Rule Out a Presidential Run for Bobby Jindal in 2012

In This Photo: Bobby JindalBookmark and ShareOn Wednesday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal found himself having to defend his travel schedule in the face of speculation that he has eyes on the state’s U.S. Senate seat or the even the presidency.

As for his travels, the Governor stated that 90% of his scheduled time during his first three years in office was spent in Louisiana where he visited every parish in the state on a regular basis.

Jindal assured voters that there is no shadow of any doubt regarding his intention to focus on reelection in the fall and seeing a second term in office through fully. “I lost the first time I tried to get it. People suggested I should run for the Senate. … I don’t want to be a senator. I want to be governor.” Said Jindal before adding “I have the job I want.

Jindal has done remarkably well for the state of Louisiana and since his first years in office as Governor, many people have spoken highly of his political future. In 2008 the McCain campaign vetted Jindal for the position of Vice President but Jindal claims to have to turned down the opportunity.

For his part Jindal told reporters that they will not find him in Iowa and that his future will consist of completing eight years in office as Governor and accomplishing many of the goals he has planned for the state. After that he plans on returning to the private sector to, as he put it, pay some bills.

Jindal is in fact most likely off the presidential radar in 2012 but don’t for one minute believe that a future run after 2012,in either of the two slots on the ticket, is out of the question.

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And They’re Off

Bookmark and Share Think its too early for Republicans to start campaigning for President? Think again. Around this time in 2007, Hillary Clinton was preparing to announce her candidacy for the Democratic nomination. Senator Barack Obama was 5 weeks away from making his announcement. On February 13th of 2007, in Dearborn, Michigan, it was Mitt Romney who announced his candidacy at the Ford Museum. It was January 28th when Mike Huckabee announced his campaign intentions on Meet the Press and January 31st, Senator Joe Biden did the same. Earlier in the month of January Democrat Senator Chris Dodd made his official announcement on the 11th, while on the 20th Senator Sam Brownback made his official announcement and on the 25th, Republican Representative Duncan Hunter did so too.

So No, it is not too early to begin covering the moves of the potential candidates for President in 2012. And not just for the Republicans either.

Democrats should be looking out for challengers to President Obama.

After his unusual election night concession speech, soon to be former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold could demonstrate what he meant when he said now its on to 2012 and possibly challenge the troubled President from the left. Then there are Democrats on the right of the President who could come in to play. But the most potentially damaging of all possibilities could come from the self described progressive wing of the Party which Hillary Clinton claims the mantle of.

A challenge to President from his Party still remains unlikely though it is a remote possibility. And if President Obama fails to improve his standing and the economy a late challenge that could embarrass but not defeat him, is very possible.

But for now, the activity is on the Republican side.

As indicated by White House 2012, the potential field for the G.O.P. is a large one. And while there are three very real undeclared candidates campaigning..Romney, Pawlenty, and Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico, a dozen or more others are threatening to make their decisions in the spring. Such a relatively late start is not necessarily a bad thing. While we all knew he was running, John McCain did not make his announcement official until mid April of 2011.

Right now though, many possible candidates are waiting to see if the elephant in the room, or in her case, the Mamma Grizzly in the room, roars with her own decision to run for President. Sarah Palin has the attention of the people and the presence of personality to take away the steam that many other potential candidates would need to be successful. As such, many like John Thune and even Mike Pence are waiting to see what she does.

In all I considers there to be more than 20 very real possible candidates. They include Haley Barbour, Rick Santorum, Mike Pence, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney, Gary Johnson, .Tim Pawlenty, John Thune, George Pataki, Mike Huckabee, Mitch Daniels and the perennial candidate, Ron Paul. Of course not all will make an official run and others may not enter the race till maybe as late as September. In fact if none of the officla candidates get significant traction in the months following their announcement, some candidates not on y list are likely to throw their hats in to the ring. Someone like Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan could be one of those. As the incoming Chairman of the House Budget Committee, he will be one of the most important legislators in D.C. from both major Parties and if he is not hearing any of the right things on the issue of the budget from any of the declared candidates, he may just become one himself. Another name to watch for if he does not like what he is seeing and hearing is Donald Trump.

Trump probably wont go the distance but he could make the difference for people like Mitt Romney and even Tim Pawlenty.

Right now, aside from the given candidacies of both Romney and Pawlenty, the big names to look out for are Haley Barbour, Mitch Daniels, Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin, John Thune, and Mike Pence. Any configuration of these names entering or not entering the race will make a big difference in the end. If Daniels does not run, which is very likely, Barbour, Romeny, and Pence will benefit greatly. If Barbour does not run, Romney and Palin could have the most to gain. If all of them run, well then look for the 2012 primary season to be a long and bloody one. In the meantime, look at who is doing what in the first two months of the new year. That will tell you who is most likely running.

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Jindal’s November Book Release Is Timed Just Right

Governor Bobby Jindal and local officials flyover

Governor Jindal Addresses BP Oil Disaster Before the Press

Bookmark and Share    It has become tradition that before you run for President of the United States, you must write a book.  The book usually plots the path that America should take for brighter and more prosperous according to its author, the future presidential candidate. Along the way, the book also often makes biographical references to the life of the future candidate and some of the events that shaped their thinking.

This has essentially become a part of the process, a sort of prerequisite that gets a perspective candidate for a presidential nomination same name ID and a basis of understanding for readers to get know all about the man or woman who will be seeking their vote.

Well it would seem that Louisiana’s first term Governor is following in this tradition.

Originally slated to come out in July, Governor Jindal’s book is now coming out in November. He and the co-author of his collection of concepts, policies, beliefs and biographical history were thrown a bit off schedule due to the Gulf Oil spoil calamity that took place earlier this year..

The timing though couldn’t be better. Soon after November’s midterm elections, once the makeup of the political landscape for the next two years is established, the presidential shuffle will begin. Republicans will begin to maneuver their way through the issues and Party leadership and start to position themselves for a run for the GOP presidential nomination. What better way to have your known thrown into the mix than have your book hit the shelves just at the moment that the discussion about the 2012 presidential election takes place.

Jindal’s presidential fortunes are not exactly as great as others are yet but he does a substantial platform from which an aggressive campaign could allow him to be quite viable in the Republican primaries. In 2008, he was ranked one of the nation’s most popular governors with an approval rating of 77%. Since then, although he took a hit from what was widely characterized as a poor national response President Obama’s 2009 State of the Union Address, Jindal has lost some of his glow, but not much. It is quite hard to maintain a 77% approval rating, a number that is normally reserved for wartime President’s. But Jindal has remained popular and his name has been out there more than most governors.

His handling of wicked hurricanes in the wake of the utterly disgraceful of Katrina by the previous Democrat Administration of Louisiana Governor Kathleen Blanco, has helped to show Jindal to be a true leader and confident organizer and steward in times of crisis. This impression was only solidified by his handling of the BP oil gusher that produced the greatest manmade ecological disaster in U.S. history. Jindal’s stand against the Obama Administration’s slow reaction and lack of sufficient action in the wake of the rig explosion, helped to contrast Jindal’s own quick reactions and successful efforts to prevent the oil from polluting his Louisiana shores.

But in addition to proving his competence and leadership during times of crisis, Jindal has also demonstrated a steady hand of management and leadership in other areas such as the economy. As a strong fiscal conservative, Jindal has whipped Louisiana’a budget and fiscal condition into far better shape than any of his recent predecessors. Something which has not been an easy fete for a state whose largest city and greatest tourist attraction, New Orleans, is still recovering from the devastation of Katrina while also having to deal with an Obama led moratorium on offshore oil drilling that is killing jobs and the oil spill which devastated the Louisiana fishing and shrimping industries as well as coastal tourism.

In the midst of all this, is the novelty of Jindal’s personal story. He is currently the youngest Governor in America and the first ands only Indian-American Governor in the United States.

All of this can certainly make for a compelling book but is certainly an interesting story, one that can capture the hearts and imaginations of the American electorate, if told right.

After all not all stories get told properly.   After Nancy Pelosi rose to the position of Speaker of the House and became the most powerful and highest elected woman official in U.S. history, when her story was translated into a book, despite all the hype, it was an embarrassing flop that cost more to produce and promote than were made through its sales.

Whether Jindal’s book goes over big or not, there is no denying that he is making sure that all windows of opportunity remain open to him. The November release of his book is just one indication of that but his record and personal story are the real sellers when it comes to 2012 and if the sales pitch isn’t for President, can you say “Vice President Jinda?”. Northern nominees like Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Sarah Palin sure can.

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