White House 2012 Joins The Steve Wark In The Morning Show

Bookmark and ShareWhite House 2012,editor-in-chief Anthony Del Pellegrino (aka:Kempite), will be a guest on The Steve Wark in the Morning Show, KMZQ, AM670, “Nevada’s number 1 station for talk”, on:

Monday, January 3rd, 2011, at 8:00 am (PST), 11:00 am (EST).

The discusssion will range from the shaping Republican presidential race to the top freshmen legislators to look out for in the soon to be sworn in 112th Congress.

Join in the discusion. Call in at 702-866-6700

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Santorum Faces A Search Hurdle In Cyberspace

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As he continues to test the waters for a Presidential run in 2012, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum has laid the groundwork for a social media campaign as well as his PAC website America’s Foundation. In an arena that Republicans are normally behind in, Santorum has shown that he has moved into the .com age in getting his message out. But if he decides to make a solid run for the GOP nomination in 2012 his biggest hurdle could be reaching new voters as an old nemesis could once again rear it’s ugly head and cause search engines to send possible supporters to a website set up by sex advice columnist Dan Savage.

In a 2003 response to what Savage felt were comments that were unkind to homosexuals (Savage is openly homosexual), he asked his readers to submit new definitions for the Senator’s last name. The winning definition was “a frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex.” Savage set up a website, santorum.com known as ‘Spreading Santorum’ for the term and created what is referred to as a Google bomb when his readers drove traffic to the site and unseated the Senator’s official website as the top search result for his surname on Google.

Former PA Senator Rick Santorum

As of October 2010, the site was still the top Google result for the search term “santorum”.

So what impact may this old beef have on the former Senator’s 2012 run? In the age of cyberspace the impact could be large. As newspaper circulation drops and more and more individuals getting their daily dose of news from websites having a search for your surname lead potential supporters to a website dedicated to a gay sex act named after you could be devastating. Santorum has been out of the Senate for 4 years now and it will be 6 years in 2012. A lifetime in politics. As he begins to make his way back into the public forum many potential voters who may have never heard of him could potentially Google his name expecting to research the candidate. Instead of finding where Mr. Santorum stands on the issues they in all likely hood could be led to Mr. Savage’s website where instead of hearing the issues they will be subjected to an unwanted description of a sexual act.

Although i’m sure Dan Savage and his readership still find the website and Google search results a perfect punishment for the former Senator’s comments regarding his opinion on homosexuality, I wonder how they feel subjecting innocent people to their newly defined sex act? How many young people will be subjected to Mr. Savage’s Google search bomb unwittingly as they search the name of a political candidate they are unfamiliar with?

Rick Santorum will definitely have to once again face this issue if he in fact makes a run at the 2012 Republican Presidential nomination. Unfortunately so will many other potential voters as they try to research and make their choice.

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Democrats Strategy – Crazy or Crazy Like a Fox?

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As the mid term election campaigns enter the final two weeks, as a student of politics I have been confused as to what exactly the Democrats strategy is. The President has spent time in states in which the races seem well in control of the Democrat candidate until this week when he will hit Missouri and Nevada to stump for candidates in races that are within reach including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The party, the President and the pundits have spent countless hours with speeches, tv shows and commercials attacking tea party candidate Christine O’Donnell in Delaware in a race in which she has never been truly competitive. There is only one candidate who is running on the policies enacted by the Democrat controlled Congress and White House and that is Harry Reid who has no choice as Senate Majority Leader. The others are simply either failing to mention their support for the Democrats policies and their own voting records or are touting their votes against the policies of their party.

All but forgotten as a strategy is the Bush bashing that boded so well in 2008 as the public grows weary of the excuse that it’s the ‘other guys fault’ when Democrats have had control of Congress for 4 years and the White House for 2. As I watch the campaign unfold I have only two deductions I can make to justify the political death the Democrats willingly seem to be marching straight in to:

1. They have fallen so far out of favor with the voters by jumping in so deep with the rhetoric in 2008 that they simply don’t have the answer to the tsunami they see making landfall on November 2nd.

2. They purposefully do not want to win.

The first scenario seems to be the most likely but do not count out the second. It is the only strategy that actually makes sense. With the economy sluggish, unemployment rising, the debt and deficit out of control and basic public sentiment souring on the ‘Hope and Change’ that were promised it makes sense that losing a chamber of congress may allow the President and the Democrats to renew a scapegoat that they have lost in George W. Bush. I know it sounds a bit conspiratorial but if the policies enacted by the Democrats continue to fail who is there to blame if they retain control? As they have found, the public is holding them accountable for the issues the country is facing. They hold the entire enchilada. They own health care. They own stimulus, omnibus and every major spending bill but TARP and they bought the uncertainty surrounding the countries tax rates by leaving town early without addressing it. They need someone else in the picture to blame because honestly they are the only ones in the game.

It makes perfect political sense to not put all of your eggs in one basket, as they have found out. Simply put – they need another basket. A Republican basket.

The strategy of owning it all, including the blame has proven a tough road. the fix – sublease the House of Representatives to the GOP. Have someone to help carry the load and the blame if it all falters. The President’s excuse that the Republicans were blocking everything that may have worked fell upon deaf ears. The voters understood that the Democrats had full and complete control. Now maybe that excuse will have some merit with voters as the President heads to 2012.

Are they crazy or crazy like a fox? I believe it to be the latter. The Democrats have proven to be crafty campaigners. I find it hard to believe that they forgot how so soon following their greatest accomplishment.

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Santorum Starts Iowa PAC But Who Does It REALLY Benefit?

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Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum launched a new PAC on Thursday aimed at raising money for candidates in Iowa. The Iowa Keystone Political Action Committee will supplement funding that the former Senator, and 2012 White House hopeful, already gives to the hawkeye state through his national PAC, America’s Foundation. “My federal PAC, America’s Foundation, has already assisted some candidates in the Hawkeye State, but I am eager to do more and the Iowa Keystone PAC will help us do that,” Santorum, a Republican, said in a statement. “There are many strong conservatives running in Iowa and assisting them with financial support may help put them in the victory column come Election Day.”

But are the intentions of the PAC to assist with Iowa candidates or are they to lay a groundwork for Santorum’s 2012 Presidential run? In my opinion it is the latter. As the former Senator stated, his America’s Foundation PAC already assist’s Iowa conservatives. Only a couple of weeks out from the mid term elections and no real race to speak of in Iowa does he truly think that the voters in the hawkeye state will actually believe that he has their best political interests at heart? The Santorum camp heads to Cedar Rapids and Coralville on Oct. 13 and Davenport and Dubuque a day later to meet voters and candidates. The former Senator should hope that voters in the first state that offers a chance to cast a ballot for a Presidential candidate see his gesture as sincere. However it may be difficult to convince them that he is all of a sudden concerned about Iowa politics.

I have no issue with Rick Santorum assisting other conservative candidates throughout the country. My concern lies with the projected insincerity of his Keystone PAC. Not because of the timing, but also because of his failure to launch PAC’s in other states that have conservative candidates in need of financial help.

I wish Mr. Santorum luck with his new venture. I hope that his newly formed PAC helps many conservative candidates in Iowa. I also hope that the voters of Iowa don’t see this venture as another Presidential hopeful trying to butter them up ahead of the caucuses. Because unfortunately, that’s what it appears to me.

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Keep The Caution Out Of The Wind

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As Republicans prepare for what polls are showing will be big gains in congress this November, they need to heed a warning. Do not throw caution to the wind. A takeover of the House is almost a given. Despite Nancy Pelosi’s wishful thinking, all signs point to the GOP gaining enough seats to put John Boehner in the Speaker’s seat and most congressional Democrats are preparing for it as well. But with a whirlwind getting ready to sweep them in, the Republicans must not fall for false hope of being able to make a huge impact right away.

If the scenario plays out where the GOP gains control of the House and the Democrats keep control of the Senate the GOP may become the perfect scapegoat that Obama and the Democrats have unsuccessfully been trying to brand them as. The ‘party of no’ mantra has played out and the strategy has failed as Democrats enjoyed large majorities in both chambers and the American people brushed aside the thought that the Democrat majority was helpless. The Democrats are paying for that strategic failure now but if the GOP is not careful, the strategy could play out beginning in January.

A Republican House and Democrat Senate would almost certainly bring about a political and legislative stalemate. A stalemate that the President would be able to shine a spotlight on from his place on the bully pulpit. Although the American public failed to believe, and rightfully so, that the minority party could block anything it would not be difficult to point to a divided legislature and the Republican house as a roadblock if both parties and both chambers battle it out come January.

So heed this warning. Learn a lesson of over promising and under delivering from the Democrats. Understand that it will be a difficult and divided legislative session. Understand that the ‘party of no’ branding will be thrown out to the public and your owning he House will lend it some credence. Do not believe your own campaign hype and do not think that your power is a mandate and that your support will remain. Keep the caution out of the wind.

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What Now?

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As the polls continue to show Republicans gaining support amongst the voting public and the TEA party making surprising strides in many primaries the question arises – Where does the GOP go from here?

With many conservative TEA party backed candidates poised to hold seats in Congress is it possible for the establishment Republicans to welcome them and work as a cohesive unit to promote the shared agenda of less taxes, less spending and less government? If there is one thing the old guard and the new lions have in common it is the platform of less, less, less. The dividing point however is the confidence that the voters have in the old guard to stick to the task of doing so. It is that lack of confidence, brought on by the deficit and debt spending of the GOP controlled congress during the Bush administration, that has brought on the meteoric rise of the TEA party candidates and the ouster of established GOP candidates in primary elections.

With that lack of confidence leading a new group of conservatives into the GOP power grid, the Grand Ol’ Party must now fight to instill confidence in the independents that they are moving in that direction in order to be successful in the general elections not only in 2010, but to ensure it continues into 2012. The TEA party conservatives have found success with one simple message: Less taxes, less spending and less government. The GOP establishment must embrace this message and show that they are serious about these issues and cohesive with the TEA party candidates before the voters will have confidence enough to continue to give them their votes into 2012. But any relationship is a 2 way street and the GOP/TEA party relationship can be no different.

As the Democrats go into attack mode, unwilling and unable to run on their votes for the highly unpopular stimulus and health care bills, the TEA party must instill confidence that they are not the far right fringe that the Democrats and the media are trying so hard and spending millions of dollars to paint them as. Taking a page from the Glenn Beck rally’s strategy book, the signs and idealistic t-shirts must go. Whether it be a few far right supporters that take advantage of the situation to get out their message of hate or whether it be plants by the left put in the crowd to give the appearance of radicalism, if they remove the opportunity all together then there will be nothing to debate but the issues. The first amendment is the backbone of our society and I am not suggesting that anyone’s rights be infringed. What I am suggesting is that the main message of less taxes, less spending and less government must be the only message if they expect to compete in a general election forum. In a general election the voting audience is different. They can go either way. The TEA party activists must realize that any opening for the other side or the media to push their message that the GOP is being taken over by far right radicals needs to be eliminated. Their message can win. If it is the message that the public sees.

So what now? Although they have been battling each other in the primary races, the GOP and the TEA party must now embrace each other in order to win in the big show. The GOP must embrace the TEA party to instill confidence in potential voters that they are serious about cutting taxes, spending and the size of government. A confidence that they have lost. The TEA party must embrace the GOP to instill confidence that they are not the far right radical fringe that many believe them to be.

What is known is that the voting public is disillusioned and disappointed in the policies of the Democrats and the White House. Will the Republican establishment work with the new conservative influx of TEA party backed candidates and embrace their ideas? Will the TEA party tone down it’s non-platform rhetoric as it did at the Glenn Beck rally and remove the radical public appearance?

It is yet to be seen but it must be done if they both expect to gain the confidence of the American voter.

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Pawlenty’s Catch 22 In The Hawkeye State

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Giving your opinion on the decision’s of judges when you’re the Governor should be the norm in a political landscape in which legislating from the bench has become a hot button topic for many. However, when that critique is aimed at a state that you re not the Governor of, it may become political ammunition. When that state happens to be the state that kicks off the run for Presidential aspirations, it may be toxic. Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty may have found himself in a catch 22 over comment made regarding the possible ousting of 3 Iowa Supreme Court justices who recently ruled that Iowa’s law banning gay marriage was against the state constitution.

In an interview with The Associated Press, Pawlenty said he would need to study the justices’ record before deciding whether to join the effort, but that voters have the right to remove judges if they disagree with their rulings.

“The notion that judges stand for election is embedded in the Iowa Constitution. It’s embedded in the Minnesota Constitution,” Pawlenty said. “It’s the right and privilege of the citizens of this state and my state to weigh in on whether they like or don’t like the job that a judge is doing and to agree or disagree with him.” Asked about a campaign organized by Sioux City business consultant Bob Vander Plaats – who failed in his bid for the GOP gubernatorial nomination – to remove the justices, Pawlenty stressed that he supports limiting marriage to one man and one woman. “I think the law should support that, and to the extent you have judges inserting their personal views to change that, I don’t like it,” Pawlenty said.

While this may help Pawlenty in his bid for the Republican nomination, it is a position that could come back to haunt him if he should be his parties nominee in the general election. In a primary he will be vying for the conservative vote that propels the Republican party. The general election tends to be about not who can get the vote of their own party, but who can get the vote of the undecided voters. As party voters usually support their parties candidate regardless, the independent voter, one not bound to party politics or candidates, becomes key to winning in the general election.

Hence the Catch 22 that Governor Pawlenty may have unwittingly thrust himself into. Should a candidate who is not well known outside of his own state and party throw himself into a position of taking a position on a hot button topic so early into the process? Let alone in the state which will have the all important first voice of the election? Not to mention a state in which his standing as the Governor of a neighboring state leaves many Iowan’s scratching their head as to why the Governor of Minnesota would make public his opinion on the affairs of their state.

The question will be asked and to that point the Governor’s statement will become a topic of debate should he decide to run in 2012. But for a candidate who received a mere 1% in recent polls to weigh in on a state issue of a border state that happens to hold the early key to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, maybe the question didn’t need answered in the manner in which it was. As many Iowan’s simply hope Minnesota keeps it’s opinions to itself, many independent voters may have already made up their mind before an official candidacy has had a chance to kick off.

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