at a run for the Republican presidential nomination. This comes from reports in the DesMoines Register and Times Picayune which were picked up by Politico.com who linkedto it from an article in the Monroe News Starwhich quotedRoemer as saying he’s “doing my homework,” and “I’m getting ready to make my case with the American people,”. Furthermore; the Monroe News Star also reports that Roemer said he will announce within the next month whether he will be a candidate for the Republican nomination for President in 2012.

Some from that same paper also conclude that it is adone deal because as they put it,“Roemer talks in an interview as if his mind is already made up. He’s discussed it with his family and board members of his Business First Bank and even has lined up a vice president to run the bank in his absence while campaigning.”

There is no reason to believe that those words are made up by any of the sources but if it is true, I must ask exactly how many Southern Governor’s can fit in to one G.O.P. presidential primary before we reach the point of saturation? There’s Haley Barbour, there was Lousiana’s Bobby Jindal, others hoped for Florida’s Jeb Bush, more seek Texas’ Rick Perry, still more pray for the candidacy of Arkansas’ Mike Huckabee and recently Alabama’s Bob Riley chimed in as a potential candidate. And although he was never a Governor. let us not forget the former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich who was elected to represent his Georgia district and is said to have picked out office space in Atlanta where he will headquarter his campaign.I may still be missing another one or two in there, but you get my point.When it comes to Buddy Roemerthough, the latest word of a possible run isfurther fueled by the presumption that the former Governor is running because he has been the latest confirmed guest at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Spring Event on March 7th.

Probably more than any other event scheduled yet, this one has sparked the rumor mill about potential candidates most of all. But perhaps its time we get a grip on the reins controlling this here horse. Also attending the event are Ralph Reed Jr., president of the national Faith & Freedom Coalition, Iowa’s 5th District Rep. Steve King, Gov. Terry Branstad and Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds. Are these people also running for President too? Cause if they are, I missed that headline.

Now I don’t mean to make light of speculation, especially since those of us who can’t wait for the 2012 race to begin, really only have speculation to go on but, come on folks, not everyone speaking at this event is a futurePresident. And while I understand that over600 Iowa activists who will have a hand in the Iowacaucus, are expected to participatein the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s forum and supposedly 60 percent of Iowa Caucus participants in 2010 were self-identified evangelical Christians, while important, this event is not the annual haj to Mecca that its organizers would like to make it sound like. So far, by my count only four of at least 15 potential presidential candidatesare so far confirmed. And one of them is Buddy Roemer. So let’s get a little perspective here.

But in addition to that perspective I must again ask ……….Buddy Roemer? Really? No offense to Mr. Roemerhe did his job to satisfaction and had an abilityto passionately push forward his agenda but he never established a devout, loyal following to build upon and of all the Southernerswho risk dividing the Southern vote, is Roemer really with the arithmatic?

Now I will probably be wearing egg on my face and regretting this if Roemeractually does run and some of my prefferedchoices like Gingrich and Barbour do not. And then Huckabee makes it official that he is not running and Daniels confirms he is sitting it out too. But at the moment I feel secure in the knowledgethat all those chips won’t be falling that way. Buddy Roemer? Really?

In the mean time I am going wait at least a day or two before I rearrangethe widgets on this site and create a new page, bio on Buddy Roemerand links to his websites. That’s a lot of work and I am not sure its worth the effort right now.

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