Palin Likely to Announce Her Presidential Candidacy on September 3rd in Iowa

Bookmark and Share   Mixed signals continue to pour out regarding the still developing Republican presidential field and Sarah Palin, Paul Ryan, and Chris Christie remain the main names uttered to be ready to run for President.
In New Jersey, state political insiders as well as national political sources are responsible for murmurs about Governor Chris Christie being ready to soon announce his presidential candidacy, Taegan Goddard of Political Wire reported that House Budget Committee Chairman, Congressman Paul Ryan, spoke about the presidential race with Governor Christie for nearly an hour. Goddard further reports that the “two men shared a central concern: The Republican field is not addressing the debt crisis with anything beyond platitudes.” This report tends to indicate that maybe Chrsitie is not actually considering a run but it does tend to confirm recent claims by The Weekly Standard that Congressman Ryan is about ready to announce his candidacy. Some close allies of Ryan also make that claim.

Then there is Sarah Palin.

Palin has baffled me when it concerns her decision to run for President, but that is not the case with others who believe that the former Alaska Governor and G.O.P. vice presidential nominee will indeed run for President in 2012. On Fox News Saturday, Karl Rove made it clear that he is certain Palin will announce her candidacy around Labor Day. The same goes for Iowa’s Organize4Palin representative Steve Singleton who statesWe’re confident she’ll run, and we’ve worked to build that really strong grassroots base that you have to build for a candidate to be successful just in case she does,”

And a recent video put out by Palin called Iowa Passion [see video below] would seem to verify these analyses. As seen in the video, there is little else that this promo could pertain to other than a presidential candidacy. If nothing else, it is a sign that Palin is truly still keeping the possibility of running open.

I for one believe there is still a 50/50 chance that Palin will run and while I am not going to guess which way she ultimately leans, I will add that I believe if she does run, she will make that announcement on September 3rd when she headlines a major “Restoring America” TEA Party event in Iowa, just as the unofficial end of summer  allows for a focus on the Republican presidential nomination contests.

The only one of these three names that I am confident will soon announce their candidacy is Congressman Paul Ryan. I doubt Chris Christie will and while I am unsure about Palin, her “Iowa Passion” has me beginning to think she just might run. Then of course, if Palin runs, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani has threatened to also throw his hat in to the ring.

If Palin does go for it, I will be in a very uncomfortable position.

Even before it is known for sure whether Paul Ryan will run or not, I have endorsed his potential candidacy. I have done so for a number of reasons. One of them is that I am confident in Paul’s ability to articulate a superior vision for the United States, can articulate an effective and inspirational Republican vision for the country while also offering clear blueprints and roadmaps to how he intends to apply that vision to government, particularly in the area of our economy and our growing debt crisis. I also believe he has the ability to campaign in a way that will attract enough conservatives, moderates, and Independents to build a winning coalition in November of 2012.  Given a fair chance, it will be hard for Ryan to win the nomination and the general election, but he is a fighter and has the potential to do it.  My support for him at this time is based more on my faith in him than his immediate cjances of getting elected.

But the awkward position I am in is based on the fact that  in 2006, I became a fan of Sarah Palin and by early 2007 I was participating in a draft Sarah Palin for Vice President effort. Few had ever heard of her and no one was more surprised by the fact that John McCain’s only correct decision in his entire campaign was the one to actually nominate Palin for the VP slot. Since then, although Palin has not disappointed me in any way, she has been taking too long to transition from being a conservative cheerleader, to being a national statesman. While I am sure Palin can do this, her tardiness in doing so has frustrated me and allowed me to find inspirations in others such as Congressman Paul Ryan.

I still think Sarah Palin is deserving of her iconic status, and I believe in her abilities, her thinking, and her policies but she has lost me to Paul Ryan. If Ryan does not run, Sarah will easily have me back behind her. For now though, I would really just like to know already who is or isn’t running.

Next time around I propose that the G.O.P. set a date for which all candidates must declare their candidacies. That will help to at least ratchet down the stress of all the uncertainty we are seeing now and anxiety I am feeling.  Anyone know of any good over-the-counter sedatives?…….And I don’t mean the type that Ron Paul wants us to sell.

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