Gingrich Tells House Republicans to Place Budget Cuts Over Government Shutdown

Bookmark and Share As President Obama and Senate Democrats face-off with House Republicans on matters of the budget that could force a March 6th shutdown of the federal government, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich recently penned an excellent editorial in the Washington Post which lent advice to Republicans that wasbased upon his own firs hand experience . It was 16 years ago when the Gingrich led House of Representatives and President Clinton clashed over the budget and actually forced a shutdown of government.

In his editorial Gingrich explains that at a crucial juncture in 1995, after technically fulfilling several budgetary aspects of the Contract With America , he and fellow Republicans weren’t interested in procedural success but instead understood that they were elected to deliver results. So the House Republican leadership decided that they would voluntarily balance the budget eventhough they were unable toachievea balanced budgetamendment mandating such a thing.

The former Speaker states that after the House adopted a timetable and created a plan that would end deficit spending by 2002, the Clinton White House and Senate Democrats set out to test our seriousness. They made a calculated, cynical decision to use the threat of a presidential veto – which would close the government – to insist that we drop our balanced budget.

Gingrich adds that:

it was President Bill Clinton’s veto of our budget in December 1995 that closed the government. The White House knew that it could use the power of the presidency and the support of liberal media to blame us. So, we faced a choice. We could cave in and be accepted by the Washington establishment, or we could stand firm for a balanced budget for the American people. We decided to stick to our principles through a very contentious and difficult period. Our attempt to balance the federal budget was distorted in the news media as an effort to ruin family vacations, frustrate visitors to the nation’s capital and prevent government employees from going to work. For the Republican leadership, the effort to hold together the House and Senate caucuses while negotiating with the White House became extraordinarily exhausting.

But in the end it was Republican determination which ultimately produced the first of four consecutive balanced budgets since the 1920s balanced budgets that paid off more than $450 billion in federal debt, overhauled welfare, strengthened Medicare and enacted the first tax cut in 16 years. Gingrich added;

It was this tax cut that boosted economic growth and allowed us to balance the budget four years earlier than projected. During my years as speaker, more than 8.4 million new jobs were created, reducing the national unemployment rate from 5.6 percent to 4.3 percent.”

After laying out the case Newt urges the G.O.P. to work to keep the government open, unless it requires breaking their word to the American people and giving up their principles. It his belief that House Republicans should give President Obama and Senate Democrats the opportunity to sign significant spending reductions and keep the government open, or to veto their cuts and close the government. And if they go for the second option Republicans must;

make clear that it is their stubborn liberalism that is closing the government.

The approach which Gingrich takes is both a moral one and a strategic one. Morally we as Republicans know that the moral thing to do is to begin to make sure that we stop spending more than we have. Furthermore; we realize that the proper way to do this is by cutting spending not raising taxes. Therefore the Gingrich approach is the right thing to do. It is in fact what they were elected to do.

Strategically though Gingrich is also correct to warn us to preempt the liberal media biases and general liberal spin machine that will undoubtedly try to paint Republicans as the heartless fiends who would should down government and take from the poor to give to the rich.

For Gingrichs advice to work, every Republican entity from the RNC to state and local Republican committees and from the Republican Governors Association the National Republican Senatorial and Congressional campaign committees must get on the same page and join with TEA Party groups across the nation in a campaign that can make Democrats inability to stop spending like drunken sailors the blame for such a a government shutdown.

Only if the forces which elected the new Republican House majority, stay united behind the issues they voted on, and only if House Republicans prove to be committed to those issues will it work. Without such a partnership of commitment to cuts by legislators and of , commitment by voters to the legislators who support such cuts, the news will not be good for the G.O.P. But if this partnership holds firm the real bad guys can take the heat for their real bad decisions.

I would also add this. Republicans should be much more afraid of compromising their principles than of a government shutdown. If they do not go all out to achieve the significant budget cuts they seek, voters will turn their backs on them for years to come. For many voters, 2010 was a last chance for Democrats to prove themselves to be sincere fiscal conservatives not liberal spenders. As such if the government remains open on March 6th but Republicans failed to achieve any significant spending solutions, the majorities that elected them in to office will be much less inclined to vote for them again. On the other hand, if there is a government shutdown and Republicans have shown that it is because Democrats refused to make necessary spending cuts, those who supported them before, will continue to do so and more will join them.

The bottom line is that Newt is right. Now if he is willing to take this message and translate it into a Republican campaign for President, it just make have a lot of play.

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“Officially” Throwing His Hat In The Ring Santorum Goes To Iowa

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After months of speculation, without an official comment on the subject, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has confirmed to KDKA TV in Pittsburgh that he is ‘testing the waters’ for potential voter and financial support in a bid for the 2012 GOP Presidential nomination. Santorum will be visiting Iowa August 16th-18th and will be campaigning for several GOP candidates as well as making a few personal appearances. This is Santorum’s 5th trip to the important state of Iowa. The former Senator has also made several trips to New Hampshire and South Carolina, early primary states, fueling speculation that he is planning on a 2012 bid for the nations highest office.

Seen as having strong conservative family values, the former Senator had a voting record that Liberals would deem ‘Bush Like’ and it very well may have cost him another term as the Jr. Senator from PA as the democrats rode a wave of anti-bush sentiment to gain control of the House and Senate. To conservatives however, it is exactly the voting record that could give a strong showing in a primary race especially given the ever sagging popularity ratings of the liberal policies of the White House and both houses of Congress.

As a Senator, Santorum voted Yes on a proposed balanced budget amendment. A move that would be viewed as widely popular amongst the conservative base in today’s economic environment. He also voted Yes to recommend a constitutional ban on flag desecration as well as voting to open up ANWR to domestic drilling. All policies that are at the heart of the conservative bases wish list. In addition he voted Yes on having tax-free education accounts and also voted in favor of the DC school voucher program. To add to his conservative credentials the Senator also voted in favor of a voluntary privatization of Social Security as well as Yes on a Lock Box on the fund.

The Senator was also scored 100% by the US Chamber of Commerce on his business policy as well as receiving a 100% rating by CATO on his free trade voting record. Both ratings which would be viewed as positive lights on his conservative credentials by the conservative base. In a time of economic uncertainty these endorsements could also spur many independents to look Santorum’s way when considering a candidate whose policies could bring the economy out of the current doldrum it is in.

So as the conservative Republican base looks for it’s next shining star it may have to look no further than former Senator Rick Santorum. A candidate whose voting record may have cost him his senate seat in 2006, but in hind sight a record that could be seen as a positive alternative to the liberal policies that have not only kept the car in the ditch, but turned it on it’s side.

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