Trunkline 2012: Sunday Election News Review-12//4/11

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With Cain gone, the field is looking more and more like Gingrich/Romney.  Meanwhile, liberal pundits and even some conservatives seem to be praying that Newt’s rise will be as long lived as Bachmann’s, Perry’s and Cain’s.  Is it really Santorum’s turn?  How about Ron Paul’s?

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Iowa’s Republican Presidential Debate. Who Won, Who Lost? See The Debate Here for Yourself

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After last night’s debate, some believe that if Standard & Poors could have downgraded the Republican presidential field, they would have .  Many agree that no ground really shifted by any of the candidate’s performances.  My view is that some were hurt more than others but nobody other than Newt Gingrich really tapped into the anti-establishment sentiment that will go a long way in winning the nomination and the 2012 general election.  The problem is that many are unsure if Gingrich can really get himself back in the game and even if he does, popular opinion is that he would have the right message but is too flawed a messenger.  Ron Paul delivered his ususual, often impractica,l anti-establishement for anti-establishment’s sake message that answers no questions and has no solutions, but Rick Santorum offered an aggressive rebuttal of his old “say much, answer nothing” routine. 

For a better and more in-depth, White House 2012 assessment of the debate, see Friday’s post on the topic.

Five particular highlights you may really enjoy consist of the exchanges between Michele Bachmann and Tim Palwenty in their ongoing Minnesota mini-drama (that can be found 16:o5 minutes in to the video below and again at 39:00 minutes), the healthcare reform discussion (46:00 minutes in),  Rick Santorum’s attack against Bachnman and Paul in what he calls the “10th Amendment run amuck”  (53:05), Rick Santorum’s and Ron Paul’s exchange which highlighted the impracticality of Paul’s libertarian extremism (1:05:43) , and Byron York’s controversial question to Michele Bachmann about being submissive to her husband (1:19:38)

***On a more personal note, I don’t disagree with everything Ron Paul says.  I value his limited governement direction.  But I do not like his “no governent” direction, especially when it comes to his ignorance concerning the defense of our nation.  Furthermore; My admitted, often obnoxious criticism of Ron Paul is a result of the consistenlty obnoxious behavior of Ron Pauliacs.

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