Here you will find the current standing of the

candidates according to the staff of White House 2012


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June 2011








MAY 2011




April 2011





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  1. Um, you might want to take a look at the more recent polling and adjust this ranking. Huckabee is polling way out front in Iowa, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Texas (just to name a few recent polls).

    I like the design and writing here…I’m hoping you keep it up and keep it unbiased!


    • Thank you. I appreciate your input and complimentary words. As far as the ranking, this is a presentation of how I, and in the future, the contributors to WH2012 see the psotioning of the candidates. As events change, so will our view of their standings. For my part, these rankings include factors far beyond current polling numbers in any number of individual states. I take in to consideration such things as ground organizations, fundraising capabilities, the baggage that each candidate carries, and a mix of the issues and shaping strategies of the potential candidates. In regards to opinions, White House 2012 is intentionally meant to offer information, links, news, analysis and commentary. As such when the facts involving “news” can be presented, they will be. However, I and my fellow contributors to the site will also offer our individiual perspectives of the race and opinions. As apolitical consultant, I am often critical of how campaigns are run and will continue to critical here. And as a dedicated, lifetime Republican, I also have strong opinions about those whom I support and will not prohibit myself from offering those opinions or an endorsement when I reach one. That opinion will be my own, not that of Whitehouse 2012 itself. Other such opinions will be offered by other contributors to the site in the future and all opinions are welcome. But in addition to those opinions, White House 2012 will also present the news pertaining to the race, as factually accurate as possible.

  2. Romney, Newt, Pawlenty and Daniels WAY too high-
    Santorum, Backman and Cain WAY too low

  3. Don’t know who does these polls but so far the Tea Party members I know will not vote for Romney or Huckabee. And the list needs to be updated to reflect those that have announced they are not running, such as Haley Barbour and Chris Christi. Inclusion only confuses things.

    • As indicated, this ranking is a culmination of the White House 2012’s staff perceprion of the race as it is today. This ranking reflects a number of the political realities and overall condition of the field. It does not reflect the opinion or desire of any one group. I would also like to state that as someone who assisted in the organization of TEA Party rallies in D.C. and publicly addressed them, I am quite aware of their sentiments but I am also aware of the fact that campaigns have a way of changing minds.

      As for the updating of the list, maybe you are looking at one from a previous month, but this month’s ranking does not include Haley Barbour. In fact if you look further into what you are talking about, you will find displayed on the site the date that Haley Barbour announced he is not running. As for the ranking though, it does however include Chris Christie because although he has stated as long ago as last year , that he will not run, unlike with Haley Barbour, the enthusiasm for Chris Christie is so strong, that whether you can understand this or not, a remote possibility still exists for him be somehow brought into the race. His very low ranking is indication of the un.ikelihood of this happening, but also a reflectio0n of the slim possibility for it to occur.

      While I appreciate your input, you must understand A,- This site is constantly updated and perhgaps one of the most up to date sites on the presidential election that you will find. And B,- In politics, not everything is quite as clear cut as you would like to think. As a TEA Party participant, I can tell you that there even exists a diversity of opinion among its beleivers.

  4. Where is Fred Karger on this? Why isn’t he on the list when other less successful candidates are? The only candidate that is not shown on here, just happens to be gay. Fred Karger belongs on this list. I don’t know who I have to notify about this issue, but will notify who i can about this discriminatory exclusion on this page.

  5. I notified the Federal Election Commission about excluding Fred Karger. I’m not sure if they can do anything, but let them know anyway.

  6. Fred Karger is not listed in the results above. I notified the Federal Election Commission about his exclusion.

  7. Are you aware that Trump dropped out of the race?

    • Oh. And Huckabee dropped out too.

      • Are you just mildly retarded or severley? Are you aware of the fact that immediately following the announcements of Huckabee and Trump that White House 2012 published those announcements? Or do you not know how to read? And if you need to be told, no, John Bolton is not made bolder than other names and is not my favorite. My favorite choices are between Romney, and if she runs, Sarah Palin, but the candidate who would truly be my favorite if he runs, is Mitch Daniels. If you knew how to read, you would know that I have made my choices quite clear. I have no reason to hide my opinions in my own blog. Now I suggest that before you make a further ass of yourself, you read about that which you are trying to comment on.

  8. I noticed that John Bolton’s name is slightly bold. Is that your favorite?

  9. You are extremely rude. Although I’m not retarded or semi-retarded, what if I was. Is that how you would treat retarded people?

  10. If John Bolton’s name is not bold, then clearly it’s a different font. My point about Trump and Huckabee, is that if they’re out of the race, then why are they on your rankings list for the month of May? Will they be on the list in June too? I had some other political questions for you, but you’re such an ass, I don’t even want to anymore.

  11. I’m 62, tired, worn to the bone with no end in site. When I look at the different men and women who are running, I’m reminded of many elections past and the promise of milk and honey. Its time to vote with courage and I say this because I listened to all the news of years gone by. History will bite us, we need a man like Ron Paul to stir the mud as he has done so very well. He has no aspirations of glory or pockets to fill. He can make decisions that will guide the future of this country, not weaken it. I only hope its not too late!

    • With all due respect, I am tired too. I am tired of people believing thart Ron Paul is anything special. First of all, he is true career politician with almost three decades in office in the House of Representaitves. I am also tired of people thinking that Ron Paul is any more sincere than other politicians. He is as big a hypocrote as anu of them. He loves to preach about how the federal government should not subsidize that which which belongs in the free market. Yet do you know how many subsidy bills he is the sponsor of for special interests in his district. The truth is, Ron Paul has no answers to any problems and after three decades in Washington, he apparently has no ability to get things done. If he did, there would be a lot less government now than there was since he first came to office.

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