Obama’s Desperate Closing Argument: Vote For Revenge, Not For America

¬†¬† Bookmark and Share¬†¬† That’s the message failed President Barack Obama is sending supporters.¬† It is part of his class warfare¬†election strategy that is designed to motivate his base and it is the focus of one of Mitt Romney’s latest ads.¬† (See the ad below)

For the last month, the closer we get to Election Day, the more desperate President Obama has gotten. In addition to the President’s noticeable lack of any references to his record and his total unwillingness to address¬†any real issues, the President’s campaign has been interjecting¬†nothing but meaningless juvenile jabs at Mitt Romney. From a focus¬†on playing word games with Romney’s name, to his continued¬†attempts to divide Americans along lines of class by trying to pit the poor against the rich, President Obama continues to look less and less presidential with the passage of each day.

His latest attempt to suggest that voters use their most basic civic responsibility to vote as a means for exacting revenge is just the latest, best example of how unpresidential Barack Obama has become. Revenge may appeal to the President’s greedy liberal base who can’t get their hands on enough taxpayer funded¬†government handouts, but the majority of¬†voters not in the President’s base are not seeking to use their vote as a tool for t Obama revenge. Most Americans are using their vote to preserve the principles that made our nation the greatest in the world and as a way to make it an even greater, more prosperous nation.

In the closing days of the campaign, Barack Obama’s attempt to make this election¬†all about revenge proves that he has lost, not just the election but also the promise of hope that he rode to victory four years ago but four years later turned into hopelessness.

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The Obama Sex Tape: The Desperate Attempt to Lure Virgins Into the Voting Booth With Barack Obama

Bookmark and Share¬†¬† No, it’s not what you think, but it is an Obama video¬†that uses sex to try to get young women, more specifically brainless, young women, to vote for Barack Obama. (View the ad in the video beneath this post)

The new ad entitled “Your First Time” features Lena Dunham, a rising star among Hollywood’s liberalatzi, who compares a young woman’s decision to have sex for the first time, with a young woman’s first time voting.¬†¬† Afterall, it’s a very natural comparison, right?

The ad is perhaps the most desperate attempt yet to try to make sure that Barack Obama’s base turns out to vote for him¬† in the same historic numbers that they did in 2008.¬† For Barack Obama’s campaign that apparently means he must target a demographic that is not usually sought after… stupid people.

That is the only logical conclusion which one can draw from this latest commercial approved by the President and his campaign.¬† In it, writer/actress Lena Dunham¬†starts out by very suggestively saying “You’re first time shouldn’t be with just anybody”.¬† Then she discusses the¬†qualities a girl wants in¬†the¬†first¬†guy she sleeps with.¬† In this case she says you want a guy “who¬†cares about whether you get healthcare,¬†specifically birth control”.¬†¬†At one point Dunham even states; “You don’t want to do it with a guy who say’s ‘oh hey, I’m at the Library studying”, when really he’s not out there signing the Lilly Ledbetter Act.”

While the ad is not the x-rated porn flick intentionally suggested by the title of this post, it remains to be as inappropriate as any attempt to sincerely describe this new Obama ad as a sex tape.  But with an election that is suppose to be about the future of our nation and the issues important to its future, does anyone really believe that it is appropriate for any serious political candidate to be actively comparing a young girls decision to have sex for the first time, to her first time deciding who to vote for?    It is bad enough that our President runs around talking about Big Bird, binders and bayonets, instead of balanced budgets, block grants, and explaining Benghazi, but do we really need his campaign interjecting sexual intercourse in to the political intercourse?

The ad tries to be¬†creative in a way that is similar¬†to the eclectic HBO series that the actress in the ad writes¬†and¬†stars in.¬† The series is called “Girls”.¬†

One critic described the show¬†as…

¬†“a television program about the children of wealthy famous people and shitty music and Facebook and how hard it is to know who you are and Thought Catalog and sexually transmitted diseases and the exhaustion of ceaselessly dramatizing your own life while posing as someone who understands the fundamental emptiness and narcissism of that very self-dramatization.”

In other words, it’s a ridiculously stupid show about ridiculously stupid characters who put more thought into what they want to wear to bed than who want to go to bed with.

Yet here we have the Obama-Biden campaign using the person who writes and stars in this sleazy¬†piece of pop-culture crap,¬†trying to get young women to¬†pick our President the same way they would if they were picking¬†a partner¬†to sleep with.¬†¬†Afterall, that’s how I decided who I wanted to vote for the first time I was able to cast my ballot for President back in 1988.¬† It’s well known that back then I really¬†wanted to sleep with George Herbert Walker Bush, so he got my vote.¬† And in 1996, I was dyeing to go to bed with Bob Dole.¬† Isn’t that¬†the determining factor behind all of our votes?

Throughout this election, Barack Obama and his campaign have been doing¬†everything they can to get women to vote for him.¬† They have tried to paint Mitt Romney as a woman hating, slave driver, who will enact Sharia Law, wrap women up in burkas¬†and cut their tongues out.¬† They have tried to claim Romney discriminates against women, wants them to receive less pay than their male counterparts, and that he practically wants to rip their uterues¬†out and ban the practice of abortion from sea to shining shining sea.¬† What they don’t tell you is that while this White House pays its female staff 14% less than women, the Lilly Ledbetter law they brag¬†about had nothing to do with equal¬†pay for women but everything¬†to do with giving women more time to accuse their employer of not¬†giving them¬†equal pay for equal work.¬† What they don’t tell you is that all Lilly Ledbetter is, is a boondoggle for trial lawyers who can now make tons of money through the litigation of¬†cases that exceeded their statute of limitations.

What they don’t tell you is that over the last four years, women have actually been victims of President Obama’s policies, not beneficiaries of his failed policies.¬† Under President Obama women are suffering more than men when it comes to our continued stagnant economy.As recently pointed out by Paul Ryan, the poverty rate among women is at a seventeen year high and over five million women have recently¬†been forced out of the workforce because of job killing policies.

What you don’t hear¬†the Obama campaign telling you is the truth about the fact that fewer women are working today than there were when he took office.¬† You don’t hear them telling¬†the truth about how even if Mitt Romney did want to outlaw abortion in the law under all circumstances, he couldn’t¬†because the most he could actually do is¬†make it possible for the states to decide if they will or will not allow abortions to be conducted within the confines of their own borders.

But while you don’t hear such truths, ¬†you do hear the President’s campaign telling young girls to think with their private parts instead of their smarts.

In many ways the Obama approach to getting women to vote for him is down right insulting.  In addition to making it seem as though women are helpless victims who require the government to prop them up, he is also making women out to be a gender that thinks about nothing else other than sex.  Hence the new ad equating a first time decision to vote to a first time having sex.

Fortunately, most women are not quite¬†as dumb as the President and his liberal compatriots¬†would like to think.¬† Oh¬†sure, there are the dumb as nails¬†Debbie Wasserman Schultz-like dim wits¬†and Nancy Pelosi-like nincompoops¬†out there in¬†Liberal Lala land.¬†¬†But most women have more self-respect, integrity, and brains than those two liberal hacks.¬† Most women would rather support themselves than have the government¬†limit their opportunities and future by forcing them to become dependent on a behemoth government bureaucracy¬†that is ethically and economically bankrupt.¬†¬† Which is why most women have begun to stop supporting Barack Obama.¬† They see through the President’s shallow pitches to them and even more than that, they are beginning to be offended by the very shallow characterization of them that is created by the ignorant messages his campaign is sending through their attempts to win women over.¬† And that’s a good thing because it’s nice to know that unlike Lena Dunham, most women will not have the need for condoms when they step in the voting on Election Day.

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Big Bird, Binders, and Bayonets: Obama Making a Big Elections About Small Things

  Bookmark and Share  A new ad from the Republican national Committees artfully shows how President Obama is doing exactly what he decried in 2008: making a big election about small things.  Instead of talking about his record he spends most of his time on the campaign trail talking about Big Bird, binders, and bayonets.

It’s¬†evidence of the President’s inability¬†to¬†defend his record and proof that he¬†is ¬†flat out of ideas to get our economy moving again.

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Is Barack Obama Really a Good Friend to Israel? See the Video

   Bookmark and Share   While Mitt Romney did a good job in the last presidential debate, there was one thing I really think he was remiss in not pointing out.  When the topic of Israel came up, the Governor should have mentioned the unprecedented proposal that President Obama made in 2011 when he told Israel to adopt its 1967 borders. (See the video at the bottom of this post)

With all the attempts by President Obama to claim that he has established the strongest relationship with Israel of any previous President, there are many facts which contradict that claim. Between his refusal to ever visit Israel during his entire term in office, his recent refusal to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while Bebe was visiting the U.S. last month, and a history of Obama snubbing the Prime Minister on many occasions prior to that, it is clear that the American relationship with Israel is not as warm and close as it has been under previous presidents. But one of the most egregious acts against Israel committed by President Obama was his attempt to have Israel return to its indefensible 1967 borders.   It is a point which has not gotten the attention that it should in this election but for good reason, it must.

By trying to have Israel return it’s pre-1967 borders, President Obama was providing¬†Arab states and the Palestinians with the ability to launch ground and missile attacks on the Jewish state with ease.¬† As explained in this video, a return to those borders would make it impossible for Israel to effectively defend itself against the enemies who surround them and have a great capacity¬†to exploit added opportunities to launch¬†ground and missile attacks.¬† Yet this is the position¬†that Barack Obama proposed one of closest¬†allies in the world to put themselves in.

During the last presidential debate, Mitt Romney had multiple chances to remind voters of this major Obama foreign policy initiative. And he should have.¬† At one point Romney reminded voters¬†about Obama’s the apology tour to the Middle East¬†he went on when first coming to office.¬† Governor Romney reminded us that while the President took the opportunity to fly to Egypt and to Saudi Arabia and to Turkey and Iraq, he skipped Israel, our closest friend in the region.¬† It was around then that Romney should have at some point pivoted to¬†President Obama’s¬†1967 border proposal by adding that while he has apologized to audiences that consisted of our enemies,¬†he has also¬†asked our friends to make fatal concessions to our enemies.¬† In this case it was a concession that would have moved Israel closer to extinction.

Obama’s attempt to have Israel adopt indefensible borders is a major issue.¬† It is another sign of his bass¬†ackwards policies.¬† Policies which seek to placate our enemies and offend our allies.¬† A policy that is more in the best interests of enemies than our own nation.

When it comes to the Middle East, Israel is the only nation in the region that the United States need not fear a terrorist attack from.¬† If it is not our only real friend in the Middle East, it is certainly our best.¬† For that reason alone, it should not have a so-called friend who makes it easier for Israel’s enemies to destroy them.¬† Yet that is a part of the Obama foreign policy which was not mentioned in any of the debates.¬† So I have prepared¬†the following video to make the point that Mitt failed to and that others have forget to.

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Apology Tour: The New Romney Ad That Highlights Obama’s Bass Ackwards Foreign Policy

Bookmark and Share¬† In the wake of last night’s final presidential debate of the 2012 election cycle, Mitt Romney has released a new 30 second ad which powerfully explains why many people believe Barack Obama’s foreign policy priorities are as bass ackwards as his failed economic policies

In addition to making its obvious point about the President, the ad also goes a long way in reminding Jewish voters that Barack Obama is not exactly the close friend of Israel that he would like us to believe he is.  That is a critical message for Romney get across to Jewish voters in important battleground states such as Florida where the Jewish is significantly larger than it is in other states.

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The Unraveling Obama Foreign Policy That Has Failed To “Heal” the World

¬† Bookmark and Share¬† Ahead of tonight’s debate on foreign policy, the Romney-Ryan¬† campaign has released a new ad that sets the stage for this final face-to-face showdown between President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney.

The ad which is entitled¬†“Healed” uses the words of Barack Obama who four years ago, promised to “heal” the planet.¬†¬† The ad reminds us that¬† today, we see a very different picture. It’s a clear picture of a world that cannot afford four more years of President Obama.

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Barack Obama’s Biggest Issue… Big Bird

Bookmark and Share Since last week’s presidential debate, President Obama has used thirteen occasions on the campaign trail to focus on of all things… Big Bird.¬† With mocking tones and dimwitted characterizations, Barack Obama has been spending most of his time trying to get¬† to reelected by joking about Mitt Romney’s one time mention to cut money for things like Big Bird from the federal budget.¬† The remark was initially made during the first presidential debate and the the reference to Big Bird was a symbolic one in reference to funding of public broadcasting.¬† Meanwhile the President has so far made more than thirteen references to Sesame Street characters on the campaign trail but he has mentioned real issues like the terrorist attacks that killed 4 Americans in Libya zero times.

Now his campaign has dedicated its time, energy, and money to a 30 second commercial that centers around of all things… Big Bird. (See the ad below this post)

The ad is so utterly over the top that viewers initially mistake it for a parody from late night programming like Leno, or maybe the Cobert Report.

While the 30 second spot tries to follow a line of humor that mocks Romney for his intended cut of federal funding of PBS, the ad actually ends up seeming to go too far in trying to focus voters an issue that is too ridiculous for the President to be wasting our time with.¬† It is is so much ado about nothing that commercial’s silliness ends up backfiring and casting a shadow of silliness on his campaign and a shadow of doubt over the President and his priorities.

Dana Perino, George W. Bush’s former White House Press Secretary suggested that this new Obama ad probably came about after someone on the Obama campaign became over excited by the prospects of using the line that Romney is more worried about Sesame Street than Wall Street and so they turned it in to this ad. ¬† But Perino also suggests that the ad is so absurd and over the top that it undermined whatever potential the Sesame Street versus Wall Street soundbite may have once had.¬†¬†¬† Perino is right.

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