New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is Said to Be Ready to Run for President

Bookmark and Share    While I am not convinced that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is in fact running for President, I can not simply ignore the information I have been privy to through three separate inside sources who indicate to me that Christie will run.

According to my sources, Governor Christie is indeed preparing to announce that he will run for the Republcian presidential nomination.  In addition to my own sources, other independent sources verify these claims. Yet I still remain unconvinced.

In recent days, numerous political reporters, have first been reporting that the Governor is close to running and have then backtracked on their reports. Several days ago, news analyst Jonathon Alter declared that Chris Christie was preparing for a run for President. This revelation was based on sources which told him that Christie began using focus groups to prepare for the run. But Alter was later forced to recant his declaration based on what he called his sources misleading him to believe that Christie sanctioned these focus groups.

On Friday, The Daily Caller reported that former staffers of Tim Pawlenty have been in ongoing talks with Christie about him officially placing his hat in the ring and incorporating them into his campaign. TheDC also reported that the staffers of the now former presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty, have even rejected overtures to join the potential campaigns of other as of yet undeclared candidates in favor of a potential Christie candidacy. However later in the day, The DC was compelled to update their earlier report by pointing out that close Christie adviser Michael DuHaime made it clear to them that the Pawlenty people were not having such discussions with the Governor. They also reported that while DuHaime did confirm that a call took place between Tim Pawlenty and Christie last Sunday but it was nothing more than a condolence call offered by Governor Christie upon Pawlenty announcing that he was withdrawing from the Republican presidential race.

All of this simply indicates that there are many rumors circulating about Christie and while I am hard pressed to buy into rumors, I can not deny that rather reliable New Jersey sources have indicated to me that the Governor will run. In recent days I have noted some of my own suspicions about Chrsitie based upon a number of press savvy events that he embarked upon regarding some of his legislative initiatives. And in a recent post for White House 2012’s sister blog, POLITICS 24/7, I pointed out that Christie has indeed been posturing himself well for a presidential run. One such case which I cited was Christie’s distribution of a video which contained rather well phrased description of what he believes leadership to be.

Still, I am not convinced that Chris Christie will run. At least not for President and at least not for President in 2012. I do see a good chance of Christie being considering for any willing to accept a vice presidential nomination in 2012. But not for the Republican presidential nomination.

Maybe it is Christie’s longstanding and adamant claims that he is beyond a shadow of any doubt, not running. Maybe it is his having less than two years in office as Governor and not enough accomplishments to hang his on yet but whatever it is, I just don’t see Christie jumping in to the race.

Right now many of Christie’s actions could easily misinterpreted as preparations for running for President when in fact they may just simply be attempts to put himself in a standing that is good enough for him to hit the campaign trail in New Jersey and help Republicans in state legislative races take back one or both houses of the state legislature. In November, the entire state assembly and senate is up for election in newly drawn districts and winning at least one of the two legislative houses could be critical to the success or failure of Christie’s agenda in the two years leading up to his own reelection campaign.

But while I have my doubts that Christie is maneuvering himself for a 2012 presidential run, others who supposedly know more than me indicate that he is. So who am I to say otherwise? Besides, a few months ago I was certain that Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels was running for President.

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