CPAC 2011: Allen West’s Keynote Address at CPAC

Bookmark and Share If you have not yet had the chance to hear Rep. Allen West’s keynote address at the 2011 Conservative Political Action Committee, make sure you do so.

It was an outstanding summation of what conservatism really is in America. And his citation of what he calls “the three pillars of conservatism”, Allen West poetically and prophetically supports these pillars with examples that demonstrate how without them, the ceiling of our government, collapses on the new dawn of our nation.

And in defining true conservatism, Allen West never fails to neglects our responsibility to the defense of what is the source of Americas very being and existence ..freedom. One of my favorite lines came when the freshman Congressman told the audience;

A new dawn for America means never surrendering our nuclear deterrent capability due to a nave trust in those who subscribe to Machiavelli and not kumbaya.

But there were actually far too many convincing arguments, powerful statements of evidence and inspiring ideological and national words to list as the most memorable or noteworthy. In truth, Wests entire address was memorable and noteworthy. And while he touched upon a broad range of issues, I noticed that he was one of the few at the CPAC gathering who addressed touched on the issue of English as an official language in America. While West did not exactly call for such legislation or amendments of the sort, he did specifically say that;

We must honor our language and realize that it is the most important, most basic, and common bond which makes us an American.

In his speech Congressman West defended God, country, culture, values and life, and he did so in a way that made both proud of our nation and proud to be a conservative. He also made many of us realize that if he chose to seek it, he could be a future President of these great states of our mighty Union. Such may not be in the cards for 2012, but I intend to make sure that I am around long enough to eventually turn White House 2012 into White House 2016 and after that White House 2020. If I am fortunate enough to join you in those campaigns, I fully expect to be writing extensively about the campaign of candidate West.

Take a moment and listen to and watch Wests speech. Youll be glad you did.

Thanks to Politiclearnews for providing some of the earliestpublic recordings of the speech.

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