Tell-All Memoir Expected To Tear Sarah Palin Apart

Bookmark and Share When it comes to Sarah Palin, get ready to hear a lot from the name Frank Bailey.

Bailey is a former adviser to Palin who began working for her as a volunteer and rose to become an official in Palins gubernatorial Administration. The books working title is “Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years,” and portions of it have said to have been leaked and resurfacing on the internet.

The book is described as a tell-all tale that bases its conclusions upon thousands of personal e-mails between Palin and Bailey while she was in office. Co-writing the memoir with Bailey is Jeanne Devon, a known and vocal opponent and critic of Palin. So it is easy to see where there is leading and it wont be good for the former Alaska Governor.

A stakeholder in the book, the New York-based Carol Mann Agency, described it as “the story of one man’s slow drift from his most cherished beliefs and his ultimate redemption.” They also added that “Since leaving the Governor’s office, Frank has been forced to reconsider his actions on Palin’s behalf in terms of his deep Christian faith and his allegiance to her as the standard-bearer for the conservative causes he still champions,”. My question is, exactly how much of the cause has he championed? I haven’t seen Frankie at any of the TEA Party rallies or trying to elect conservatives in Republican primaries across America. But I digresss.

The Carol Mann Agency’s dramatic flare and attempt to combine politics with some sort of religious journey is probably in part due to the fact that Frank Bailey tried to publish his Palin story once before, but that deal failed and his accusations did not fly. This time around though, with speculation continuing to swirl around a potential Palin presidential candidacy reaching a feverish pitch, interest in trashing Palin may be more intense.

Personally, even if I were interested in National Enquirer-like novels, I would not waste my money on this book. I would just wait for the Huffington Post to promulgate the most damning allegations. But then again, I don’t read the Huffington Post either.

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