Trunkline 2012: Thursday’s News and Views From the Campaign Trail

Thursday’s Trunkline¬†2012 election news wrap-up offers you the latest word on what Paul Ryan needs to do tonight, Joe Biden’s debate burden, the Obama campaign’s attempt to blame Romney for Libya being an issue, how the President is treating women like animals, jobless numbers being worse than thought, Jon Stewart’s¬†ridiculing of the President over Big Bird, the Administration’s¬†weak record on illegal immigration, and much more……

Deputy Obama 2012 Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter

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Trunkline 2012: Tuesday Tidbits From The Presidential Race ‚Äď 5/29/12

Bookmark and Share¬† Today we take a look at some powerful pitches made by Mitt and some heavy hits taken by President Obama, as well as a look at the interesting background of lil’ liberal puke Chris Hayes of “They’re not heroes” fame, the not so amsrt gay marriage battle by Democrtas, a new Romney ad, and much more from aroun the web and out of the campaign trail.

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Trunkline 2012: Saturday Political Opinions and the Cinema Politico Movie of the Week: 11/26/11

Bookmark and Share¬†¬†¬† With less than 40 days to go before the Iowa Caucuses take place, this first holiday weekend of the holiday season is one of those rare times when we see and hear little news coming from the campaign trail.¬†Iit will also be the last weekend for such little political news to report on for quite¬†some time.¬† But in light of this brief lull, today’s Trunkline¬†2012 focuses¬†on the opinions being offered from our fellows bloggers across the blogosphere.¬† And as is the case with every Saturday, we also offer you our movie of the week at White House 2012’s Saturday Cinema Politico.
  • If Romney doesn’t energize his campaign soon, somebody might actually try to win this race besides him.”
  • ‚ÄúOccupy The White House‚ÄĚ Now In Full Throttle
  • Another victory for ‚Äúsmart power‚ÄĚ
  • On Reversing the Immigration Magnet‚Äôs Polarities
  • Ron Paul is nuts
  • Will Congress try to duck the automatic cuts?
  • Moonbats Still Blame Sarah Palin for Gabby Giffords Shooting
  • Site of the Week:¬† :¬† Most social media platforms are only as good as those who use them, nut some are still better than others.¬† For instance, Facebook is going through a transition which is currently making¬†it less useful.¬† Twitter is however becoming more and more valuable when it comes to gathering useful information without a ot¬†of chatter.¬† 2012 Twit is a platform that enhances the use of Twitter, especially in the area of¬†political information.¬† It provides a real time analysis of the 2012 presidential election on Twitter and if you don’t know about it yet, you should.
  • Sunday Morning News Programming: ABC -This¬†Week With Christiane Amanpour:¬†¬†The deficit-reduction talks; volunteerism; and access to clean water. Guests include Sen. Pat Toomey (R.-Pa.); Colin Powell; Matt Damon; Gary White (cofounder of; and Bill Gates. – Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace: One on One‚ÄĚ series of interviews featuring the Republican presidential field with former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman.Then, with the super committee failing to reach an agreement to cut $1.2 trillion dollars from the nation‚Äôs debt, how will Capitol Hill move to put our fiscal house in order? We‚Äôll hear from two key Senate party leaders. Sen. Dick Durbin, (D) Illinois / Majority Whip. Sen. Jon Kyl, (R) Arizona / Minority Whip.¬† CBS Face the Nation:¬†Authors Walter Isaacson, Michael Lewis, Condoleezza Rice and Kathryn Stockett.¬† NBC – The Chris Matthews Shows: A panel discusses American politics and whether talk-show host Rush Limbaugh used racially tinged language about first lady Michelle Obama.
  • File this under “I’m Sorry”: If White House 2012 is anything, it is honest, and it is that honesty which allows me to share this reader comment from Lou who writes;

“Love your site, but I’m finding the “typos” and missspelllings¬†disconcerting. For no charge, I’ll review your copy before you post it. Isn’t it worth five minutes more to get it out “clean and sober”? I’m serious, guys. I’ll do it for no charge, in the interest of getting the message out without the annoying distractions. I hope to here from youse.”

-Lou F.

Lou is right and while I can try to offer excuses, any such attempts would be just that……excuses.¬† I myself have often found errors in the stories of others and thought to myself “how stupid”.¬† I recently read a piece from a prominent columnist who was writing about the flu season and wrote, “I hate how I always get dick”.¬† He meant “sick”.¬† That one slipped by (no pun intended….okay, maybe it is intended)¬†the columnists, the editors, and the proofreader.¬† And they all get paid handsomely for their work.¬† Here at White House 2012, no one gets paid.¬† Ours is a labor of love¬†and done out of passion for our beliefs.¬† However, finances or the lack thereof, are no excuse for sloppy work.¬† So to Lou and everyone else¬†out there, I offer my apologies for typos, and misspelled¬†words.¬† We may not be the New York Times but that is still not reason enough to not be¬†better than them,……….which shouldn’t be too hard to do.

  • White House 2012‚Ä≤s Cinema Politico: This week‚Äôs feature presentation is Atomic Cafe.

This 1982 flick¬†¬†provides a slight¬†release of comic energy. The film recounts a defining period of 20th century history and serves as a chilling and often hilarious reminder of cold-war era paranoia in the United States.¬† At least it’s considered paranoia now.

Click here to see the Movie. Registration with Hulu is required, but it is quick, easy, and free. Like White House 2012


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