George Pataki Heads to Iowa to Address Republicans at the State Fair

Bookmark and Share   On Saturday, former New York Governor George Pataki is heading to Iowa where he will speak to those in attendance at the Polk County Republican picnic. The event is being held on the Iowa State fairgrounds.

The Governor has suggested that he will make a decision about a run for President in 2012 probably within the next week. If that is true, he is probably not heading all the way out to Iowa to announce he is not running. That could be done much more easily from his backyard or in a Twitter, like most all others are doing these days.

I won’t dare say whether Pataki will run or not. If I did, it would be only guess and besides I have been wrong to many times already about who will run. But I will say that it makes no sense for Pataki run. With Jon Huntsman running, there already is a moderate Republican Governor running in the form of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman, and he’s not moving very much. We have even seen another relatively moderate Governor aggressively pursue the nomination and then suddenly drop out of the race because he too was not gaining any traction.

If the thinking is that the very large field of hardcore conservatives will be divided enough to allow a moderate to run up the middle and win the nomination, he’s wrong. If that scenario plays out, for anyone, it  will be Mitt Romney. But even Romney is doing his best to run as far to the right as possible. And why? Because Republicans do not want another McCain as there nominee. They want someone who will be as conservative enough for them to not doubt their commitment to the conservative cause. A New York Republican just doesn’t fit that bill.

What Pataki says this Saturday though, will nonetheless be interesting.

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Former New York Governor George Pataki to Announce His Decision About a Run For President

Bookmark and Share   As the need to make up their minds regarding whether to run for President or not approaches, the latest name to let us know that he will make a definitive decision soon is former New York Governor George Pataki.

According to NY1, (see video below) the former three term Republican Governor will announce his decision within a week. Not that there are a whole lot of people hoping and waiting for him to run. While the 66 year old Pataki served New York well during his tenure, his leadership was far from transformative and he would enter the race as one of the longest shots in the field so far. His fundraising capability is not extensive and pales in comparison to other Republican opponents such as Perry and Romney.

Pataki also lacks any great claim to fame or particular expertise and there is no particular opening in the existing field that he would be able to immediately fill.

While Pataki has made a few uneventful appearances in Iowa and New Hampshire over the past few months, his testing of the waters created few ripples. So all things considered, the only reason I see for Pataki to decide to run would be boredom.

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Huckabee To Lead Health Care Repeal Petition Drive

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In what he called, the most massive petition drive in the history of the country. , former Arkansas Governor and 2008 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee called Tuesday for Congress to repeal the health care laws passed last year by the Democrat led House and Senate and signed by President Obama. The repeal process is expected to move forward on Wednesday with the backing of the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Democrat Senate majority leader Harry Reid however has vowed to not even bring the House repeal bill to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

“We were told — and sold — everything except the truth about the details in the health care act, noted Huckabee on Tuesday. And then, despite a majority of Americans rejecting this massive change in public policy, Congress enacted it anyway. Thats not the way its supposed to work in our representative democracy. This massive 2,500-page piece of legislation went to the floor of the House without being read by pretty much anyone, was rammed down the throats of an unwilling public, was enacted in the middle of the night — and in the height of hypocrisy, exempted the president, the vice president, congressional leadership and committee staff from the bill that Americans didnt want.”

With a 2012 run in the near future, Huckabee seems to be drawing a line in the sand when it comes to the health care bill which has been a hot button topic since it was passed by the Democrat majorities last year. With the Democrats remaining in control of the Senate and repeal seeming unlikely a petition drive may be the way in that those who favor scrapping the laws need. Although it may not be an actual feasible means to force the Senate to address the issue it does have the power of public support behind it that can be used as ammunition in a possible Huckabee candidacy in 2012. Former New York Governor and potential 2012 candidate George Pataki also favors a petition drive for repeal. If the the petition drive gains steam and the Senate refuses to hear the House repeal bill, Huckabee could have a hand up in showing the people that he will be working for what they want in 2012.

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