Republican Movie Test

Have your number?


Now find the corresponding number to see what movie  is predicted to be your favorite. 


 Movie List:

1.  Gone With The Wind
2.  E.T.
3.  Blazing Saddles
4. Star Wars
5. Forrest Gump
6. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.
7. Jaws
8. Grease
9. The Obama Farewell Speech of 2012
10. Casablanca
11. Jurassic Park
12. Shrek
13. Pirates of the Caribbean
14. Titanic
15. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
16. Home Alone
17. Mrs. Doubtfire
18. Toy Story 

Uncanny… Now if you found your answer to be anything other than 9. The Obama Farewell Speech of 2012, than you are a liberal and the proof of that is in the fact that you couldn’t do the math.

Thanks to Smashey for providing us with this gem. 

2 Responses

  1. So, if you couldn’t do the math properly, you wouldn’t get the number 9? I DID get 9. I laughed!

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