Submissions must meet the follwing guidelines:

Allsubmissions must be original works which have not been published in any online or hard copy forms of media and can only be submitted by its author.

Submission must be 900 words or less.

Any items you wish posted on White House 2012 must be sent to , RE: WH2012 Submission. Beneath the submission which you wish to be considered for postiong on White House 2012, you must include:

Your Full Name:

Title of Submitted Work:

Telephone Number:

Home Address:

Email Address:

(That email address must match the email address that the submission is sent from)

None of this information will be made available to the public but will be used to verify the authenticity of the submission.

In addition to the above information, the following statement must also be included with your submission:

I (Your Name Here)hereby submit the written account contained within this transmission, to White House for publication on its online blog. The work that I offer for White House 2012’s consideration is an original piece written by myself and has not been posted or published on or in any electronic, online or hardcopy publications and is not copywrited by any public or private entity.

By submitting the following electronic signature I give White House 2012 the right to consider the work contained herein for publication on White House 2012 and for it to include a byline attributing the submission to me.


Email Address

2 Responses

  1. John Kasich………………….

    Get on with it……………run for President. In a field of wannabees, you would rise to the top. You’re the guy. Go.

  2. Tip!

    Distance this party, “The GOP”, as far away from anything “Tea Party” movement as quickly as possible and do not revisit it whatsoever.

    Go right to the middle and use ex-Oregon Governor Tom McCall as the new model for our party.

    Thank you

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