CPAC and Sarah Palin mark a turn to unity


A vintage fiery performance: Palin told delegates we'll keep our guns, God and Constitution, and Obama can keep the change.

The most remarkable event of today’s CPAC was Sarah Palin endorsing unity. Instead of showing her support for any one candidate, she called for unity, saying that whoever the nominee is the GOP must defeat Obama. Whoever the nominee is conservatives must work together, she told an ecstatic audience, and the nation will have a true conservative in the White House.

The unity message, great!

It followed the announcement that Mitt Romney had narrowly won the CPAC Straw Poll, following his mission to the conference to prove his conservative credentials. It seems it may be mission accomplished. Certainly Romney will be feeling a lot better about his appeal to the conservative base after today.

The other remarkable performance came from the ever-popular Daniel Hannan, British Member for the European Parliament. Warning America not to go down the European road, he was amazed that while Europe is driving off the cliff they can see America in their rear-view mirror and overtaking them!

After his talk, I had a good conversation with him, as we walked through the hotel, including a detour through the kitchens! I asked him if he endorsed any candidates? He, just a little coyly, suggested it was difficult to choose, but stressed it was important for the party to unite behind a candidate and get Obama, who earlier in the day John Bolton called the “first post-American President”, out of the White House.

Daniel Hannan warns America not to follow Europe down a path and off a cliff

Hannan also urged me to write that the GOP must stop having so many debates, as it is only serving to divide the party. He also said Republicans need to focus on the budget, not all the side issues that divide conservatives. With that he headed for the airport, though many didn’t want him to leave and asked if he could be made an honorary American instead.

This has been an important few days for conservatives, and may finally signal the road to unity. Romney should start to pull firmly into the lead, and though Santorum and Gingrich will no doubt continue, they will see their numbers dwindle.

The New York Times carried a report ahead of Sarah Palin’s speech that she didn’t think a brokered RNC would be a problem. This is just a liberal wet dream. The reality is, Sarah Palin has signalled this important moment, and shown that there is less stomach for infighting.

I picked up my media credentials on Thursday at CPAC fearful of a divided party that would succeed only in rolling out the red carpet for President Obama. After three days, I happily left making my way through the handful of sorry-looking OWS protesters feeling that I can see November from here.

John Bolton Endorses Mitt Romney

Bookmark and Share   Late Thursday evening, during an interview on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren, controversial conservative foreign policy guru John Bolton endorsed Mitt Romney for President [see interview below].

Bolton, the beneficiary of a recess appoint to the post of Ambassador to the U.N. under President George W. Bush, had flirted with the idea of running for President himself.  During the past Summer, he promised to run if he did not believe that the many pressing dangers on the international stage were given proper attention.

Somewhere along the line, in addition to issues like, money and viability, Bolton apparently determined that the important issues were getting a fair hearing and did not need to be served by his own presidential candidacy.  Now he has determined that Mitt Romney is the best person to be our next President.

As heard in his interview, Bolton believes that most of the Republican candidates have very similar foreign policy views but in addition to Romney’s own solid positions on the issue, Bolton’s decision was largely swayed by what he calls Romney’s electability.  According to Bolton, his criteria for endorsement was based upon finding the most electable conservative in the field and for him, that is Mitt Romney.

Individual personal endorsements don’t usually make much of a difference and Bolton’s probably won’t make a big difference either, but it will help create an impression that can only help Romney within conservative circles.  While Bolton is demonized in liberal circles and would stoned by Ron paull fanatics if he attended a Ron Paul rally, on the right, his reasoned hawkishness has  promoted a hardline position on national defense that offers the nation a better safe than sorry stance.  It has also earned Bolton the neo-Con label and for a candidate like Mitt Romney whom many try to portray as a liberal, the neo-Con affiliation isn’t a bad thing in his plight for the Republican presidential nomination.

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John Bolton Keeps U.S. Interests and Security in the Forefront of Debate

Bookmark and Share As the Middle East undergoes the upheavals of region wide citizen uprisings, Ambassador John Bolton is finding legitimacy for the premise of his threatened presidential run….the security of our nation and its interests.In regards to the most recent hotspot in the Middle East , Libya, Bolton tells Fox News that the Obama Administration is making nothing but symbolic steps that are not having a real impact on the situation on the ground.

He suggests that the United States recognize the provisional government that the opposition to Moamar Gadhafi is trying to establish. This, according to Bolton, in addition to strengthening the hand of the opposition government, it will help keep oil profits out of the hands of the Gadhafi regime.

Ambassador Bolton is toying with the idea of running for the Republican presidential nomination. The inspiration behind such a run would be based on what he calls a lack of attention being paid to the many threats to our national security.

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Republican Presidential Contenders React To President Obama’s State of the Union Address

Bookmark and Share Under an atmosphere that frowned upon the slightest hint of disagreement much more than in State of the Unions gone by, many potential Republican candidates for President had reactions to the Presidents address whichshowed that they were not timid in their desire to make clearwhere theyparted ways withthe President.

The often abrasive John Bolton who threatens to run for President for the purpose of focusing the nations attention on to international threats to our security Tweeted;

With no foreign policy victory of his own & many failures, bizarre that Obama would take credit for restoring America’s leadership in world.

Leading conservative deficit hawk, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint sent out a Tweet stating;

Our debt crisis demands spending cuts, not a freeze. When a car speeds toward a cliff, you hit the brakes, not cruise control.

Indiana Congressman Mike Pence sent out the following the email that described the Presidents speech as frustrating. In it he also sent a post SOTU interview he did with PBS.

Dear Fellow American, In last night’s State of the Union address,

President Obama called on Americans to take control of our destiny and take responsibility for the deficit.
He outlined plans to increase American competitiveness through education, infrastructure and innovation. And he encouraged members of Congress to put their differences aside and work together to restore this country to prosperity and greatness.So how does President Obama plan to achieve this transformation? More spending!

You and I both know that more spending and more borrowing is not the answer to get the economy moving. To hear the President call for more of the same stimulus spending that failed to turn our economy around for the last two years was very frustrating. That’s why I hope you will stand with me as I call on our leaders to give the American people a new direction.


Mike Pence
Member of Congress

On his Free and Strong America PAC web site, Mitt Romney had the following statement posted;

President Obama knows where he wants to go, but he has no idea how to get there. Under President Obama’s economic leadership, more Americans have lost their jobs than any time in modern history. The on-the-job economic education of the President has cost American families almost a trillion dollars in failed stimulus schemes and, unfortunately, he’s still failing the course. Rhetoric, however soaring, does not put pay checks in pay envelopes at the end of the week. You can’t build a high speed rail system fast enough to outrun the President’s misguided regulations, higher taxes or lack of focus on jobs. Hopefully he is learning. American families are depending on him.”

South Dakota Senator John Thune issues a press release in which he decalred:

“After presiding over a staggering 21 percent spending increase during his first two years in office, the President’s proposal to simply keep spending at its current level for the next five years is too little, too late. In just two years, the government has grown at 10 times the rate of inflation.

“The president called for new spending, although he repeatedly called it investment,’ but this is nothing more than increased Washington spending in the style of the failed stimulus. With a $14 trillion national debt that is growing at a trillion dollars every year, we should reverse the out of control spending we’ve witnessed the past two years and begin to save taxpayer dollars.”

Herman Cain issued a statement that described the state of the nation as“fragile” and claimed that when the President spoke of “investment” we heard “spending” and when he spoke of job creation, we heard “but not in the private sector”.

Ron Paul was unimpressed and in an interview seen below, said that he really didn’t hear anything he liked. He stated that he heard nothing regarding any real new cuts but did hear about more government programs.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani told theNBC’s Today Show that there were “some good things” in the speech, but the president missed an opportunity “to take the deficit more seriously.” Obama “showed no leadership on that,” .

Freshman Florida Senator Marco Rubio told reporters “I had hoped to hear the president outline real solutions to fundamentally tackle our national debt crisis and help clear the way for urgently needed job creation,” “Instead, we heard him talk about more ‘investment,’ which is what most Floridians I know would simply call more government spending.”

Michele Bachman provided her Tea Party response to the State of the Union which was addressed here in a previous White House 2012 post. While it had plenty of visual props and offered some compelling factual comparisons, her performance lacked the poise and effectiveness of Paul Ryan’s official Republican response to the State of the Union address. That speech which can be seen here, was quite effective and offered a convicncing rationale for the challenges that they will present to Democrats as he and his fellow Republicans try to approach fiscal responsibility in ways that differ from the President and his Party.

In general, Republicans all heard the same things in President Obama’s State of the Union. They heard little that would dramatically tackle our national debt, curb government overreach and spending and very little in the way of inititatives that would help improve the near term condition of employment and the stagnant economy.

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Defense Department Makes the Case for John Bolton’s Presidential Campaign for Him

Bookmark and Share Former Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton threatens a run for President based upon what he calls the need to call attention to the many national security risks that he feels are going unaddressed and not receiving enough public scrutiny. Now it would seem that the stars are aligning just right for him to make his case.

After Secretary of Defense Gates recently announced that he was getting ahead of the budget ax that would undoubtedly come after the Department of Defense, John Bolton tweets the following on Twitter:

“At a time of war and growing security threats abroad, Sec. Gates’ proposed defense cuts would make U.S. less secure and able to defend itself

For his part, Secretary Gates made clear that he believes our nations out of control debt poses its own security threat to the United States and therefore it is incumbent on all to do more with less, including D.O.D.. Gates adds that our debt is putting at risk America’s influence throughout the world. Part of Gates’ strategy is to head off even deeper cuts ordered by Congress by showing them that D.O.D. is doing all it can to insure that it is not spending money wastefully. But some see the move as being more politically motivated than motivated by our actual national security needs. John Bolton is among them.

Whether Gate’s slashing his own Department’s budget is good military strategy or not, expect the recent self inflicted, proposed Defense Department budget cuts to kick Boltons tentative thoughts about a run for President in to high gear. And ifAmb. Bolton does enter the race, even briefly, expect his entry to generate some healthy debate on foreign affairs, Americas role in the world and the threats that face our nation.

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John Bolton’s Likely Republican Presidential Candidacy Promises to Raise the Level of Debate

Bookmark and Share At age 15, John Boltonwas excused from school to hand out pamphlets for the Presidential

Ambassador John Bolton

campaign of Republican Barry Goldwater. At age 59, disgusted by what he sees as Constitutional breaches, a degradation of freedom and ignored national security threats, John Bolton is seriously considering his own run for President.

In an interview with National Review, the former Ambassador to the United Nations states that he first seriously began to think about a run for President during the 2008 presidential election in which he was astonished by the lack of attention paid to national security concerns. Since then after seeing what he calls President Obamas obsession with restructuring our domestic way of life, Bolton has become even more compelled than ever to run for President and insure that the next presidential campaign does not cheat the nation out of a serious national security debate.

But national security is not the only issue that can comprise a campaign for President and John Bolton knows it and is eagerly prepared to address domestic issues.

As a self described libertarian conservative, Bolton is very much a political anti-establishmentarian who is disgusted by the way he feels the political establishment looks down their noses at those who aligned with the sentiments of the TEA Party movement. As such he has an aggressive domestic agenda that could be best described as a rollback of federal excesses, especially in the areas of regulation and taxation.

National Review noted that during the course of their interview, Bolton was careful to state if he runs but he occasionally accidentally let slip some verbal tenses that were more definitive.

The former Ambassador assures voters that if he runs, it will be a genuine candidacy that is not meant to advance anymotivesother than that of the issues and the direction that he believes the nation must go in. At the same time, he realizes that many may view the candidacy of a figure as polarizing him to be a long shot but he swears that if he gets in to the race, he will, be in it to win it.

If Bolton does take the plunge, many outside of the G.O.P. may not take him serious, at least not at first, but those in conservative circles are certain to be impressed by his breadth of knowledge of the issues, both foreign and domestic, and many of them are also going to be quite enamored by his refreshingly ambitious conservative domestic and social and economic agenda. In the end Bolton is not likely to win the Republican presidential nomination. His fundraising capabilities will be his greatest initial handicap and electability will be an overall overriding hurdle in a general election. But in the final analysis, a Bolton candidacy is going to elevate the level of debate on all issues, prompt a rightward slant of the rest of the field and improve the overall quality of our final nominee, a nominee who after Bolton gets his next five minutes of fame, will want the weight of his endorsement behind them.

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