The contributors to White House 2012 represent a cross-section of conservative opinions.

The 4 original authors are brought together by a chance encounter on a political debate website called, a site where you are afforded the opportunity to run your own campaign for president, in between what often turns out to be intense debate.

Through their involvement on U4Prez, Anthony, Jim, Ike, and Mike, developed an ideological bond that has helped turn into this joint venture known as White House 2012, a central location for information, news and opinion on the shaping race for the Republican presidential nomination. Since then, WH12’s sphere of influence has expanded and  our family of conservative authors has grown.  We have also had the fortune of being provided the additional insight of guest contributors like Iowa author, writer, radio talk show host, and general political agitator, Steve Deace.

The dramatic changes delivered by the liberal regime of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, have Americans chomping at the bit to run quickly in another direction, a direction that the right Republican ticket can take the nation in. For that reason, the race for the Republican presidential nomination is going to startquickly and last long.

Given the lack of popularity and success of President Obama, continued high unemployment, a sluggish economy, a soaring deficit, racial tensions, foreign policy blunders,and an illconceived attempt to spend our way to prosperity, many Republicans will take advantage of the opportunity to run against President Obama. But in 2012, the G.O.P. field wont just be remembered for its quantity of contenders, it will also be remembered for the  quality and caliber of the candidates. But only one will win the nomination.

White House 2012 will assess the fied and describe the race every step of the way. To assure accurate and comprehensive coverage, several of the writers on White House 2012 are assigned to cover specific candidates, while still having the opportunity to discuss any and all the other contenders as well.

Stars01.gif picture by kempite


Kempite, aka; Anthony Del Pellegrino is a Republican political consultant who has worked on local, state, and national races. Originally from Brooklyn, New York and now based in Central New Jersey, Kempite has served in several Party leadership roles including Chairman of the Keansburg Republican organization in New Jersey, and President of the Edmund G. SeergyRepublican Club and Executive Director of the Kings County Republican Committee in New York.   In addition to managing several state legislative races in New York and New Jersey, Kempite has served as the Chief of Staff to New Jersey Republican Assemblyman Samuel D. Thompson and New York State Senator Robert J. Di Carlo.


Founding Writers

Mike Duminiak

Mike Duminiak is a strict constructionist Republican residing in central Pennsylvania. He attended the Pennsylvania State University graduating as a member of the Psi Chi national honor society. He currently works as a consultant for an international engineering firm working regularly on government related projects. He is an active member of his community involved in multiple local organizations. He was the Republican nominee for Mayor of Port Matilda, PA in 2009 and is currently serving as one of Pennsylvania’s elected State Constables. Mike regularly lectures at organizations around the State in addition to his writing.



While maintaining that he is a self-described Christian religious whacko, Friday holds to Anabaptist principles of faith and government. He believes in the Constitution as our foundation for government and the separation of church and state, naming Rev. John Leland and Thomas Jefferson as political heroes. Friday has and will continue to write and fight for a return to our Constitution on the Federal level, conservative values, and fiscal responsibility. Friday is a flat-taxer, gun-owning, free-speecher, pro-lifer, who believes in states rights, enforcement of immigration laws, individual freedom and individual responsibility.

Friday grew up in Connecticut and now resides in Florida with his wife and son. He is a senior tax accountant with more than eight years of business experience, a Bachelors in Business Administration, and is currently working on a Masters of Divinity through Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary.



Jim Smashey is a small government constitutional conservative with Libertarian leanings.  He has been involved in boots on the ground grass roots campaigns since 2000, knocking on doors for former US Rep. Kenny Hulshof, former US Senator Jim Talent and MO State rep. Mike Bernskoetter.  He was a district committee leader for the 2008 Presidential bid of former TN Senator Fred Thompson and volunteered for the Marion County, MO Republican Committee office during the 2008 elections.  He is the former President of the Palmyra, MO Chamber of Commerce and owner of an e-business website.  He graduated from North Central Missouri College in Trenton, MO and Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, MO.He is married with a 9 year old son and a baby daughter on the way.  He enjoys spending time with family, working out, blogging and annoying liberals.  He resides in Jefferson City, MO




J.J Collins

JJ Collins is a business consultant, writer, author and political blogger who specializes in American politics. A native of of Dublin, Ireland. He currently resides in London, England where he is working on his next book about the American President’s. A conservative minded person in his politics, he openly admires and believes in American style democracy and the need for a strong America to lead the world. Central to this belief, is the need for a strong American economy, military and leadership. Collins believes 2012 is the most important presidential election in generation’s with the balance of world power and future American economic prosperity at stake. Collins believes a strong GOP candidate is the only solution in winning back the White House in 2012. If you wish to contact JJ Collins on any issue, you can submit your contact request and details through this site.


April Shines

April Shines is a conservative political writer.  She is active in civics and politics on local, state and national levels. She acts a mentor to disadvantage youth and women. She is a mother of two with a passion for empowering urban communities with Republican ideals, values and principles.  She is the owner and sole proprietor of Shines Publications, a full service political communications company geared towards outreach, speech writing,campaign literature composition and consulting.


 Project WT Flint

Project WT Flint is part of an on-going effort to understand China’s impact on the international community. While living, working and studying in China, Project WT Flint witnessed both the good and bad.  Being fortunate enough to live in pre- and post- Olympic China, Project WT Flint got a first-hand glimpse of the challenges facing China and how China has dealt with them. As part of the on-going initiative, Project WT Flint’s time is split between China and the  USA. Project WT Flint feels fortunate to share first hand experiences in dealing with the Chinese communist party while working in the People’s Republic.

Project WT Flint’s contributions appear in White House 2012 as a special column called “Notes From the Communist Underground”.


David Cowan

David Cowan is an expert on Religion and International Relations, including economics. He holds a Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theology, both from the University of Oxford, and a Master of Letters from the University of St Andrews, where he is currently a PhD researcher on the influence of the “Religious Right” on American Foreign Policy from Nixon to the present day.

He is author of “Economic Parables: The Monetary Teachings of Jesus Christ” (Paternoster USA, 2007, 2nd Edition 2009). He has contributed essays on “Christianity and Economics” to the Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization (Blackwell) and on “Religious Minorities” to the International Encyclopedia of Political Science (CQ Press USA), both published this year.

He previously worked as a journalist, editor, and as an executive in banking and industry in Europe and North America for over twenty years, including Financial Times, Euromoney, and the World Bank Group in Washington DC. He has written for the Washington Times, Financial Times, The Times of London, The Middle East and has been interviewed by major print, television and radio media, including CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and BBC Radio.


 Jonathan Oman

Jon is an International Law student living in Midtown Detroit, Michigan.  After watching hisbeloved city crumble under the leadership of Democrats he vowed to fight forthe conservative cause.  Jon hasvolunteered and worked with several Republican campaigns, a member of YoungRepublicans and College Republicans, and studied International Relations as anundergrad.  Jon also writes, where he covers real estate development and local elections forhis column.



My favorite holiday is July 4th.    Check  that, it used to be July 4th. The last few have been disappointing.  I  think it’s because I look around and I see…I don’t even know what it is. This sound-bite based, PC, half-truth environment that our leaders, celebrities, unions and special interest groups have fostered is a fallacy and a farce. It is mocking the citizenry, numbing down the youth and ripping this country apart. It must        be stopped.

And so, I will attempt to do my part and pull back the curtain and expose the slimy hypocrisy from wherever it oozes (Republicans, too, if necessary). There’s a lot of  it and we’re in pretty deep, so I invite you to help me. Hell, who knows, together maybe we can to take back this country from those that stole it.

As for personal outlooks, I believe small government is good government, I just can’t decide whether it should be small or infinitesimal. I question government on all levels and doubt its’ competency with all enterprises. As a result, I have been labeled “to the right of conservative transcendentalism”.   Strangely, I’m somewhat comfortable with that. In addition to here, you can find me at or drop a line at


Guest Contributors

Steve Deace

Is he a broadcaster, writer, activist, or agitator? Or all of the above? Deace was born in Iowa and has lived all over the country, but spent most of his teenage years in Michigan which is why he’s a big fan of the Wolverines. He wrote a book called “Without a Vision the People Perish” which a scant few actually read, and has been hosting various talk radio programs since 1999. He’s been called nearly every name in the book, which he is very proud of considering the nastiest ones come from all the right enemies.  Through his website, Mr. Deace offers us experienced insight that provides  White House 2012 readers with a front row seat the the Iowa Republican presidential caucuses.  Look for his weekly Iowa Power Ranking and Candidates Weekly Wrap Up.

7 Responses

  1. The “Ranking” page excludes Fred Karger who was in fact the first confirmed Republican Presidential candidate. Unless you discriminate against gay candidates, please include Fred Karger. I informed the Federal Election Commission about his exclusion.

    • Are you serious? Do you have any idea of what you discussing? First of all, this ranking is an opinion of where the candidates stand. Second, such opinions are not up to the FEC. Third, this is my blog. It is not the government’s blog. And as such if I wanted to call it the Anti-Karger 2012 blog, I would have every right in the world to do so. Third, just because Karger was the first to announce his candidacy, does not mean that he will win anything and this ranking reflects that likely fact. Fourth, more space has been made available to Fred Karger on White House 2012, than he has been afforded on any other single site. In addition to his own wh12 bio page, he has been written about on more than four occasions. On o0ne of those occasions, what was written about him was based on an hour long interview that I had with him personally. And finally, you asinine buffoon, I am gay. So take your accusations and cram them up your lonely ass.

  2. I am interested in being involved with the campaign — I have a backgound in Motorcoach use and transportation logistics– would send resume if need be.

  3. I am interested in helping the Romney campaign develop a realistic, responsible and fact based policy on transportation (I used to work in that field: my retirement blog is:

    Also, I’ve contributed some $

    Let me know
    301 294 7479

  4. How do I get rid of the flipping VP contenders on the upper right hand side? I have difficulty enough seeing well enough to read, this flipping feature makes it impossible for me. Thanks

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