A Republican Occupy Protester and Republican Gay Activist Lead Rick Perry in New Hampshire

Bookmark and Share  If a recent Suffolk University poll is an accurate indication of voter sentiments in New Hampshire, Rick Perry is going to have a tough time not only explaining why he should be President, but simply explaining why he should still be running for President.

According to the Suffolk University poll, Rick Perry shares last place in New Hampshire with activist gay Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger and is being beaten by former Democrat and Governor of Louisiana Buddy Roemer, a pro-Occupy Wall Street candidate who whines about how nobody cares about his candidacy.

The poll question and results were as follows;

Q7. If the Republican Primary for President of the United States were held today and the candidates were {alphabetical} Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Fred Karger, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Buddy Roemer, Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum for whom will you vote or toward whom would you LEAN at this time?

Now I am not willing to conclusively state that Perry is done.  Some very strange things happen in politics…….very strange.  And we find ourselves surprised all the time.  Between that and the fact that a week in politics is a lifetime, you never know what miracle may occur to propel Rick Perry in South Carolina and beyond.

But at his point in time, if Rick Perry can not beat a relatively unknown, gay Republican who runs to the left of the Republican base, Perry will likely be the butt of more jokes in the conservative South Carolina Republican presidential primary, than a recipient of votes.

Just something for Perry think about before Saturday nights, debate.

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If It Were Up To Republicans, Ron Paul Would Still Be a Second Tier Candidate

Bookmark and Share   Ron Paul’s recent surge to the front of the pack certainly makes this an exciting time for those who subscribe to his rhetoric and feel that his lack of actual accomplishments makes him an ideal President.  It’s also an exciting time for those who are simply fed up and looking for a way to register a significant protest vote against the system ans politics in general.  But for true conservative Republicans, Paul’s rise in recent Iowa polling is little more than a means of assuring the reelection of President Barack Obama and if left up to them, Ron Paul would still be lumped together with names like Jon Huntsman, Buddy Roemer, and Michele Bachmann in the bottom third of the Republican presidential field.

However, in states like Iowa, and even New Hampshire, the Republican presidential nominee is not chosen just by Republicans.

According to state Party rules governing the Iowa Caucus and several other state nominating contests, only registered Republicans in the state of Iowa can participate in the Republican caucus but individuals registered as Independents or affiliated with other parties, may switch their Party affiliation at the caucus site and cast their vote for the Republican candidate of their choice.  In other words, a non-affiliated voter or a liberal Democrat can walk in out of the snow, change their Party registration,  and vote for Ron Paul.

For some, the opportunity for people of any political affiliation to vote in a partisan primary or caucus is a good thing, and seems logical, but as a proud partisan conservative Republican, I can tell you that it is not.

For the record, while I am an American first and foremost, I must admit that I am a proud and devout, partisan conservative Republican.  My committment to the Party is based on ideology, and I am often not the most politically popular person in the Party because I am often at at odds with many of  its leaders who I believe spend most of their time playing politics and forsaking our conservative based ideology for political expediency.

That stated, I defend my ideological partisanship on the grounds that it is my deep conviction that ultimately, the conservative-Republican ideology is the best thing for America.  So my political partisanship goes hand in hand with my love of country and I do not separate the two.  That’s why I have never supported so-called open primary or caucus contests that allow people of opposing ideologies to choose the nominee that represents  my beliefs and Party.

The way I see it, as a conservative, why should I have the ability to pick the liberal nominee?  If  I had the chance to do that in 2008, I would have done my best to make sure that Dennis Kucinich won the Democratic presidential nomination for President.  Kucinich would have been a sure loser for liberals.

I am of the opinion that if Republicans and Democrats, or for that matter Libertarians, are to nominate the candidate that best represents their beliefs and can be the strongest one to represent their Party, then those who subscribe to the ideologies represented by those parties should be responsible for deciding who represents that Party.  In some ways, these open contests make about as much sense as us opening up the general presidential election to the citizens of other nations.  Which by the way, is not so unfathomable when you consider the lengths to which Democrats are trying to go  in with legislative initiatives designed at specifically making  it possible for illegal immigrants to vote.

Now some of you may be saying that I am blowing this all out of proportion.  Some may even suggest that crediting Ron Paul’s predicted success in Iowa to the opportunity for independents and Democrats to vote in their Caucus is overstated.  To them I must ask…………are you that stupid!!?

One need not look very hard to find that my assertion about the effect of independents and Democrats is true.

A recent American Research Group poll of  Iowa voters makes the case that if left up to Republicans, Ron Paul would not be a real contender.

According to ARG, among Republicans who intend to vote in the Iowa Caucus, Mitt Romney leads with 23% and he is followed by Newt Gingrich who comes in at 19%.

As for Ron Paul, strictly among Republicans, he pulls 12% of the vote which leaves him tied with Rick Santorum.

Among Republicans:

  • Mitt Romney 23%
  • Newt Gingrich 19%
  • Rick Santorum 12%
  • Ron Paul 12%
  • Michele Bachmann 9%
  • Rick Perry 8%
  • Jon Huntsman 6%
  • Buddy Roemer 1%
  • Other 1%
  • Undecided 9%

In the same poll, a deeper look at Iowa Republicans that breaks them down along TEA Party lines finds that Ron Paul does a little better among those voters most focussed on a limited and more constitutional government but not by much.   Ron Paul receives a 16% share of the vote from them,  but that is 9% behind Gingrich and 10% behind Mitt Romney.

Among Tea Party Supporters

  • Mitt Romney 26%
  • Newt Gingrich 25%
  • Ron Paul 16%
  • Michele Bachmann 10%
  • Rick Perry 9%
  • Rick Santorum 7%
  • Jon Huntsman 0%
  • Buddy Roemer 0%
  • Other 0%
  • Undecided 7%

In fact, the only segment of Iowa residents who Ron Paul gets a majority of the vote from in the “Republican” Iowa Caucus are Independents.  Among them, Paul polls 30% of the vote, 8% more than Romney, and 18% more than Newt Gingrich.

Among Independents

  • Ron Paul 30%
  • Mitt Romney 22%
  • Newt Gingrich 12%
  • Rick Perry 11%
  • Michele Bachmann 6%
  • Rick Santorum 6%
  • Jon Huntsman 6%
  • Buddy Roemer 0%
  • Other 1%
  • Undecided 9%

If that is not enough to convince you of the undue influence that non-Republican entities are having on the Republican Caucus in Iowa, maybe you will believe it coming from Ron Paul’s own people?

Back in March of 2011, the hero worshippers behind the propaganda based website entitled The Daily Paul, posted a call to arms entitled “2012 Open Primary States: The key to Ron Paul’s Republican Nomination”.  It basically calls upon Pauliacs to sabotage the Republican nomination process and steal the nomination from the Party by asking Democrats and Independents to flood the primaries and caucuses of the 17 specific states that have open primaries which allow Democrats and Independents to vote without even having to register as a Republican.

The article reads;

“We must organize and put the strongest efforts in these states to encourage Democrats and Independents to vote for Ron Paul and capture all the Delegates of these Open Republican Primary States”

By the count of the author behind the plot, winning those states would give Ron Paul 874 of the 1,212 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination.

Fortunately for rational conservatives though, not only is that a substantial number short of the delegates needed, most of the states do not have election laws that allow for opposing parties to easily and blatantly circumvent the democratic process in the general election by sabotaging a Party’s nomination process and leaving them with a nominee who is the weakest possible candidate they could have representing them.

Additional good fortune is the fact that Iowa is one of the few state’s that Ron Paul is actually doing that well in.  Nationally, Ron Paul’s average standing in the polls is half that of Romney and less than half that of Newt Gingrich.  While national polls do not mean much to a process that is based on the collective results of individual state contests, that national average does accurately reflect most state polls.

In the final analysis, while excitement erupts about Ron Paul rising to the top, the truth is that such excitement is based on a lack of any real depth of truth, and thankfully, it is the G.O.P. which will still determine their own nominee.  Even so, I still think it is about time that state parties and their representatives rethink their willingness to allow the political opposition to influence who our own Party’s nominees are.

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Trunlkine 2012: Thursday’s Summary of News and Views Tales from the Campaign Trail– 12/01/11

Bookmark and Share  Trunkline 2012 has a few surprises in store today.  They include the start of a third party presidential candidacy, Newt’s cocky declaration, His pledge regarding the Mexican border and meeting with Donald Trump while Romney makes a presidential visit, Michele Bachmann’s Vice presidential choices, Huntsman’s daughters still struggling to make a difference and other juicy gems.

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Buddy Roemer: A Leader in the “Rest of the Field”

Bookmark and Share  While the vast majority of the media focus in the Republican presidential nomination process is on the eight candidates considered the major contenders, there is even some doubt as to whether or not all 8 of them should be considered major candidates.   For instance, former Ambassador to China and Governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman, may not really be a “major” candidate.  Afterall, he is the one candidate who consistently polls less than Rick Santorum, and while Santorum is trying hard and scoring some good points, his standing in the polls and coverage by the media hardly qualifies him for this category.   Then there’s Gary Johnson.  Gary who?
Gary Johnson is the former Governor of New Mexico who has been allowed in two debates because he was deemed as having met the one percent threshold met in a two or more national polls and therefore eligible to participate.
There’s also Fred Karger who used a White House 2012 poll as evidence of his meeting that one percent requirement.  The sponsors of the first Fox News debate didn’t buy it though.
Unfortunately, politics is perception and even more unfortunate than that is the fact that the media helps create those perceptions.   This reality anoints some to stardom and places them in the headlines while relegating others to the back page. 
One candidate who has been put in such a position is former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer. 
Roemer has been actively running for President since early Spring and while those who get a chance to hear him find his down home, interpretation of the problems and political solutions to them, as refreshing, many more are not given the opportunity to hear his message because of a lack of fair attention to him by the media.  But Buddy is doing his best to change that.
On Saturday, he sent out an email which dealt with his attempt to meet the qualifications for federal matching funds.  Those funds will the double the financial resources available to him and make it that much easier to try to get his message out  [see the email below this post] .  
And what exactly is that message?  Well as with the case with all the candidates, there are multiple messages but his focus is on  fighting the corrupting influences in Wall Street and Washington, ending favors to big donors and the misuse of federal funds to help major corporations that take jobs overseas while they evade taxes in America and the need for campaign finance reforms.  In other words, Roemer sees that most all of our problems are caused by the corrupting influences on the political entities which manage all that which needs fixing, such as our economy.
When one does hear Buddy Roemer make his pitch in that regard, they can’t help but see a certain sense of logic to what he has to say.  And while how or if that which Roemer sees as the root to all of our problems, can be fixed is open to debate, Roemer is at least willing to debate it.  So on that basis, Roemer has a right to be heard.  But so do all the other 133 Republicans who have filed their presidential candidacies with the Federal Election Commission.
Each of them have issues that they believe need addressing.  Which is why this week, White House 2012 will begin a new series called “The Herd” .
The Herd will cover the rest of the Republican field and provide all the Republican presidential candidates with the opportunity to get their message out.  So far, all of the FEC registered Republican candidates have been sent questionnaires that allow us to gauge the size of their campaigns and the momentum behind them. Those who have responded, will be the first to be interviewed by White House 2012.  In the case of Governor Roemer though, his campaign has not yet responded.  Hopefully though, he will take us up on our acceptance of his invitation to meet him for coffee, an invitation he extended in his email to supporters. 
That’s up to the Governor.  
Meanwhile, in the coming weeks, White House 2012 readers will have the opportunity to learn about those other candidates who are willing to take us up on our offer to help get their message out. 
“The Herd” will appear every other day beginning Monday, November 28th.  It will at the very least provide readers with a view of some very colorful characters.


Coming Monday

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Have You Ever Wondered Why No One Knows Buddy Roemer is Running for President?

Bookmark and Share    Neither have I.

But now I have good reason to not even care.

Today Buddy Roemer, the former Democrat, turned former Republican Governor of Louisiana, introduced a new web ad in an email to supporters.  The spot is called “America, Listen to Them”  [see the video below this post] and in his campaign’s email explains that Roemer wants us to hear the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

It  goes on to state;

“As you know, Governor Roemer has  been the only candidate on either side to get behind the spirit of Occupy Wall Street. Throughout our history, Americans have stood up against injustice and inequality. Some like to criticize the Occupy Wall Street movement, and although Governor Roemer does not endorse everything they stand for, you cannot criticize their frustration and anger with the status quo and corruption occurring.”

You wanna bet?!

Sorry Buddy, but I can criticize the Occupy Wall Stree t protesters for their frustration.  And I can do so because they are frustrated with all the wrong things.  Instead of being frustrated with the lack of morals in our society which leads to a lack of ethics, these OWS extremists flaunt their own lack of morals and their own willingness to defy civility and the law. 

These Occupy Wall Street protesters are frustrated with businesspeople making more than them, they are frustrated by the unwillingness of many Americans to turn control of their lives over to a federal bureaucracy that is full of far more corruption than any corplorate mogul whose home they march on.

Sorry Buddy, but the OWS protesters just don’t get it and apparently neither do you.

Corruption is something that we all should all be against and in my view, most Americans are.  But most most Americans do not want to arrest the entire free market because of a few rotten free marketeers.   The OWS movement which has seen riots take place from New York to Portland, shut down ports and damaged the economy, and seen participants partake in reprehensible behavior that range from throwing Molotov cocktails at police to raping fellow protesters, is not something which I can claim does not deserve “criticism”. 

In the Roemer email, the campaign writes;  

“Lobbyists and Wall Street executives rule Washington and our political system, and Governor Roemer is the only candidate that will work to end this.”


Since he is a banker, I am sure Governor Roemer has done his fair share of lobbying and I am sure that he participated in his own attempts to grease palms.  But According to Roemer, he is the only one who will make things right.  That sounds odd coming from someone who as both a  financier and a politician, has been a part of the system and I think it is reprehensible for this man to now step forward and embrace the OWS protesters whom wish not to improve the system, but to tear it down.  Just as President Obama promised to transform America, so too would the OWS protesters?  But how would they change it?  Instead of seeking to use justice to deal with inappropriate business practices and undue influence, they want to create  a socialist utopia that has government determine our salaries, our opportunities, our healthcare , and essentially, our fate.  And we all know that the government is not corrupt.  Right?

Sorry Buddy,  but I can’t embrace that message and the fact that you do makes your being of no consequence in the Republican presidential primary, quite appropriate.

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Trunlkine 2012: Pop-Up Politics from the Campaign Trail– 10/27/11

Bookmark and Share  Flow charts dominate Trunkline 2012 while Janet Napolitano gives our enemies a pass, conservatives plead for help to survive Joe Bidenism, Rick santorum tries deliver a tear to oue eyes and a upper cut to Herman Cain, Republican hopefuls brace for Iowa Poll results, TEA Party group takes advantage of civic minded voters, Lanny Davis bets Obama beats Romney, Romney invests heavily in digital media, CNN consducts push polls for Romney, while Gary Johnson (who?) and Buddy Roemer (who?) call out Rick Perry on his excuses for ducking debates,.  That’s the dust that gets kicked up on today’s campaign trail in Trunkline 2012.

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Trunkline 2012: Saturday Political News in Review and Cinema Politico Movie of the Week 10/15/11

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This film tells the unbelievable story of the Weathermen. The group of 1970’s radicals, fueled by outrage over the Vietnam War and racism in America, went underground throughout much of the decade to wage a grassroots war against the government.  Who knew that four decades later, some of the anti-American, domestic terrorists featured in this film would be supporters and friends of an American President.   Watch this intense documentary and learn all about Bill Ayers, the Chicago radical who held fundraisers in his home with and for President Obama.

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